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This is a question about computer networking, I think. I decided to hook up the new printer to the network instead of directly to the Mac. I put the drivers for the printer on the Mac. (Haven't messed with the Dell yet. Should I confuse myself further at this point? Or does it make a difference? Not sure how this works. If it's on the Mac, and the Mac is on the network, do I need to put the driver on the Dell? And is the farmer on the Dell? Ooops. Sorry.)

Anyway. The Mac is on the network. The printer is on the network, as far as I can tell. The installation seemed to go smoothly.

When I try to print anything from the computer, however, nothing happens. No error messages, but no output, either. It just never shows up in the print queue.

Is this a network problem? An issue with the printer?

The printer was clear that I should only set up the printer for either the network or USB, so now that I've installed it on the network I can't just plug in the USB, apparently.

Ideas? Help? If you guys don't know what to do, who SHOULD I call? Because I realized last night that I have a shiny new toy but at this point I'm further behind than I was before I bought it-- then I could at least print stuff that was already on the computer, even if I couldn't scan to it. Sigh.

And on a slightly more amused note, I have decided that my callig ink must have fish oil in it or something, because nothing brings Miranda to my lap faster than opening that bottle. It's absolutely amazing.
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I have almost finished the prize cape I'm making for the Most Valorous rapier fighter competition this weekend at Assessment. Oh, you didn't know about it? My bad. I should have written an announcement for the Merry Rose but didn't think about it till last night. Today I'm fairly incoherent, so have asked my valorous apprentice [ profile] harleenquinzell to put some text together. Of course she's at work today so may have other things to do. (Pah, work!) Anyway, the cape-sewing went very quickly and it looks good. The cape, BTW, is designed for use in rapier fighting-- not a fancy-shmancy one. It is, however, large enough that it can be worn, unlike the ceremonial one that designates the WH Baronial Rapier Champion.

Miranda and even Molly helped me with the cape-- Molly helped with the cutting and Miranda was in on both cutting and sewing. I have such good kitties. Miranda has been especially lovey this laast week. I have clearly been gone from home far too much recently, and she's making up for all the petting she didn't get while I was gone. She's in my lap when I get on the computer, in my lap when I read, and plastered to my side all night while I sleep. She's also been walking through the house crying at random times-- she manages to sound really pitiful. She's going to be most unhappy with my being gone for a week again. At least I'll be home a little longer before I head out yet again for a week at Pennsic.

I have the History Channel on this afternoon and am watching "American Eats," including hot dogs. The descriptions of the creation of Nathan's makes me want a hot dog, and it's midafternoon and I've had lunch pretty recently. Crap-- now they're talking about pizza. I dunno if I can watch this whole hour.

I have gotten several minor errands done today, thank heavens. Still a few left to do but I'm generally in good shape. Now I think I need to go grocery shopping. Maybe some hot dogs.....
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There are contractors working in the front hall, attaching drywall over the plaster. I suppose this will look better when it's done, but I didn't have a serious problem with the shabby chic of the peeling plaster. There been a few half-hearted motions in the direction of repainting, but this will be much more comprehensive and will provide a smoother finish. However, they have been drilling for what seems like days now, and the kitties are most decidedly unhappy with the racket. I'm not too thrilled myself, being of the mind that dental work is of the devil and is entirely suitable for torture, and drills (unless I'm the one wielding them) sound entirely too much like dental drilling to be borne without complaint. I have been biting the insides of my cheeks to stop the sympathetic vibrations; the cats have all been showing agitation by jumping at every noise, slinking everywhere and hiding in any little corner or cubbyhole they can find. Every now and then I look up from my reading to see a cat staring besechingly at me, as if I could make it stop if only I were willing to stop torturing them.

I'm preparing to leave them to their own protective devices, however, since the student library association is sponsoring a trip to the NC Art Museum's library this afternoon, and after that I'm having sushi with [ profile] zihuatenejo to celebrate her completion of her comprehensive exam. Woot! for finishing comps. And Woot! for visiting the Art Museum library. Now if they were only hiring... Heh.


Feb. 19th, 2007 05:49 pm
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Miranda loves it when I get on the computer. Actually, I guess she likes my lap anytime, and I do tend to make a lap when I'm at the computer. Even when it's the laptop on the bed table, there's a lap under there somewhere. She is now wedged partly on the table, leaning against my chest, purring like mad. It is, of coure, impossible to be angry with a purring cat, even if she's making it damned difficult to type. Or whatever you call it if it isn't a typewriter. Anyway, she's totally blissful. My day's gotten better, but I'm still nowhere near bliss.

