Jan. 2nd, 2007

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I wound up staying in on New Year's Eve-- I watched Pirates of the Carribbean, Ocean's Twelve, and Bourne Supremacy. Yum. They's some pretty men in them thar movies. I was amused at Depp in this POTC-- he was practically flaming in some scenes. Not exactly what I would have thought he was going for, especially with the rather thorough kiss he laid on Miss Knightley toward the end of the movie.

New Year's Day I went to [livejournal.com profile] hanareru's house for her Hangover Party. There I was treated to a marathon showing of Ugly Betty on the Soap channel; it's an interesting show, but I'd never seen it. I wound up watching the last couple of hours of it after I got home, and now I'm wondering what's going to happen next. Oh, and we watched Shaun of the Dead. It's always interesting to see who's squeamish and who isn't-- I know for a fact that I go all lightheaded and see shimmery silver lights when confronted with an actual person sewing stitches in another real person, for example, though the split lip itself didn't bother me. However, evisceration or exploding brains on a movie screen are just special effects, sometimes more convincing than others. Then, because I was apparently short on my quota of violence for the day, I watched Point of No Return last night. We made so much fun of that movie when we saw the trailers for it, but it's now a favorite. Who knew? And let me just say, Bridgit Fonda has one of the prettiest mouths I've ever seen. This whole I've-got-pillows-in-my-lips thing is way overrated, in my book.

I ate so much at the party that I wasn't hungry for dinner, so the obligatory black-eyed peas dish got put off till today. Hope that doesn't doom me to an unhappy year.

I picked up my final paper (with grade) from the Archives teacher, and he liked it as well as I thought he would. I wasn't surprised that he didn't know about a lot of the technical stuff, but was amused that he wrote "Interesting" beside the line about the Holy Roman Emperor who decreed that all offcicial documents written on paper were to be considered invalid. Wonder if that will show up next time he teaches the class? He was also rather generous when grading the final. Which is only fair, considering some of the questions he asked, and that the exam counted for 40% of the grade even though it didn't cover any more material than the mid-term did. So, I'm happy. Only one more grade, and it's one of the ones I've been concerned about. I don't think it'll really be BAD, but I wish I could find out, dammit.

And can somebody tell me why I have the song "Macho, Macho Man" stuck in my head? I know I haven't heard it for months, at least. Weird.
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Media might fuel eating disroders Ya think?
2 of 5 bosses don't keep word Nooooo. You can't mean it.
Nifong swearing-in becomes private Gee, wonder why they thought that might be a good idea?
Teens binge drink, study says Who ever heard of such a thing?

And finally, the most blindingly self-obvious headline I've seen in..... oh, maybe my whole life:
67 too old to give birth, says Italian fertility doctor


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