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Saturday was a great event. If I hadn't been so exhausted I could have used another hour or two to shop and look around the displays more than I did. I pretty much focused on C&I and judging.

I was most particularly pleased with the display table by [ profile] harleenquinzell and [ profile] zihuatenejo. I don't even have to specify which half of zihuatenejo because both of 'em displayed stuff. Wistric surprised me by arranging a galliard in my name and then humming it for me-- the tune sounds an awfully lot like "My Old Kentucky Home," in fact. This is his first calligraphy, and I found it pretty impressive for a first shot.

Needless to say, I was also exceptionally happy with the works displayed by my apprentices. They each displayed their most recent works-- Livia's Court Baronetcy scroll for Maddalena and Geoffrey, and Sunneva's GoA scroll for Letia.

It was just generally a fun day-- I got some serious snark time in with some old friends (for some reason I seemed to have been in a seriously snarky mood) enjoyed the displays and the excellent lunch. There was also an illuminating discussion (Ha! I crack myself up!) on period painting materials, that now has Sunneva and me wanting to do research. And lord, when Sunneva does research, just stand back. (Heh. I can't wait to see what she finds; maybe I should just stand back, too.)

The drive was fun, too-- the household went up together and we thus had plenty of time to solve the ills of the world, or at least to snark about them. (Again with the snark.) Talent, discretion, AND snark: I have chosen SO well.

Sunday..... sigh. I think I'm taking a cold. I first chalked up Saturday's sore throat to allergies, since I forgot to take my pill in the morning. And I have sneezing fits about once a week, so yesterday morning's wasn't unusual. But the fact that I took an allergy pill and my throat is still sore, and my eyes watery and my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton (including the thinking ability part, not just the pressure thing) fills me with dread. And dismay. Ick! The dreaded dismay!

Back to positive news, though.... I've booked my flight to see [ profile] anonamys graduate in June in Seattle. My daughter, the Doctor of Physical Therapy. Yay! I'll be out there for six days; we're going to see the EMP and the new public library among other things. Oh, and the Japanese garden, and probably the Fremont Troll, too. And maybe Gas Works Park; as I recall it's pretty close to the Troll. Damn, I'd better quit planning this or I'll have a month's worth of stuff to do in six days. But for some reason, I've wanted to review pics of the sundial at Gas Works several times and can't find the photos I took ten years ago. Yes, I'm a librarian and we're supposed to organize things, but (a) I wasn't a librarian then and (b) I've always been better at being organized at work than I am at home. I'm sure there are about 8 rolls of excellent pictures of Seattle and environs around here, in a very safe place.

I am close to concluding that I'm not going to have a really bad, miserable sort of cold; not a winter but something more closely akin to a cold snap.... still stuffy and watery, but not too god-awful. The fact that I have about half a migraine means that the two things add up to one viable call-in-sick-day for the volunteer gig, I think. Not a good idea to spread the contagious part all over the public library. I may be able to drag myself out to the grocery and drug store (I'm completely out of some basic things like milk and soup; hard to feel like I'm taking care of myself when sick if I don't have soup.)

I do need to do some research, though, so I'm not sure how to best accomplish that. Go be contagious all over the little design students at State? Oops. I'm oozing evil again.
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Create your own! Originally Written By [ profile] ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by [ profile] darkman424

I had a nice weekend, mostly scribal. I actually didn't do any scribing, but Livia and Sunneva came over on Sat to work, and I consulted. I'm excited about the work they're doing-- very nice. Livia came back on Sun because she's got a hot project and is really working on some new techniques while still trying to make a deadline. In looking for materials to help her, I realized what a sad shape my scribal shelves were in, so spent a few hours straightening. I still don't have everything in tip-top shape like Sunneva does, but there's a huge improvement. Still stuff I can't find anywhere, though. Sigh.

I woke up yesterday with a migraine and was afraid for a while it was going to be bad, but some caffeine and sitting up for a couple of hours helped. I even got some studying done. Woot! By the time Livia got here I was in good shape. We went shopping to replace some of the things I couldn't find here; I'm glad the weather wasn't as bad as predicted. At least not in my part of the world. It may have gotten ugly a few miles from here. Weird weather patterns around here.