I just took my life in my hands (geez, I hope I'm exaggerating; I hope it isn't even my GPA at risk) and wrote to my online teacher to ask for feedback about the homework I've turned in so far. We're well over a month into the semester and I haven't heard a word from her about whether I'm sending her what she wants, or going about looking the right way. It's making me nuts. And anxious, to boot. Is that the way most online classes are run? It's very weird. I feel like I'm writing messages and sending them off into the ether, never to be seen or heard from again. Message in a bottle time.

I got one load of laundry done, which will more than get me through the week. I just threw everything in together, like the college student I suppose I am. Hey, I might as well milk this for all it's worth! I even made one or two of my phone calls I needed to, though not necessarily the important ones. So the day wasn't a dead loss, even if I still am microwave-less and Mac-less. I'm trying to decide how important the Mac is and how soon I have to get it fixed. I may wait till I get my first disability check, which will include back pay for two months, and is to be cut on Feb 23. That isn't too long, and I think I can survive with this sweet little laptop.

So, I'm off to do homework for the mystery class, which is why I got brave and wrote to her. I want to know if I need to change strategy or anything. Of course, she may not write back before I get this set of answers done. Oh, well.
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Unpleasant day. I had a list of things I needed to do, including several phone calls. It can be hard to get myself organized enough to make phone calls, so that in itself was no small feat. Then I woke up with a migraine. Not a killer one; just enough to make me put a little extra caffeine in my usual mix of caffeinated and decaf coffee. A couple of hours later it was edging up on feeling like I had an icepick in my eye, so I took my Imitrex. By then I was totally devoid of ambition..... and had learned that my microwave has died AND my Mac will only exhibit the blue screeno of death. Took me a bit to be sure that's what it was; it has cute little icons, unlike the Windows blue screen of death. Thank god for conspicuous consumption and one person having two computers. Heh. I'd forgotten how bloody convenient having a microwave is, though. Heat up a single serving of soup-- no problem. Heat it up on the stove-- get out a pan and stand and stir so you don't burn the damn thing, and keep checking to see if it's hot enough. Tedious. Can you say spoiled? I knew you could.

I did get myself together to call and make an appointment to get the stitches out of Molly's neck. Sadly, I was so disorganized I said yes to the first time they mentioned, which is smack in the middle of the afternoon and makes it extremely difficult to do any of the other things I'd like to try to do. Aw, who am I trying to kid? I have no ambition to do anything today anyway. All I want to do is sleep. Too bad about the microwave and the Mac and the laundry and the fact that I have no jeans to wear tomorrow.... sigh. Maybe I can get myself over to the secondhand store that is two blocks away and buy some jeans. Heh. Although that may be beyond me too.

While waiting for the Imitrex to kick in, I read this morning. Blessed books. What would I do without reading? The author in whom I am presently engrossed is Charles deLint, who writes what is known as "urban fantasy." It's magic/faerie stuff in a modern setting, sometimes urban, sometimes not. The books of de Lint's that I like best so far are "Seven Wild Sisters" and "Medicine Road." These are both about the same family; in the first one they live in the mountains, and the second one is about two of the sisters who play music professionally and are travelling. I'm starting "Forests of the Heart" right now and am really liking it.
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I found out Wed AM before I went to the book repair workshop for the day that I was to be able to make a scroll in honor of my lovely apprentice [ profile] harlenquinzell receiving a Coral Branch on Sat at Ymir. Eek. I rummaged through my books and found one with a good selection of artwork that might work, and slammed it into my bag as I ran out the door. Sunneva and I conferred over lunch and decided which piece to use. Wed night I cleaned off my drafting table and played with scroll texts a bit. I was having absolutely no luck with fine motor skills that night so I took the wussy way out and retired to bed with a book. Thurs AM I hit the callig boards, so to speak.

I had no idea how much I rely on being able to print out everything on my trusty printer. I've been having trouble with it for a month or two, and in trying to fix the original problem (won't scan) I "fixed" it so it won't even print at all now. In fact, the computer doesn't even know I have a printer now. Damn, I'm good. The immediate effect was that I couldn't print out the final text and I couldn't scan and reverse the image from the book. Off to Kinko's.

I had sort of forgotten how long it's been since I did any callig, too. Sigh. I am SO not happy with the callig. Spacing issues, mainly, and spacing is always a problem for me. Sigh.

