Apr. 4th, 2007


Apr. 4th, 2007 10:45 am
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I just got a surprise.... a book I read was much better than I expected. I remembered liking Guy Gavriel Kay's work in the past but the last one of his I tried to read was.... well, awful, at least given the mood I was in at the time. I'm never sure how much of "great" or "awful" is my mood and how much is their skill. Anyway, I saw his new book Ysabel on the new book shelf at CAM and picked it up on the basis of pleasant memories of his earlier work and skimming the blurb. Started out well enough that I stayed up till 2 last night reading it. That's not as late as it sounds since I was up till midnight watching The Shield and doing homework during the ads. This morning I finished it and was nearly in tears. And really, that's a lot. What makes my eyes prickle would be a two-box-of-Kleenex event for some people who aren't as butch as me about crying. The main character is a teenage boy, and Kay did a good job of making him seem real. The main plotline is... beautiful in a terrible, epic sort of way. Really caught me off guard; I've been reading pretty run-of-the-mill mysteries. Good but nothing to make my head spin around. Part of this was leaving the mundane world for the fantastic for a bit.

I got the latest incarnation of That Damn Paper submitted. I got as much as I could done and finally realized that I was bone dry, no ideas left. Hadn't done everything she suggested or even as much as I had hoped but just didn't care any more. I wound up sending a note along with the paper saying that I knew it wasn't my best work but was the best I could manage, what with migraines and concern over Eogan's illness.

Today I need to get to the nearest university library... or, wait, this set of questions is all about pop music and such so I'd be willing to bet it's all available at CAM. Yay!! Much more doable AND pleasant.

I'm having trouble juggling even the few things that I'm trying to multitask right now. Like washing dishes, paying bills, and doing homework. In addition to the migraines I told Mother that I've got a bad case of "short-timer's disease" and I am totally not kidding. Concentration is right out the window. Sped along, I might add, by the contractors putting in new light fixtures in the hall outside my door. The studio is along that wall so I hear everything. Sigh.

Back to one of those tasks.


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