Feb. 25th, 2007

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A couple of days back I looked through my scribal storage cabinet, looking for a specific scroll that I had started but not finished. I didn't find that one, but I did find a very large ziplock bag with several scrolls in it that Geneveieve started years ago before she quit playing, and had given me the last time I saw her, asking that I finish or pass them along. Since calligraphy was her strong suit, all the callig was done on most of them, with the drawings inked and ready to paint. Yesterday after class I decided to do some painting. It was a pleasant evening. I didn't get it completely done, so today I turned on the TV looking for something to listen to while I painted.

What I found was "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" which I'd never seen, but which stars Johnny Depp. Yep, that's good enough for me. That man is fascinating.... he is willing to play such a variety of roles. This movie is pretty entertaining; I'd have to describe it as "Spaghetti western meets Matrix" with Depp and Banderas, plus a couple of other studly types that don't exactly fit the standard hottie mold but nonetheless turn my thoughts in steamy directions. I don't even know names, but they've got wonderful craggy faces and bad boy attitudes. Sigh.


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