So, Thurs night I was going to Livia's to help her with final touches on the two scrolls she did for Ymir. In a stroke of good fortune or good planning, Sunneva lives one door down from Livia. Convenient, eh? I just went over a few hours earlier than I told Livia I'd be there, parked my thoroughly unremarkable beige car several spots farther away from her house, and took the callig'ed piece to Sunneva's for her to transfer the drawing and start painting. At the appointed hour, I showed up on Livia's doorstep, and we took care of our business as planned. When I left, instead of getting in my car, I sashayed back down to Sunneva's where we worked a bit longer before I took the (half done?) scroll back home. All I can say is, Sunneva and I must be the world's slowest combat scribes. Heh. I worked on it all day Friday, and took it BACK over Fri night. I had Sunneva call me when Livia left for site Fri night so she wouldn't see me come in. We took turns painting till I had to come home and get some sleep so I could be at least remotely coherent in class on Sat. (Which was only mildly successful, BTW. The sleep was good, but the coherent part... not so much.) I have progress pics here; the ones that say "Thursday" show work that was done by quitting time Thursday night. The Friday ones were what was done when I took it back to Sunneva's Friday evening. She finished it after I left. We are both very pleased with it. Livia seems happy, too. We'll have to get her to post pics of the finished piece.

Ymir was good. Weather was about as good as it gets for the second weekend in February. During the day, it was damn near perfect, but I admit that my toes were small round lumps of ice by the time court was over. I have no idea what the temp was by then; it got down to mid twenties during the night but it was surely nowhere near that at 7 PM. I helped in the kitchen during feast, and damn, Daemon and Emma put out a fine feast. The pork loin was particularly succulent, moist, tender, and garlicky. Does it get any better than that? I think not. There was also a chicken course and a leg of lamb course, but I was stuffed just from nibbling. I can't imagine whole servings of each dish.

All in all, a fine weekend. Now to do homework.

Oh, and you can also see a picture of poor Miss Molly with a nekkid neck, after the small tumor was removed. I swear, the vet took out a huge divot. And nekkid cat necks don't appear to be pretty even without chunks missing. Poor kitty.
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On the cat pill delivery front: Last night I had a stroke of brilliance, cut open one of my fish oil tablets and doused Molly's pills in the oil. She still isn't chasing me down begging me to give her a pill, but she takes it, and spends the next five minutes bathing herself complacently. Miranda, on the other hand, hissed at me and chomped on my finger. You can believe I let her go in a hurry. She sat in the window and watched with horrified fascination as I gave Molly her pills. I fear she is totally traumatized now; she won't let me get within five feet of her. She didn't sleep on the bed with us last night, and she won't even come into the kitchen if I'm in there, even if I put down fresh food for them. I also picked up a pill gun at the vet's office today, but even that won't work at a distance of five feet or more. (And no, despite the name, it does not shoot pills at great velocity. It just has a place to hold the pill on the business end, and a plunger to press to release it on the other end. It should help get the pill far enough down the back of the throat that they'll swallow without tasting. No, don't go there.)

I got the lost homework redone and submitted it a day early. Other homework is coming due, alas. I'm also puttering along on the notebook I'm making of what I'm doing in the book repair practicum. I talked to Josh a bit today about doing this sort of work as a real job. I don't think I could support myself on the salarya repair tech makes at any state university, sad to say. Well, I could if I HAD to, I know from experience I manage to survive. It sure wouldn't be pretty, though. I am still working on getting myself together to find out about the private place in Greensboro.

Nia has found out that the way the lease is written for the apartments where we live, if we leave before our lease is up, we not only are responsible for the 60 days notice, we have to either sublet or pay for the entire rest of the lease. They won't show your place, even though it's vacant, until they have leased everything else. Why should they? You have to pay for it, so they'll rent another one first and then get the money for both places. I had this silly notion that if you move out of town there was some escape clause.

This is of particular interest because my lease is up on Feb 15. I can sign up for one year at the best rate per month, which is what I'm paying now, lease for six months at $10 more per month, or go month to month for $65 more per month than I'm paying now. Since I have no idea where I will get a job, I have no idea what to do. I've always thought I'd be here in good old Wake County, or maybe Durham County. Even Durham is commuting distance, especially if I have to pay for the damn lease here anyway. But if I try for Greensboro, that is just not commuting distance. My thinking right now is to go for six months. Hopefully, by then I'll know where I'm going to be.

So, as if graduating and having to get a real job isn't enough, I have to deal with this crap, too. No wonder I"m having anxiety attacks. Oh, and on an amusing tangent, I got a call yesterday from the nice lady at the Social Security office, asking about medical stuff, like why am I taking one of my meds? Well, that's for depression. Oh, in that case, they want their own psychiatrist to talk to me. Am I willing to do that? Sure, what the hell. Oh, and since that means I'm a psych patient, I have to give them the name of someone who will be responsible for making sure I get to the appointment. Wha... huh? She was very apologetic, but of course firm. I gave her [ profile] bzzzyb's phone number, and then had to call and tell B to expect a call. She is loving it. She is to be responsible for me! so she is now going to nag me about taking my vitamins, getting enough sleep, and doing my laundry.

