Jan. 4th, 2007

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1. What is your SCA name? (You don't have to write the full name, just your first name if you want.) – Lucia Bellini

2. What is your home kingdom? - Atlantia

3. Have you ever lived in another kingdom? If so, where? – Not when I played SCA. I now know that both Kentucky and the Iowa county where we lived are in the Midrealm, but didn't know it when I lived there.

4. Do you remember your first SCA event? When/what was it? – Pennsic 24

5. Do you have any awards? (You don't have to list them if you don't want) – Yep. A few.

6. Do you list them after your name in communications like e-mail? – Nope. If it's an important/serious email I'll use my title, maybe.

7. Do you have a device? – Got one, but have submitted a revision that is now at Society level review. It will be Sable, a catamount rampant, in chief three bells argent, a bordure Or. (there were martlets (birds) instead of the bells.)

8. Do you use it? On what? – I had a heraldic surcoat but it will be inaccurate (soon, I hope.) I keep meaning to use the heraldry and probably will use it more with the bells. I expect I'll use the household badge a lot more: Sable, in saltire a paintbrush and a quill pen argent and in chief a bell Or. Cool, huh?

9. Are you on all the kingdom/society lists available to you, or do you avoid them? – I don't exactly avoid them, but don't really want to take time to read everything, so I'm only on a few.

10. Do you keep your Pennsic/Estrella/Gulf Wars/etc. site tokens? – Not any more. I keep a bunch of the nicer pewter site tokens.

11. Do you keep the favours you've been given by royalty/friends/SOs, etc.? Do you wear them all? – I tend to keep them but wear them rarely.

12. Do you call your friends by their SCA names even when you're not at an event? – Yes. There are some people whose real names I don’t even know. I try not to call people by their SCA names in front of non-SCAdians.

13. Do you go out to dinner in garb after an event? – Yeah, I still think it's kinda fun. If I have modern clothes and no one else is in garb, I'll change.

14. Do you have all kinds of garb, or do you generally stick to one period? – A little of this, a little of that. Some of my best stuff doesn't fit any more since I've lost some weight-- a mixed blessing, garb-wise-- and I haven't made new fancy stuff.

15. How many interests do you have within the SCA? What's your favourite? – Calligraphy and illumination. I enjoy teaching students who want to do it well.

16. Do you have an SCA-oriented web site (to show off projects, keep dress diaries, etc.)? – No

17. Do you maintain a hairstyle that is more period style than modern? How about any other part of your appearance? – I look AWFUL with long hair-- all sad and tired-- so it's relatively short. I don't wear makeup or nail polish; don't know what else would apply.

18. Do you tell "No $###, there I was" stories? (Admit it.) Do any of them involve well-known SCA people? – I would if I'd ever been there. Or maybe I'm there but am such a poor storyteller I don't realize it?

19. Authenticity is Fun. Yes or no? Why? – I like Sunneva's reply: I’m gonna be as authentic as is fun.

20. Is there one modern thing at events that really bugs you? – Modern drink containers. Modern lawn chairs. I wear sunglases, and it doesn't really bother me-- the sun is such a problem for me I totally understand someone else wearing them too.

Bonus Question! 21. Everyone has a shameful garb/accessory mistake hidden somewhere in their past. What's yours? My first "garb" was made for me by a SCAdian garbster, but it was more of a costume for a party and she didn't feel the need to be authentic. It was a butter-yellow chemise with a bright turquoise sleeveless overdress that fastened under my bosom, and a hot-pink silk cummerbund sort of affair. Why, yes, it was during Miami Vice. Why do you ask?


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