I find that I am frequently bemused by the relative skills of authors. I haven't learned how to analyze writing the way I was taught to analyze art and architecture (though, lord knows, I've forgotten most of that.) I used to sort of think that if a book didn't actually suck but I still didn't particularly like it, the insufficiency was mine. Now I am more likely to believe that the author lacks some spark, even if I can't articulate what the problem is. It is true, though, that sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a particular author, so maybe it's a shared problem. Or maybe they're B+ or A- books instead of A+ books that I couldn't put down if I tried. I read a couple of books this weekend that were decent, and in at least one of them the characters seemed to be reasonably complex, intelligent people, but the book didn't leave me craving more. Then sometimes there's a character that is totally unlike me, shares few if any of my values, but the book leaves me literally hungry for more. Then there is the author I've read lately whose words and sentences are put together well, and the dialogue is reasonable, but his MESSAGE is so damn heavy handed. Maybe it's not message, exactly, but all his books are about personality integration, for want of a better description. People are always losing parts of themselves and having to get the parts back together. What makes a book really good is one of life's imponderables, I guess. Maybe I should just hope that's the most serious problem I have to deal with for the next few years.

I actually finally have some homework reading to do. I've been making notes and collecting scraps of materials to include in a notebook for the Practicum. I'm going to try to remember to take my camera tomorrow, too. Document the hell out of stuff from here on out. I hope. If I don't pull the spacey routine I did this weekend and forget every damn thing. Oops.
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Before the bitching commences, I would like to congratulate Lady Sunneva, (half of [ profile] zihuatenejo) recipient of the Coral Branch at War of the Wings. Vivat!

Also, I got back the paper about iron gall ink, and am most pleased with the results. I would like to thank the chemists who consulted, because the teacher really liked those details.

Let the bitching begin! )


Jul. 9th, 2006 06:19 pm
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I was supposed to be doing homework all day yesterday but couldn't concentrate at all. This despite the fact that I kept repeating "I have 3 one-page papers, one three page paper, a ten-page paper, three presentations and a final in the next three weeks. Wait... maybe that's WHY I coudn't concentrate. Panic never helps.

Anyway, I gave up (not a lot of mental arm-twisting required) and went to WH Baronial Champions to see my 'prentice get a Boreas, and her lovely hubby get a Tempest. Heh. Livia got all sneaky and made Sunneva help paint award tokens, one of which became hers, and one Wistric's. Her Excellency invited me to sit at high table, and I invited Livia to join me. We sat next to Their Excellencies Marc and Alianor and had great fun chatting. And feast was excellent; believe me, that's not something I say lightly. Two years of being required to eat feast, and sit at high table and appear to enjoy it, wasn't always easy.

I've done better on the homework front today, but have hit a brick wall on one of the assignments. I've been email chatting with another student in the class and we're both stuck. I've emailed some of the other students in the class that I know are good enough that I can trust them, in hopes they can get me/us unstuck.

On the cat front, two of my three are a tad bit overweight, despite the fact that I've been giving them a tiny bit less food than the "Weight management" food I give them suggests. In conversation with Ysolt last week, she said "Well, give them a little less." I can tell you, the girls are NOT happy with me right now. I've started putting out 1/4 cup less food than I had been and I swear you'd think I cut their rations in half. Sometimes before, there'd be a little left when I put out the next serving; not now! They are winding around my ankles hours before meal time, mewling pitifully. I'll see if this makes a difference in their not-so-girlish figures.

Me, I've been gaining and losing the same two pounds for months now. It isn't helped on days like today when I'm stuck/panicky and just want to eat chocolate or other comfort food-- and believe me when I say that a light green salad is NOT comfort food. Sigh.

Guess I'd better get back to the books. Even if I'm stuck on one assignment, I have LOTS more to work on.

yay, me!

Jun. 18th, 2006 12:28 pm
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Yesterday was a great event. Nice site, perfect number of attendees, really good feast (I got so full I couldn't even attempt to eat the last two or three dishes) and the apprenticing ceremony went really well. Okay, so I forgot to say about half of what I had planned. Okay, all right already, maybe planned is too strong a word. Sort of thought about things it'd be good to say? Yeah, that's more accurate. More about the ceremony )

And there was food... )

And Bourbon Balls! )

And then there was talk of Peer Qualities. )

Sadly, it's back to reality for me now. When I opened my email this morning, I had a note from the teacher of one my classes that starts on June 28; she's posted our syllabus and reading list for the five weeks of the session, along with a note saying that since the session is so short, she expects that we will have completed the first readings and be fully prepared to discuss during the first class. There are 2-4 chapters of the text plus 5-9 readings per session, with a total of about 200 pages of for each class. For each reading, we are to submit a "thoughtful" question, based on "thoughtful" reading, (her quotation marks) by noon the day before class. (Does this mean questions about something we don't understand, or questions that we might put on a test if we were teachers? Geez. I'm not that thoughtful.) Sigh. We also each have two- 20 minute presentations from the assigned readings, and each presentation is to be accompanied by handouts and/or AV materials. AND there's a 7-10 page paper due at the end of the class. Holy crap. No word yet on what the requirements for the other class will be. I'm glad I'll get two weeks off between class and Pennsic. Sadly, though, there's less than a week between the end of Pennsic and the beginning of the Fall semester.

