Mar. 30th, 2007

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Spring exploded here on Wednesday, and I was just so distracted by this silly paper that I didn't write about it. There's one day every year when I notice that damn, the trees are all leafy and stuff and I don't exactly know when it happened. This year-- I know exactly. When I left for UNC Wed morning, one tree on our street had what would properly be called leaves, and the rest had a green hazy look to them, but no visible leaves. When I got home Wed night, lots of them had little leaves all over. Made me wonder if I could have watched them over the course of the day and seen the difference. Now, two days later, the leaves are so big that visibility is gone in that direction. Cool.

I got up this AM all bright-eyed and rested, ready to start on the latest version of This Damn Paper. I was all gung-ho. It won't be the easiest paper I've ever done, but I'll break it down into its component parts. What job title will I have? Art librarian. Check. Teaching bibliographic instruction. Check. Research/writing-- not so easy. A couple of hours of poking around on the web (wait, I should call that "research" instead of "poking around") and I even got an idea for that. The book as art object, and how artists books are handled by libraries; collected, cataloged, preserved.... yeah, that'll do. Check. Service? I think she means committees and such. I found some on "Information Literacy" and "Library Instruction." That'll work with the teaching, so that's double duty. Cool. Especially since there really aren't other committees I can even pretend any interest in. Associations and Conventions-- these kinda go together. I noted dates and locations of pertinent conferences and picked out some appropriate ones. Except now I can't get beyond my notes on these things. Writer's block is kicking in. How do I start writing? I hate this part. I don't have a whole long time to agonize over it, either, since it's due Monday midnight. Eek. I even took a break to refresh myself, and finished a mystery and dozed a few minutes. Nope, no inspiration yet. Guess I'll have to just start writing, sans inspiration. Sigh.


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