Apr. 9th, 2007


Apr. 9th, 2007 03:12 pm
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Well, I'm at least semi-officially allergic to something. Definitive, huh? I went to a doc-in-a-box about the congestion in my head; despite the sound effects and dizziness yesterday (eased by Sudafed) I was about half convinced I was imagining it (it's all in my head! Ha!) so I felt moderately vindicated when the doctor agreed with me. She gave me samples and prescriptions, along with a note for my teacher. Yep, a note for my teacher. I felt like a ten-year-old.

I wrote to said teacher yesterday explaining that I'm concerned about being able to finish the research proposal on time since I've had so many migraines the last couple of weeks, and now the ear thing. She replied that if I needed to turn the paper in late, I'd need a note. So, by golly, I got a note.

Since I'm not contagious, I decided to drop by the hospital and see Gene. There I discovered that he's been moved out of ICU. Yay! Big relief for everyone, I'm sure. He was pretty restless and not entirely clear of the drugs, which have him a little disoriented. It made for a highly entertaining visit, at least. I didn't stay long; I just wanted to say hi to Beth and see how he's doing. Beth is so excited she's practically beside herself.

So. Even though I have the note from the doctor for my paper, I'd better get cracking and not put this off any longer. I"m oozing dread here.


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