And in closing, a note to the man I passed at Davis Library this afternoon: Dude. If you have orangey red carrot colored hair and a florid purplish complexion, you should NEVER wear a red striped shirt and a red tie. I need first aid for my eyes. Just sayin'.


Feb. 5th, 2007 10:57 am
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I had a pretty good day yesterday, right up till the very last minute.

The cats that went to the vet have pills they are supposed to get twice a day. Molly has been reasonably good so far, though she's staring to slink off when she sees me coming toward her. Carmen is getting in touch with her inner eel and I'm having a hell of a time. In fact, I'm pretty sure the pill this AM is somewhere besides inside her. Question for you cat people: would putting peanut butter on the pill help? These are cut up and apparently taste really nasty. I'm hoping the PB would coat it enough to get it down the throat without the nasty flavor. I know PB works for dogs, but don't know about cats.

I spent all day working on homework for one of my classes. We have to answer 7 questions, describe the steps we took to find the answer, and provide citations, book locations and call numbers if appropriate. I had 6 of them done and was pretty damned pleased with myself. I was saving fairly frequently, too. I was so proud. I was working on the laptop and when I went to email the doc to myself so I could finish on the Mac and print, the doc wasn't there. It wasn't anywhere. In fact, when I hit the "file" menu in Word it didn't even show the document as one I had been working on. I had downloaded the doc from online and all I can think is that it was saving to some mysterious place in the ether, which of course has now been cleared.

Today I get to re-create all my work.


Feb. 4th, 2007 09:40 am
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It's been a nice weekend. Friday night I crashed at [ profile] harleenquinzell's house so we could get an early start Sat AM for University. She made cookies and printed handouts, I consulted on one of her scrolls, and we ate OMG good Cuba Libre cupcakes at [ profile] zihuatenjo's house. It's starting to seem like Casa Bellini is going to be known for a very specific type of hospitality-- sweets with a high alcohol content. [ profile] harleenquinzell makes a bourbon chocolate milkshake that is completely wicked, I make rum or bourbon balls that'll knock your socks off, and now we have Cuba Libre cupcakes. Dayum. We'll make you happy.

Sat dawned bright and way too early. Still, we did a reasonable job of getting going on time (hey, it's Casa Bellini. We're not morning people. We're happy, not early) and got to site in time to find out that Julianna's vigil didn't start till after Noon court; we had time to get stuff out of the van and where we needed to be in plenty of time for class.

I attended the first half of Livia's class on vinework, and was proud. She did a good job. Most of the other classes I took were also good-- only one didn't cover what I hoped it would. The bookbinding class was good and provided lots of good bibliography and links stuff-- that could have lasted all day, for us to all get to do the steps. Still, I know a lot more now than when I started, which is the important thing. And the Paleography was a very good class-- I'm finding myself more and more fascinated with what I used to consider peripheral.

Julianna's vigil site was... well, okay, she's in House Corvus. Of course it was well done. That's kinda like saying there's this tower in Italy that isn't perfectly vertical. If you can't count on House Corvus to provide floof, what's the world coming to? Geez. Her Laureling ceremony was really nice, too.... I don't recall ever seeing one of the Royals get so choked up about any award. Sweet. And well deserved.

In kitty news, the lab work on Molly's little tumor came back negative-- nothing in the blood at all. Which makes me tempted to delay the surgery-- I mean, geez, I'm not exactly flush with cash here-- in fact, I have no current source of income. Put that way, it seems like a no-brainer. I'm not saying I want to cancel it forever, but I might wait till I at least have a source of income again, which should be within a couple of months. Surely it won't be critical before then.

Well, I think it's about time to start homework. If I can get this cat off my arms, that is. God forbid I should disturb a cat. She's twitching her tail at me for just thinking about it.


Feb. 2nd, 2007 11:48 am
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The trip to the vet this AM didn't go exactly as anticipated. The part about trying to get both cats there was actually almost exactly as anticipated. I put Carmen in the carrier, and carried Molly to the car in my arms, where I left her in the floorboard of the passenger side. That worked so well, I may just always plan to do that for her-- she desperately hates the carrier.

