Jan. 29th, 2007

wtf, dude?

Jan. 29th, 2007 05:46 pm
luciab: (susan 3rd grade)
I am extremely grateful that the cold I predicted yesterday hasn't happened. Yet, at least. Maybe it's a shadow cold- I do have a bit of a runny nose but it is SO minor I don't even care.

The weird thing is that I'm having anxiety attacks every time I sit down to do the first homework assignment of the semester. It's a 3-page review of a specific web site, which I wouldn't think would be a big deal, except my heart starts racing and I get lightheaded every time I try to start it. I suspect my blood pressure is through the roof. I've tried ignoring the symptoms, casually poking around the site a bit, taking a break and reading for a while, and tackling the thing head on. I totally don't get it. The only thing different about this project is that it's for an online class, and I haven't met the teacher and have no idea what she's like. Still, that shouldn't be causing such a reaction. I even have a fairly reasonable amount of time before it's due. All I can think is.... better living through chemistry. This calls for appropriate medication-- this shit's gotta stop.


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