Mar. 26th, 2007

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Okay, this weeks silly questions from my class assignment include:

Did Robert Johnson really sell his soul to the devil to play guitar well? Is this a myth? Ummmm.... okay, as a reference librarian I'm supposed to... what, look up the devil's phone number in my handy dandy long distance directory and call him to ask? This is a pretty damn existential question, if you ask me, and I thought I was done with that philosophy and religion crap for this class. Sigh.

Who was Antonio Salieri and why did he hate Mozart? Riiiight. Because Salieri kept such an extensive diary full of little tidbits like "OMG!! I have just HAD it with Mr Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! Mr High and Mighty! Gets all the chicks just because he can write music. I'll show him! I'll whisper in the King's ear that his music has... has... TOO MANY NOTES! Yeah, that's it!" Because we all know that if it was in a movie it must be true.

What is important about Art Kane's photograph called "A Day in Harlem"? Or something like that? Sigh. Just.... sigh. Because there's only one reason any artwork is considered "important" and everybody, including notoriously opinionated art critics, agree(s) on what it is. And why is a photograph in the "Performing Arts" set, anyway?

The good news is that she finally graded the question sets that we've turned in so far, and I got full credit for all of them, so I guess my use of Google isn't going to get me flunked. That's a relief, since we're almost done with the semester.


Mar. 26th, 2007 08:25 pm
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Sometimes she asks questions that really need to be looked up in books and reference sources. This week, though... every single damn thing is most easily found via Google. And while she hasn't docked me for using it in previous assignments, I'm not willing to use it for everything. Geez. Some of these I can't even figure out (even WITH the text book) how else to find the answers.


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