Apr. 1st, 2007

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I've been battling a migraine for.... I dunno, a week?... now. Sometimes it's worse, sometimes the imitrex helps, sometimes it fades in and out. It got enough better last night that I went to State to the Design Library and to the main library to do some reading for This Damn Paper. I think the reading helped; at least I have a somewhat firmer grip on what the theoretical job is all about. I took another imitrex before bed hoping the migraine would be gone this morning. Ah, vain hope, tantalizing as ever, and still duplicitous. It wasn't too bad though, till the high school marching band percussion competition started up at the school next door to the apartments. I had to abandon the studio with its comfortable chair and big-screen computer and flee with my laptop to the living room, which has the sole advantage of being on the far side of the building. That drops it to a dull rumble, at least. I've cobbled together a working arrangement that I hope will serve till the little buggers finish drumming and tinking on their xylophones (which is like a thorn in the brain every time I hear it, as opposed to the blunt caveman-club of the drums.)

I'm hoping I'll be able to cobble together a paper by tomorrow night. That may seem like plenty of time for a five-double-spaced-page-paper, but I'm not feeling sanguine since I don't feel I have a really good grip on what I'm doing. Not to mention the effects of the migraine and/or the meds. I was concerned enough last night that I wrote the teacher and told her the situation; she probably thinks I'm crazy for being so concerned so "early" but I wanted to let her know in advance just in case, instead of five minutes before the paper's due.

One interesting side effect of this paper is that I've been having these wild-assed fantasies of going to conferences all over the country-- ALA in DC in June, the art librarians conference in Baltimore the week before that (guess you're supposed to go early and do both) and suchlike. If I were looking for a job anywhere in the country, it'd probably be well worth my while. If I knew how to do that sort of networking, that is. The conferences that sound like more fun, though, are the ones that are actually in the topic I'm supposed to be librarian for (in this theoretical world), like art books and graphic novels. Heh. And I can see the looks on the faces of my imaginary managers when I turn in a request for reimbursement to go to Burning Man. Hey, it's all art, right?


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