Feb. 1st, 2007

oh, joy

Feb. 1st, 2007 07:13 pm
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What a lovely day it's been. Tucked up inside my cozy apartment all day, watching the snow this morning. I did some reading, washed some dishes, and tried to start a new cape I've been planning. As it turns out, I, the former architect who is supposed to be able to plan things, have had a terrible time with figuring out how much fabric I need for a full length cape with a roomy hood. I finally resorted to drawing it out today and realized that I haven't bought enough fabric. (I was trying to use logic before, and we know how shaky my logic can be.) And now that I've washed the fabric I have, I'm not sure it's really suitable. I wasn't about to venture out today to see if the store (20 miles or so away) still had the fabric so I could get enough extra to actually make a cape, especially being unsure about it. Sigh. Ponder, ponder.

And tomorrow, joy of joys, I will have the pleasure of taking two cats to the vet. The trickiest part of this is that I only have one carrier, and the sisters aren't the two cats that are going. Nope, it's Molly and Carmen. I have a terrible suspicion that the whole morning could turn into a Laurel and Hardy routine, except bloodier, and I expect the blood to be mine. Carmen has been sneezing, one eye doesn't look right, and she's been doing that butt-scootin' boogie thing across the floor. She doesn't seem to have a fever, and I don't really think she's acting any different than she usually does. I hope it isn't too unpleasant for us all.

Tomorrow night should be infinitely more fun-- I'm crashing at [livejournal.com profile] harleenquinzell's house so we can get an early start on Saturday. Oops.... just remembered-- I also need to make soup of some sort for the Saturday spread. Chili, I think, though it seems redundant to make chili when that's what they're selling. Mine will be better, though.

I've been working on the log I'm putting together for my practicum. I've been using my beloved Word program, (sarcasm off) which has of course meant certain limitations. Today, though the aforementioned harleenquinzell sent me a document she's put together in Publisher, and damn, yo, I gotta try that. She's got pictures all mixed in with words and everything. Sweet. Oh, and it's gonna be a good class, too. I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know about analysis of vinework and the different styles thereof. Wow.

Okay, gonna go wash some more dishes, and then play with the new (to me) program.


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