The vet thinks Carmen has some variant of herpes that has been making her sneeze and caused some swelling in her eye yesterday. I never heard of herpes that makes you sneeze, but clearly there's lot of stuff I don't know. She gave (gave! Ha!) me some goop to put on her food to help quell outbreaks. Liver flavored. Yum. She also did a little more poking around than Carmen enjoyed to explore the butt-scootin' boogie thing, and prescribed an antibiotic for that. So far, so good.

When she examined Molly, she noted that M needed to urinate-- well, you can't ask a cat if she needs to use the litter box before getting in the car, can you? Well, you can, but you should certainly not wait for a response. While the vet was doing her exam thing, the assistant noted a mole-like lump on Molly's neck. I've known it was there for a year or so, but never thought of it when making or keeping an appointment. The vet took some fluid from it and said it was a mast cell tumor. Said it was to do with allergens and such, and gave Molly a shot of Benadryl. She and the assistant left to get the pills and other stuff for dosing both cats. Molly sat very close to, and facing, the wall. Suddenly she let out a low cry and started peeing. Oops-- too much stress, too full a bladder and I figured she finally couldn't wait any longer. I started trying to pull out paper towels to soak it up, and the dispenser jammed. Molly kept up the crying and the puddle kept getting bigger and bigger. I stuck my head through the door and said "We need some help here." When I turned back around, I saw that Molly was also drooling heavily. Yikes. The vet came back in, took a look, said "She's having a reaction to the shot," and gave her a shot of steroids. The vet and assistant were great with her-- they had a huge towel they wrapped her in, and kept cuddling her and talking to her. The vet finally said "We'd like to keep her for a little bit and keep an eye on her." They took her in the back. After they had collected all the pills and stuff, they said she was doing okay, but they want to keep her for a few hours. I know they say she's okay, but it's just making me uneasy. I hate when unexpected shit like that happens. I want to be forewarned about emergencies, dammit!

I had the beginnings of a migraine this morning-- not bad when I got up but it got worse instead of better, which is backwards from the norm. Because it wasn't bad when I made my coffee, I made decaf. When I went out to get stuff to make chili, I went to the Sbux next door to the Teeter and got a grande cappuccino. Heh, I thought, that'll fix it! And I sucked that thing down like the tasty magic elixir I knew it to be. And lo, it was good. And besides that, it worked. I am now zooming like a 3-year-old playing airplane, and the migraine is no more. Yay, cappuccino.

The vet just called and said Molly's attack is over, but they want to keep her for another couple of hours just to be sure. They're also going to check her blood to be sure the tumor hasn't spread, or at least I think that's what she meant. They're going to remove the tumor next week at the same time they're cleaning her teeth. I'm bad and don't normally go for a lot of dental work for cats, for god's sake, but they showed me the infection she has in her gums, and ya gotta deal with that. Sigh. It's an expensive month for the kitties.

Oh, and when Carmen got home, she was all relieved and everything, only to have Miranda hiss at her every time she approached. Poor Carmen! First that strange person got way too familiar with her and then her own sister called her names when all she wanted was a friendly sniff and cuddle.

Time to put the caffeine high to some use and hit the kitchen. Chili coming up!

oh, joy

Feb. 1st, 2007 07:13 pm
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What a lovely day it's been. Tucked up inside my cozy apartment all day, watching the snow this morning. I did some reading, washed some dishes, and tried to start a new cape I've been planning. As it turns out, I, the former architect who is supposed to be able to plan things, have had a terrible time with figuring out how much fabric I need for a full length cape with a roomy hood. I finally resorted to drawing it out today and realized that I haven't bought enough fabric. (I was trying to use logic before, and we know how shaky my logic can be.) And now that I've washed the fabric I have, I'm not sure it's really suitable. I wasn't about to venture out today to see if the store (20 miles or so away) still had the fabric so I could get enough extra to actually make a cape, especially being unsure about it. Sigh. Ponder, ponder.

And tomorrow, joy of joys, I will have the pleasure of taking two cats to the vet. The trickiest part of this is that I only have one carrier, and the sisters aren't the two cats that are going. Nope, it's Molly and Carmen. I have a terrible suspicion that the whole morning could turn into a Laurel and Hardy routine, except bloodier, and I expect the blood to be mine. Carmen has been sneezing, one eye doesn't look right, and she's been doing that butt-scootin' boogie thing across the floor. She doesn't seem to have a fever, and I don't really think she's acting any different than she usually does. I hope it isn't too unpleasant for us all.

Tomorrow night should be infinitely more fun-- I'm crashing at [ profile] harleenquinzell's house so we can get an early start on Saturday. Oops.... just remembered-- I also need to make soup of some sort for the Saturday spread. Chili, I think, though it seems redundant to make chili when that's what they're selling. Mine will be better, though.

