Feb. 2nd, 2007


Feb. 2nd, 2007 08:03 am
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I'm going to get to say something I never in my life thought I could honestly say: Neil Gaiman asked me to do a favor for him, and I'm going to be able to do it. Here's a link to a post about Penn Jillette.


Feb. 2nd, 2007 11:48 am
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The trip to the vet this AM didn't go exactly as anticipated. The part about trying to get both cats there was actually almost exactly as anticipated. I put Carmen in the carrier, and carried Molly to the car in my arms, where I left her in the floorboard of the passenger side. That worked so well, I may just always plan to do that for her-- she desperately hates the carrier.

The vet thinks Carmen has some variant of herpes that has been making her sneeze and caused some swelling in her eye yesterday. I never heard of herpes that makes you sneeze, but clearly there's lot of stuff I don't know. She gave (gave! Ha!) me some goop to put on her food to help quell outbreaks. Liver flavored. Yum. She also did a little more poking around than Carmen enjoyed to explore the butt-scootin' boogie thing, and prescribed an antibiotic for that. So far, so good.

When she examined Molly, she noted that M needed to urinate-- well, you can't ask a cat if she needs to use the litter box before getting in the car, can you? Well, you can, but you should certainly not wait for a response. While the vet was doing her exam thing, the assistant noted a mole-like lump on Molly's neck. I've known it was there for a year or so, but never thought of it when making or keeping an appointment. The vet took some fluid from it and said it was a mast cell tumor. Said it was to do with allergens and such, and gave Molly a shot of Benadryl. She and the assistant left to get the pills and other stuff for dosing both cats. Molly sat very close to, and facing, the wall. Suddenly she let out a low cry and started peeing. Oops-- too much stress, too full a bladder and I figured she finally couldn't wait any longer. I started trying to pull out paper towels to soak it up, and the dispenser jammed. Molly kept up the crying and the puddle kept getting bigger and bigger. I stuck my head through the door and said "We need some help here." When I turned back around, I saw that Molly was also drooling heavily. Yikes. The vet came back in, took a look, said "She's having a reaction to the shot," and gave her a shot of steroids. The vet and assistant were great with her-- they had a huge towel they wrapped her in, and kept cuddling her and talking to her. The vet finally said "We'd like to keep her for a little bit and keep an eye on her." They took her in the back. After they had collected all the pills and stuff, they said she was doing okay, but they want to keep her for a few hours. I know they say she's okay, but it's just making me uneasy. I hate when unexpected shit like that happens. I want to be forewarned about emergencies, dammit!

I had the beginnings of a migraine this morning-- not bad when I got up but it got worse instead of better, which is backwards from the norm. Because it wasn't bad when I made my coffee, I made decaf. When I went out to get stuff to make chili, I went to the Sbux next door to the Teeter and got a grande cappuccino. Heh, I thought, that'll fix it! And I sucked that thing down like the tasty magic elixir I knew it to be. And lo, it was good. And besides that, it worked. I am now zooming like a 3-year-old playing airplane, and the migraine is no more. Yay, cappuccino.

The vet just called and said Molly's attack is over, but they want to keep her for another couple of hours just to be sure. They're also going to check her blood to be sure the tumor hasn't spread, or at least I think that's what she meant. They're going to remove the tumor next week at the same time they're cleaning her teeth. I'm bad and don't normally go for a lot of dental work for cats, for god's sake, but they showed me the infection she has in her gums, and ya gotta deal with that. Sigh. It's an expensive month for the kitties.

Oh, and when Carmen got home, she was all relieved and everything, only to have Miranda hiss at her every time she approached. Poor Carmen! First that strange person got way too familiar with her and then her own sister called her names when all she wanted was a friendly sniff and cuddle.

Time to put the caffeine high to some use and hit the kitchen. Chili coming up!


Feb. 2nd, 2007 04:36 pm
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Chili is made and simmering away. I threw in chilies with wild abandon, so I hope I can eat this! It's really only a FEW more peppers than I usually use, but still. No idea why I felt so reckless. It is.... flavorful. Yeah.

Molly is home. My wallet is considerably lighter, and will be considerably lighter --again-- after her surgery/dental cleaning next week. We are not amused.

I have been proofreading for Livia, but the changes I make don't show up when I save and send them to her. Time is drawing short. Grr.

Gotta go throw some clothes together for University and a sleepover. Eek.


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