Mar. 1st, 2007


Mar. 1st, 2007 05:50 pm
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It's been a pleasant day. No migraine, and I got the Mac to the Genius Bar for analysis. That turned out to be almost fun. It turns out that there wasn't really anything wrong with the computer, just... well, okay, see, I am bad to drip stuff onto my keyboard, especially with a little help from my furry friends, so I bought one of those plastic cover things that protects it while still allowing you to type through it. Yeah, it's called an iSkin. Sometimes they carry the i-Thing too far. Anyway, it turns out that the front edge of the skin.... (oh, no, don't tell me it would be called the foreskin....) got caught on the edge of the keyboard and was holding down a key when I tried to turn it on. That's all it was. While I was there, another woman was waiting for her iPod appointment.

While we were waiting for my Mac to boot and he was doing various things to it (he helped with other random annoyances-- sweet!) he was asking her questions. Have you purchased the music on it, or is it from CDs and stuff? Suitably vague question. Heh. Some of it's bought, some of it's from CDs and LimeWire, she said. He looked mildly alarmed. Oh, no, I wasn't trying to be the police, but it'll work different... and was trying to explain. Meanwhile, I was cracking up; the girl laughed too and then said, Why? Is it illegal or something? Ummmmm.... hello?? I don't keep up with the news the way I should, at least not the serious stuff, but I keep up with the IMPORTANT stuff, like that the music industry gets pretty pissy about file sharing. She looked surprised and said They won't come after me, will they? I used to buy all my music till my sister told me about LimeWire, and we were off on a discussion of file sharing and downloading music and why the industry is opposed. Suddenly the tech turns my computer around to face her and points to my LimeWire icon and says See, she knows what she's talking about, too. Busted! And then I had to explain, Well, my daughter told me about it.... and we were all just buds, hanging out and having a good time. Heh. He toed the company line pretty well, I thought, but was amusing and not pissy about it.

This afternoon I went to see The Good Shepherd. I wouldn't have gone except it had Matt Damon in it.... do we see a trend here? (He kept his shirt on in this one-- drat the luck.) I wasn't as wild about this as I was about The Departed. Of course, The Departed walked off with four or five Oscars, and The Good Shepherd was clearly not that good. It was pretty gripping, though. I was really aware of how little violence it contained. I think the look of the movie was really well done. There was one image in particular that will be with me for a good while, I expect. It wasn't till I got home that I started thinking of things that didn't seem to add up, in terms of plot. I'm not complaining, though-- it was well worth the $1.50 I paid to see it, and really, even worth what I paid for the popcorn. Does praise get any better than that?

I also had a sort of epiphany, when I realized how little time there was between WWII and the Bay of Pigs and the whole '60's upheaval. The movie had absolutely nothing to do with the '60's per se, except that the Bay of Pigs was in '61. When I saw that date onscreen, it did make me think of everything else that happened in the '60's. I think it must be that I've gotten old enough to realize what a short time 20 years really is, in terms of history. Hell, it's now been 40 years since the '60's. When soldiers came home from WWII, and for 10 or 15 years after, the US seemed like an ordered place-- there were clear expectations of how life was supposed to be, and how people were supposed to act. Then that all suddenly changed, and young people, and black people, and women, were all demanding to be treated differently, and standing up for their rights, and everything just went crazy. I have no idea why this struck me so strongly today, but damn, it sure did.

As soon as I get over being agog over the sweep of history, I have an assignment to work on. It's only three pages, though, so it's a piece of cake.


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