I think I'd better go start reading... and rest up.
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Last night we had a planning meeting (gosh, doesn't that sound so formal!) to work on the apprenticing ceremony coming up at Midsummer's Twilight Tourney. I don't know how much actually got done, but it was great fun. I fixed breakfast for dinner, and it was quite a hit. I swear we hit that food like we hadn't been fed in weeks. We devoured a pound of sausage (Neese's-- it fries up so crispy!) 3/4 pound of bacon, 2 eggs each, and uncounted pancakes with syrup made from 2 quarts of strawberries, and banana boats for dessert, all in about 10 minutes. Well, okay, it wasn't QUITE that bad, but it was still pretty funny.

Owen was kind enough to carry out the old TV that's been dead for a year or two, but was too heavy for me to get to the dumpster. Yay!

I pulled stuff out of one of my closets yesterday AM, getting ready to give it away. Anyone need khakis or jeans? I have a kitchen garbage bag full. All in good condition, mostly size 16 but a few 18's thrown in. Believe me, the pounds between those and the 10's and 12's didn't go easy.

I've got just enough of a migraine today to wipe out whatever energy I was going to devote to making garb. I just feel drained. Much, much better than being in severe pain, but I'm still not getting anything done. Sigh.

I'm currently reading an Edna Buchanan, which is about all I'm good for. It takes me a while, usually, but sometimes I become aware of the author as being very good or not-so-good. Poor Edna. I would never have noticed this if she hadn't gotten more ambitious; the books she writes with Britt Montero as the protagonist are pleasant and lightweight. Not usually either particularly challenging or so cute that I want to hit her. The one I'm reading now, though, has branched out. She's writing about a group of the people that Britt usually works with, which can be a really cool concept. Lisa Scottoline, for example, has a series about an all-woman legal office in Philly, and different books feature different members of the firm. Each woman has a distinct voice and personality. Edna hasn't quite managed to pull that off; all the characters in this book sound pretty much like Britt. Sigh.

I've also (when sans headache, anyway) started reading the text for one of my classes this summer. It is dry as the Sahara, but I'm hoping that an early start on the reading will give me time to at least figure it out.

Okay, that's it for me. Later, taters.
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The weather we've been having in this part of the country is most unusual. Sometimes it seems like people say that every year, but if so they're usually complaining about it getting hot so early. This year we're already at mid May and it's still in the 50's every night and has been in the low to mid 70's during the days. There was one hot week in April that nearly fried poor Max (just moved here from Canada) but other than that it's been way cool. I'm not complaining, but damn, it's weird. I'm still wearing heavy socks around the house at night.

I'm looking forward to Friday night-- I'm having a planning session with my apprentice and soon-to-be-apprentice for the ceremony where we'll formalize the relationship. It's going to be at Midsummer's Twilight Tourney in June, exactly a year after I took Livia as an apprentice. We had only decided at Sapphire Joust last year, so it was put together in quite a rush. We're planning a bit further in advance this time!

I don't have any Italian Ren that fits me now, and I'd like to have something appropriate to my persona, so I'm hoping I'll get to make a new dress before Midsummer's. Even I am getting embarrassed about wearing the comfy tunics all the time. They aren't even embroidered with cool stuff, just plain old generic tunics made from cheap Wally World cotton (yes, I know. I haven't bought anything from them for months now, and I felt guilty when I did. And yes (no?), I know that I don't get brownie points for guilt. Too bad, I'd be rich. Or at least covered in brownies.) Anyway, I'm trying to find suitable fabric in my stash of stuff-- surely there's something.

Nia said the other night she'd like to learn enough calligraphy to do cards for herself, so she bought a set of cartridge pens and asked me to help her get started. Her handwriting is already good, so I figured she had a good basis. That woman could be really good if she ever seriously turned her mind to it; the first couple of words she did were shaky but nearly as good as a few scribes who have been working for years. Sad, but true. I gave her the "15 minutes a day" pep talk and can't wait to see what evolves. She has expressed great surprise that there is an SCA art form that she might actually be good at.

Despite all my assertions about not liking calligraphy as much as painting, I think the callig has snuck up on me and got me addicted. When I was helping her get started I did a few letters and started getting to the Zen stage immediately. She had to practically pry the pen from my fingers. How did that happen? So in addition to making myself new garb, I also need to find time to do callig. Maybe it'd help soothe the soul.