I've been working on the log I'm putting together for my practicum. I've been using my beloved Word program, (sarcasm off) which has of course meant certain limitations. Today, though the aforementioned harleenquinzell sent me a document she's put together in Publisher, and damn, yo, I gotta try that. She's got pictures all mixed in with words and everything. Sweet. Oh, and it's gonna be a good class, too. I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know about analysis of vinework and the different styles thereof. Wow.

Okay, gonna go wash some more dishes, and then play with the new (to me) program.
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Here I sit, (mostly) working on homework, with a cat on my arms. I guess she's "in" my arms, too, but damn, she's heavy, and ON my arms feels more to the point. Would I move her? Apparently not. I'm glad the arms of my chair pivot, so I can lean my elbows on them, thus supporting all the pussycat poundage. And if I pull the keyboard tray out, I can kinda rest her butt on the edge of that, which helps, too. And this is the smallest one of the lot!

The website review paper is getting written. It is so totally not going to be much of anything. I don't think I'm going to like this online class thing-- I suspect I have my teacher in mind when I write, normally, and I've never met this woman and have NO idea what she even looks like, never mind how her mind works. I'm at a loss.

I'm still enjoying the practicum, and the people are still as nice as I thought they were. And helpful. AND they can offer help and correction without being ugly about it. Gives me hope for the future of the world. There is sporadic conversation between co-workers, which has been fun. I'm putting together a notebook with pictures of the book repairs I'm learning how to do. I'm also realizing how much I enjoy being in the "back" part of the library-- being a techie instead of a front-line person. I don't know how this is all going to work out.

My iPod has been not working, so that's disappointing for those times when everyone is preoccupied with work. (what a concept!) The iPod works if it's hooked up to the computer, and all the music is there, but it won't just play-- acts like the battery is run down, but I've just recharged it. I keep hoping I'm missing some little secret thing that will make it okay again, but if there is, I haven't stumbled across it yet. Sigh.

Given the forecast weather tomorrow (mixed freezy stuff in the morning) I am beside myself with joy that I don't have to leave the house tomorrow if I don't want to. I forsee chocolate pudding in my future.
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Well, I made my Pot-au-feu and am now reminded why a friend calls it "pot o' food." My god, even with the vastly reduced quantities I used, I still have huge amounts of food. I got smart, though, and packed up a bunch of single servings and stuck them in the freezer. I think the variety of all the meats and veggies is what makes it so good; I don't think the original version as posted online with just beef sounds interesting at all. Julia's description said the name means "pot on the fire"; the pot was put on the fire and whatever was handy was thrown in and was left to cook slowly all day. I have no idea why I got such a strong urge to make this, unless the relatively simple holiday meals left me feeling atavistic. Weird, but I am now well supped. VERY well supped.

I am also enjoying the music site that [ profile] nomadicmedic posted a few days ago. It doesn't have "alternative" setting, but has certainly provided a suitable variety of music tonight. It shows what's going to play next, which is handy, especially since it doesn't have a setting for "for god's sake, NO BOB DYLAN!!" Ahem.

I read an interesting mystery yesterday and am still trying to figure out how I feel about it. I mean, I liked it well enough to seek out the next book in the series, but it's damned strange. The book is Eight of Swords and the protagonist is a '60s radical who's been hiding for 30 years because of something he did back in the day. The author is playing coy about exactly what it is, but there's no statute of limitations, so I'm assuming somebody died, probably in the explosion that supposedly killed our protagonist. I liked the character. At the end of the book, though, he goes to a meet with the knowledge that he's going to kill a man, and he does. The guy has a gun and was going to kill HIM, but our man gets the drop on him. He does think "I'm going to have to live with this the rest of my life" and in the interest of fair play, speaks to give the hit man a chance to surrender. Then when he swings around with his gun, bam. I think it bothers me that I identified with him, a lot, at least till we got to the shooting-in-semi-cold-blood part. All the killing in Pulp Fiction didn't bother me as much as this did; that whole thing was so far removed from any reality I know that I didn't identify with anybody.

My cat, however, brings me back to my reality-- my purpose in life is not to kill bad guys, or even worry about the ethics or morals thereof, but to provide her a lap to flomp in, and scratch her belly when it's presented to me. Which it is. She's most undignified, and I love it.
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Well, let's see now. The cat's out of the closet (see Friday's entries if you missed all the fun.) I got the laundry done this morning, and that took some time and money, what with rugs and about three weeks worth of clothes. I was about down to wearing my prom dress to class. And Brigida came over last night with the magical wand of vacuuming and now the house looks SOOOOO much better. If you need any cleaning done, she's the one to do it. And the last paper's done. It's.... ummm.... 24 pages and he only asked for 10-15. I've written to ask if that's okay. I think it will be; some teachers are really picky but he's pretty agreeable, and it's all good stuff. I'm very pleased with it. It's amazing how much it helps to back off for a few days and go back and read it again.

