Jan. 5th, 2007


Jan. 5th, 2007 12:21 pm
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This article has a ton of information about migraines. Yep, it's Wikipedia, about which I have expressed doubts in the past. I still would not use it as a source for serious research, but I see that it can be very helpful. Way down at the bottom of this article, it not only lists herbal and alternative treatments, but in many cases gives statistics on efficacy rates. I have noted three different possibilities that I want to try. The thing I found most impressive in this article is the info about the costs of migraine-- how many people have it, how much time is lost, etc. Helps quell the suspicion that I'm just a wuss. (Insert sheepish grin here.)

In book-related news, a couple of weeks back I happened across a link to a journal by Scott Lynch ("The Dork Lord, on his Dork Throne.") The journal was interesting enough that I bookmarked it, even though I'd never heard of him. I Googled him, of course, but didn't recognize any titles. But lo! When I was at the library yesterday, I saw one of his books on the new bookshelf-- The Lies of Locke Lamora. (I hate the title-- it sounds like either an old Western or something set in Scotland. Weird.) I scanned a few paragraphs, enough to see that it didn't suck, and checked it out. I'm about a quarter of the way through it now, and am really enjoying it. It's about a boy who is orphaned and becomes a member of a thieves guild; the setting is medieval-ish, with discreet touches of "alchemical" this and that-- not really as cop-outs, but just there. I'm having a hard time not just curling up with it and saying "To hell with what I'm supposed to be doing today!"

I'm doing a tiny little scribal workshop tomorrow, and one of the things I need to be doing today is prepping for that. I've put together a list of pangrams, aka abecedarian sentences-- those that have every letter of the alphabet in them. For afficiandos of the form, the ideal would be a sentence with each letter used only once, but this seems to be difficult if not impossible if you use only real, standard words. Since I'm doing this in an SCA sort of context, I tried not to use obviously modern ones that included words like "jazz." I was going to stick to the shorter sentences, but some of my favorites are longish.... "The dark risque gown makes a very brazen exposure of juicy flesh." "Justly vexed, the queen exiled the calligrapher who spattered black sumi ink on her fuzzy dog." And my own addition to the list: "Crazy buxom wenches in black velvet gowns poured liquor in a jiffy." I know, I know, it isn't PC. Life's a bitch.

Okay, time to get back to work. Ta.


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