Of more pressing concern, however, is clearing out stuff from the apartment. I have lots of fabric (totally NON period) kitchen gear and cookware, an old computer, and more that I need to get rid of. My current thinking is to make a list of what I want to part with, and then post it, maybe to the Windmasters' list, saying if you want it, come get it. Maybe post in the journal(s) first, then on the list. I like that idea better than Freecycle or Craig's list; I'm just more comfortable having SCAdians come to my house than I am with total strangers. Anyway, when the SCAdians are done picking over it, I'll put the rest out on the street for the curb elves or take it to Goodwill or equivalent.

I think that's all the news that's fit to print right now. Ta ta!

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From [ profile] crevette about liking her job: I wouldn’t expect those words to cross my lips about any job that doesn’t involve adorning a nekkid Orlando Bloom with Cheese-in-a-can and strategically placed Triscuits.

Now that I've got that image fixed in your mind, I'll go on to more.... typical topics, for me, at least. That IS pretty typical for Crevette. Heh.

I didn't elaborate at all on KASF, and I'm here to rectify that. To be exact, I want to brag about my apprentice. Livia did great! She made a "Boyled Cream" (?) aka, ginger almond pudding, that was wonderful. I didn't get enough of it, though given everything else I ate this weekend, I nearly had to be rolled to the car in a wheelbarrow anyway.

Her dress looked really good, too. That was an adventure for both of us, since the only way to make that dress is to pin the actual fabric around the body, and then pin it tighter, and then do that again, and then make the poor wearer lie down on the floor and make it tighter yet again. Yow. I've been sewing all my life, so it's hard for me to know what she knows about sewing and what she doesn't, so I don't think to tell her stuff that would have helped. And I don't want to do too much of it myself, because then she won't learn. And if it's a competition entry, which this was, then it really wouldn't be right for me to do it, anyway.

But the best part of all was the poem. Oh, yeah. She wrote a poem, based on.... ummm... a specific style with a certain rhyme pattern.... and I really don't know anything at all about poetry. I just know she wrote it, then put it in the form of a callig and illum piece that knocked my socks off, and not just because it was about me, either. Yep, that's what I said. It's all about how a pupil needs a teacher, and what the teacher does to help, and the last line of the poem had my name. Made me all blushy. And damn, it's gorgeous. It's a batarde hand, and she analyzed the original MS and showed how it differed from other batardes, and then there's a lot of gothic vines and whitework that is beautifully done. I'm so impressed. Judges were, too. Heh.

Sunneva didn't get anything entered since she had a bad bout of migraines the week before and had a hard enough time getting homework done. (S- Call your doctor and ask for a letter to the insurance company! Call now! Please!) She showed me what she had started, and I was very impressed with her work. She's just started calligraphy-- this is her first-- but it looked great. She's got the whole thing drawn but didn't have time to get it painted. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

So. Now I've told you how great my students are-- us proud mamas (as it were) gotta brag a little.

And I went to the library tonight and worked for nearly three hours and got several more questions done. I was VERY pleased. (I can brag on myself, too. Heh.) Now I'm going to edit the text a little and make it prettier, and then I'm going to go to bed and read for a while before I get up and go to work again. And sometime this week I have to do laundry because I was having too much fun to do it this weekend. Whee!

thawed out

Feb. 12th, 2006 06:38 pm
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Oh, what a... typical Ymir. Well, I guess that's not entirely true. It's about half and half in terms of good weather/bad weather. This year was the second worst I can remember in terms of weather, with the worst being the year we were invested as Baronage of WH. Nikulai yesterday described the rain on that memorable day as a "deluge" and from what little I remember, that about sums it up. Except for the cold part. I know, if you're from the northern tier of the country, anything that happens while it's warm enough to rain can't be called "cold." Technically, you're right, but I'm not technical, and I'm not in the northern part of the country. Yesterday I didn't get really wet feet till midafternoon, so maybe that wasn't too bad. I was sure happy to get home, though. I wussed out and didn't even stay and serve feast, which I usually enjoy. I just wanted to be home, with dry feet. The best news was that I didn't have a migraine. I've had one most of the week-- and it's back today-- but not yesterday. Woohoo! I spent most of the day introducing Sunneva as my soon-to-be-new-apprentice to everyone I could find. Fun. I got to talk to Aldis about the mentoring process and our apprentices, which was fun, too.