And I'm not exactly eating crow here; everything I've said before about Word is still true, but it only seems fair to say that I am terribly impressed with how well they do footnotes/endnotes. I copied stuff from one paper and pasted it into another, and the footnotes updated and it was oh, so lovely.

Oh, and I haven't had a migraine for... four days now? Maybe longer; I'm not sure. That's downright amazing. Yay!

Life is good.
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I have no idea where that cat is. Just as I was walking out the door to go to class, she came flying out from where she'd been hiding with the grocery bag still around her, made a couple of mad dashes through the place, and vanished again. When I got home from class, the other two cats were walking around as if on eggshells, so she's probably made at least one more swing through while I was gone. I thought she was hiding under the dresser and finally managed to get in a position to see underneath it-- no Miranda. I have put kitty treats in a small bowl and walked through the entire place, talking quietly to her, making the clicking noise that usually brings her running, making scraping noises on the bowl-- everything I could think of to get at least a peep out of her. Nothing. This could be an exciting night, with her making periodic rampages. Sooner or later the bag will get ripped apart enough to come off, but till then.... much excitement, I'm sure. Poor traumatized Miranda.

Oh, and I got my third final paper turned in. I have one more session of Preservation to attend, but nothing due there; a final paper and final exam in Archives and I'm done for the semester. Yay, me.


Dec. 1st, 2006 10:40 am
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Well, the excitement may be over. I still haven't seen Miranda but I managed to get behind the dresser enough to grab a grcoery bag sticking out from underneath.... and she wasn't in it. It was much ripped and clawed, though, so I'm pretty sure It's The One. Carmen was in the vicinity and was also pretty spooked, but I never even saw Miranda. I suspect she's still under the dresser, hiding from the trauma if nothing else. I hope that's all.

So now I have a couple of hours to spend on whatever I want before I go to class. Like maybe dishes. Not enough time for laundry, thank god. Tomorrow, maybe. Perhaps I might reward myself with a little light fiction, and do dishes after I return from class. Yeah. Maybe Miranda will calm down enough to come out.


Dec. 1st, 2006 10:17 am
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Here it is, not even 10 AM yet, and I have the stupid paper done. I've even re-read it. Well, okay, I read it on the monitor-- there still might be stuff crop up when I read it in person, so to speak. Still, things are looking good. I'm printing right now.

As soon as I'm done printing and stapling I should probably go cat hunting, though it is not with any joy that I approach this task. You see, I was changing the litter this morning, and there was a grocery bag lying on the floor, and Miranda wandered by and managed somehow to get her head stuck through one of the hand holds. She HATES the way they rustle, or seems to be scared of it, anyway, but still will poke around when they're on the floor-- I guess like kids like to tell ghost stories to scare themselves. Anyway, once the Dread Grocery Bag Monster got her, she took off so fast I couldn't get it off her. She raced all over the place at top speed; I've never seen any cat move so fast. She went to ground in the studio behind a dresser that is pulled out from the wall a bit; still too close for ME to get back there, of course. Whose bright idea was that? That was two and a half hours ago. Most of that time she has been motionless so as to avoid scaring herself to death, but periodically she rustles a bit, and then a bit more, and then she gets so terrified that she comes flying out and does a few more laps around the house before she hides again. I have no idea how I'm going to get it off her. I don't want to try to come toward her from the front because she'll feel cornerned and then things will get REALLY ugly. Won't it just be wonderful to cat-claw marks on my face and down my back? When she's out, though, she's running. I don't have any idea how this is going to be resolved. While she might be able to figure out how to extricate herself from some other material, the rustle has her so terrified she's operating purely from her lizard brain. I'm not really worried about her strangling or choking because the hole is too big for that; it's way down on her chest and not around her neck. And I am sure I am going to kitty hell because I get the giggles thinking about it--not the terrified part, but the physical result of racing at full speed with the grocery bag flying behind her like Superman's cape.
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despite assistance from Miranda. She has been in quite the mood lately. As of day before yesterday, she has decided that sitting in my lap is not good enough-- she must be UP. Which means standing on me; front paws on the shoulders that are so tense they are contributing mightily to the ongoing migraine, rear paws on my boobs. And since that's what you jmight call a slippery slope, the claws come into play more than I'd like. As if I like ANY of this. (Now, just to make a liar out of me, she's decided it's okay to flomp on my lap on her back, all four legs in the air, looking blissful. Well, okay, she looks damn silly. Heh.)

