Feb. 19th, 2007

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Unpleasant day. I had a list of things I needed to do, including several phone calls. It can be hard to get myself organized enough to make phone calls, so that in itself was no small feat. Then I woke up with a migraine. Not a killer one; just enough to make me put a little extra caffeine in my usual mix of caffeinated and decaf coffee. A couple of hours later it was edging up on feeling like I had an icepick in my eye, so I took my Imitrex. By then I was totally devoid of ambition..... and had learned that my microwave has died AND my Mac will only exhibit the blue screeno of death. Took me a bit to be sure that's what it was; it has cute little icons, unlike the Windows blue screen of death. Thank god for conspicuous consumption and one person having two computers. Heh. I'd forgotten how bloody convenient having a microwave is, though. Heat up a single serving of soup-- no problem. Heat it up on the stove-- get out a pan and stand and stir so you don't burn the damn thing, and keep checking to see if it's hot enough. Tedious. Can you say spoiled? I knew you could.

I did get myself together to call and make an appointment to get the stitches out of Molly's neck. Sadly, I was so disorganized I said yes to the first time they mentioned, which is smack in the middle of the afternoon and makes it extremely difficult to do any of the other things I'd like to try to do. Aw, who am I trying to kid? I have no ambition to do anything today anyway. All I want to do is sleep. Too bad about the microwave and the Mac and the laundry and the fact that I have no jeans to wear tomorrow.... sigh. Maybe I can get myself over to the secondhand store that is two blocks away and buy some jeans. Heh. Although that may be beyond me too.

While waiting for the Imitrex to kick in, I read this morning. Blessed books. What would I do without reading? The author in whom I am presently engrossed is Charles deLint, who writes what is known as "urban fantasy." It's magic/faerie stuff in a modern setting, sometimes urban, sometimes not. The books of de Lint's that I like best so far are "Seven Wild Sisters" and "Medicine Road." These are both about the same family; in the first one they live in the mountains, and the second one is about two of the sisters who play music professionally and are travelling. I'm starting "Forests of the Heart" right now and am really liking it.


Feb. 19th, 2007 05:49 pm
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Miranda loves it when I get on the computer. Actually, I guess she likes my lap anytime, and I do tend to make a lap when I'm at the computer. Even when it's the laptop on the bed table, there's a lap under there somewhere. She is now wedged partly on the table, leaning against my chest, purring like mad. It is, of coure, impossible to be angry with a purring cat, even if she's making it damned difficult to type. Or whatever you call it if it isn't a typewriter. Anyway, she's totally blissful. My day's gotten better, but I'm still nowhere near bliss.

I just took my life in my hands (geez, I hope I'm exaggerating; I hope it isn't even my GPA at risk) and wrote to my online teacher to ask for feedback about the homework I've turned in so far. We're well over a month into the semester and I haven't heard a word from her about whether I'm sending her what she wants, or going about looking the right way. It's making me nuts. And anxious, to boot. Is that the way most online classes are run? It's very weird. I feel like I'm writing messages and sending them off into the ether, never to be seen or heard from again. Message in a bottle time.

I got one load of laundry done, which will more than get me through the week. I just threw everything in together, like the college student I suppose I am. Hey, I might as well milk this for all it's worth! I even made one or two of my phone calls I needed to, though not necessarily the important ones. So the day wasn't a dead loss, even if I still am microwave-less and Mac-less. I'm trying to decide how important the Mac is and how soon I have to get it fixed. I may wait till I get my first disability check, which will include back pay for two months, and is to be cut on Feb 23. That isn't too long, and I think I can survive with this sweet little laptop.

So, I'm off to do homework for the mystery class, which is why I got brave and wrote to her. I want to know if I need to change strategy or anything. Of course, she may not write back before I get this set of answers done. Oh, well.


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