I was delighted to see Ysolt get her Pelican. It's funny, though-- I always think of her in terms of arts, even though she was Chancellor of the University and has done tons of service. Whatever-- I was tickled pink. And the food at her vigil was a delight-- the young woman who did the table was at her first event but is a professional food person. They had designed the table to look as though a picnic feast had been upset by mice, since Ysolt's heraldry features a mouse. There were little marzipan mice and ladybugs all over the table. The design was almost too good-- they had a "spilled" carafe of "red wine" that was actually black cherry jello, and everyone kept wanting to clean it up.

There were bittersweet moments during the ceremony. Duchess Arielle sent words since she couldn't come to the ceremony, and Sir Falcone talked about how Ysolt was such a good friend to "another fine lady who couldn't be with us today," talking about Lady Geva, who was moved to a hospice facility on Friday. I know I got all misty, and I don't do that often.

I've been studying when I've been home this weekend. Doing a reasonably good job, considering how chopped up the time has been. I had been all anxious about some of my homework- I couldn't figure it out. Sunneva showed me yesterday, and it turns out I was trying to make it harder than it was. Miranda has been helping, too. Everytime I sit at the desk with the light on, she jumps up and sits under the light, which of course puts her directly on my book/homework. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness. Heh. Can't really get upsest with those golden eyes staring hopefully at me, though after a few minutes I give up trying to read around her twitching tail and have to put her down. Not quite to the CAAAT!! stage yet.
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I've been wanting to get together with my apprentice and my now-going-to-be-apprentice (we're engaged! Yea!) because I hadn't seen them in SO long. Tonight we finally managed. Woo hoo! I took a pie over... hoo, boy. See, several months ago I had this desert at a local restaurant, and it was an occasion of sin. Normally, if I'm full I don't have any trouble stopping eating. I mean, I get queasy and don't want to eat any more. This stuff, though.... it was Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie. Like I said, an occasion of sin. I was full but I could NOT stop eating. I. Ate. The. Whole. Huge. Serving. *Moan*

When I was in Kentucky over Christmtas and we visted the bourbon distillery, I got to thinking about that pie again, and I decided I wanted to make it. I found several recipes online that all had chocolate, bourbon, and pecans in them, and after much deliberation I chose one recipe, and modified it. I sort of took the best of several recipes.... one had 12 ounces of chocolate, but only 2 tablespoons of bourbon. Ha, I say. Another had a quarter cup of bourbon (now you're talking!) but only a cup of chocolate chips. See where I'm going with this? You betcha. I used 12 ounces of 60% cocoa bittersweet chocolate and melted that with the stick of butter, because it wasn't pie with chocolate chips in it, it was chocolate pie, dammit; and a quarter cup of bourbon, and a cup of pecans, and lord, it was good. It definitely needed the whipped cream that I added for topping, just for the contrast. I also put it in a chocolate cookie pie crust. Not sure that's the best choice; a little more contrast may have helped.

All in all, though, a suitably sinful occasion. Now, however, I am paying the price-- I have quite the buzz from all the chocolate and sugar. (The recipe says it makes 10 servings; Livia cut the pie into 6 pieces. Holy cow, that's a lot of pie.)

And as noted above in a different tangent, Sunneva is going to be my apprentice. Geez, I hope I spelled her name right... Anyway, we won't do a formal ceremony until after school is out, because neither of us can be sure we're going to be able to go to any given event due to homework and such, so we'll wait till we can enjoy it. I'm so excited!


Jul. 17th, 2005 04:02 pm
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I just finished putting the gesso on the scroll. Holy cow, there's a lot of gold leaf gonna be on here. It's a real trick to learn to see the negative spaces between the leaves and what not, which is where the gold leaf will be-- and it turns out I'm not nearly as good as the medieval scribes were at keeping the leaves tight to each other and the shapes they are wrapped around. Ergo, lots of gold leaf. (Patience, grasshopper... I've scanned it and this time next week you should be able to see it posted. Heh.)

Yesterday Livia and I went to a surprise B'day party for Papa Bolt (aka Steve) He's turning 50. Yikes. The actual date is in August, but the poor man had the incredible lack of foresight to conflict with Pennsic, so he got an early party. It was fun... a cookout with plenty of beer and chicken wings. Yeah!

The only bad news is that I've had a migraine for going on three days now. (Ie, while there was plenty of beer at the party, I didn't have any. Sigh.) The Imitrex has helped a lot, but even taking a full dosage yesterday it hasn't gone completely away. Sucker keeps coming back. And it's a real mark of restraint that I started that word with "S," too.

The gesso should be dry enough now that I can start applying leaf. Or maybe I'll have a light supper and let it dry a little more. The test bits I've done have worked well-- I only hope the rest does as well. This baby's going to glow like a thousand suns. Heh.


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