Jan. 10th, 2007


Jan. 10th, 2007 07:12 pm
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I've been at my practicum the last two days, starting to learn book repair. It is SO COOL. I'm enjoying it so much, it's almost like having a crush on somebody. Wonder how long this will last? I've been doing spine repair. Damn, there are a lot of steps to this! Since so many of the steps require drying time, it's done assembly-line style-- do a whole bunch of the same thing at once, then do the next step.

I have been highly amused, in a 12-year-old kinda way.... one of the tools is a "bone folder" which is used for creasing paper, nudging materials down into crevices, and general burnishing. Apparently the common term for using this piece of equipment is "boning." Today the woman kept telling me to "really bone it hard" and so on, and I even kept a straight facae. Maybe by the end of the practicum I'll be able to hear or possibly even SAY that, without wanting to giggle and snerk. I'm so easy to amuse.

I have been extremely impressed with the people I'm working with, too. They are so good that I wonder if they are unusually pleasant and supportive, or if I have just had extremely bad working environments. (Okay, I know some of my jobs have been toxic, but so many have been bad that I start to wonder if there's something wrong with me.) These guys show me something once, walk me through it the next time, then let me try it on my own, and explain if I make a mistake without being snarky or making fun of me. In fact, two of the three who have taught me have commented that I have done well and show good fine-motor skills. Heh. One fellow was concerned yesterday that I should perhaps be more cautious with the niji knife. I almost laughed-- I had to say "I spent 4 years using these things at 4 in the morning! I really have learned to be careful with them, even if it doesn't look like it." I have sort of unwritten rules about technique and such. Anyway, I've apparently done well enough that I might get to do some fancier work. Yay!

I am completely fried, though-- the desks are tallish, and I've been standing all day. It's only a 6-hour day, but standing for that long is just tiring. I am ready to go to bed right now, and it's barely after 7:30. Sigh. I'm so tired it makes me glad I'm only doing this two days a week, even though I had so much fun today I almost asked to go back tomorrow.


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