When she hasn't been in my lap, she's been after my grapes. I had them in a covered bowl in front of the computer where I could keep an eye on them, because I know she loves to play with them. Little sucker snuck around behind the monitor, reached under it, and tried to snag a grape out of the bowl. She sticks one claw in a grape, lifts it out of the bowl, and drops it on the floor so she can bat it around for awhile. Then, when it vanishes under something in the way of all good pet toys, she's back for another. ("Please, sir, may I have another?")

As I said, I'm making progress despite all the help. I've turned in three of the four things that have made up the current scholarly marathon. After turning in our final papers and our final exams, the silly woman kept us there for another hour and a half, reading a lecture to us, and complaining because we hadn't read some article she hoped we would. Get a grip, lady. Like I've had time to read anything besides fantasy lately.... wait, that didn't come out right.

The last paper is about half done. I've got to quit looking stuff up and get back to writing.

purr, purr

Nov. 15th, 2006 09:41 am
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Miranda has been insistent that she wants to be, no, WILL be, in my lap several times a day. I have the keyboard tray so low that it's basically already IN my lap, so if she's there, the keyboard isn't really accessible. She leaps up, wriggles around, and flomps-- there really is no other word for it, she flomps, onto her back with her legs all sprawled out to give me maximum access to her belly. She purrs loudly the whole time, so at least I know my efforts are not going unappreciated. Which is good, all in all. Still, I can't get extra time to do my papers because I'm scratching a cat's belly, no matter how I wish otherwise. So I turn on the heating pad so carefully placed on the desk, wrapped in a snuggly towel, and she doesn't even pause before heading back to my lap. It may be a bit more appealing when the room temp is noticeably colder, but right now with balmy temps both outdoors and in, it's a lap she wants, and no mistaking. Sigh.
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I woke up this morning at 4:30 with a migraine. Not too bad a one, but enough to get up and take a pill so I could work on papers today. When I got to my purse, I realized the back door was standing wide open and I couldn't account for all the cats. Panic. Get dressed hurriedly, go out the door and hear pitiful meows from the bottom of the stairs. Carmen had gone exploring again, to the same place she went last time, or at least she tried. This time the door was locked so she couldn't get into the crawl space, but she was sitting on the ledge crying loudly. As soon as she saw me she made a mighty leap and ran toward me. We made it back home safely from the wilds of the stairwell. Now what I want to know is, how come she can't get the bathroom door open to get out of there because the door pulls toward her, (even when it's standing open a few inches) but she can get her paw into that teeeeeny little space below the back door and figure out how to pull THAT door open? Huh? 'Splain that to me.

So at 5:00 this morning I was far too wired to go back to sleep but still bleary. I made coffee and breakfast and finished up the project on resources, which was 95% done already, but I got that laaaaast 5% done. At that point I was finally wound down enough to go back to bed for a nap. Miranda was still much wound up from all the excitement, so she kept leaping on me. Took a while to get to sleep, but I did, and I'm mighty glad.

When I woke up at a reasonable hour, I was still confused enough to think it was Saturday and feel sorry for the people at the event, because the weather changed from the absolutely glorious weather we've been having (sunny, mid- to upper 70's) to upper 40's, grey and rainy. After being awake an hour or two, I finally realized that I didn't have to worry about them; the event was yesterday with all its glory. That still leaves the poor souls who ran the event to get everything packed out in the nasty cold rain, but at least they had a good event. At least I hope they did; the weather sure wouldn't have been the problem.

So now I get to start on That Damned Paper, in earnest. Lord knows I've printed out enough research on it. I wonder how she'd grade it if I use some of the same stuff for the paper that I used on the exam? Because there were some mighty fine ideas in there, better than anything else I thought up, and they fit with the theme of the paper, too. I have to use it, it's too good not to. Grrr.

Now if it really WERE just Saturday, for purposes of getting stuff done, at least. Not that I'd wish this weather on any poor soul at an event.

Oh, and I've decided that Tuneless Boy must be a dual personality, or a drag queen, or both. See, there's a woman who I see going up there sometimes and she looks a lot like him. I've never seen them together. When he's in the room above my studio, he plays classic rock, both on his CDs and when he's playing. The music from the room above my bedroom, however, is pure pop. Britney Spears, George Michael... I think when he's in one room he has one personality, and in the other room, he's a different person. Literally. How else would you explain it?


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