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I had a nice weekend, mostly scribal. I actually didn't do any scribing, but Livia and Sunneva came over on Sat to work, and I consulted. I'm excited about the work they're doing-- very nice. Livia came back on Sun because she's got a hot project and is really working on some new techniques while still trying to make a deadline. In looking for materials to help her, I realized what a sad shape my scribal shelves were in, so spent a few hours straightening. I still don't have everything in tip-top shape like Sunneva does, but there's a huge improvement. Still stuff I can't find anywhere, though. Sigh.

I woke up yesterday with a migraine and was afraid for a while it was going to be bad, but some caffeine and sitting up for a couple of hours helped. I even got some studying done. Woot! By the time Livia got here I was in good shape. We went shopping to replace some of the things I couldn't find here; I'm glad the weather wasn't as bad as predicted. At least not in my part of the world. It may have gotten ugly a few miles from here. Weird weather patterns around here.

I find that I am frequently bemused by the relative skills of authors. I haven't learned how to analyze writing the way I was taught to analyze art and architecture (though, lord knows, I've forgotten most of that.) I used to sort of think that if a book didn't actually suck but I still didn't particularly like it, the insufficiency was mine. Now I am more likely to believe that the author lacks some spark, even if I can't articulate what the problem is. It is true, though, that sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a particular author, so maybe it's a shared problem. Or maybe they're B+ or A- books instead of A+ books that I couldn't put down if I tried. I read a couple of books this weekend that were decent, and in at least one of them the characters seemed to be reasonably complex, intelligent people, but the book didn't leave me craving more. Then sometimes there's a character that is totally unlike me, shares few if any of my values, but the book leaves me literally hungry for more. Then there is the author I've read lately whose words and sentences are put together well, and the dialogue is reasonable, but his MESSAGE is so damn heavy handed. Maybe it's not message, exactly, but all his books are about personality integration, for want of a better description. People are always losing parts of themselves and having to get the parts back together. What makes a book really good is one of life's imponderables, I guess. Maybe I should just hope that's the most serious problem I have to deal with for the next few years.

I actually finally have some homework reading to do. I've been making notes and collecting scraps of materials to include in a notebook for the Practicum. I'm going to try to remember to take my camera tomorrow, too. Document the hell out of stuff from here on out. I hope. If I don't pull the spacey routine I did this weekend and forget every damn thing. Oops.
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Well, let's see now. The cat's out of the closet (see Friday's entries if you missed all the fun.) I got the laundry done this morning, and that took some time and money, what with rugs and about three weeks worth of clothes. I was about down to wearing my prom dress to class. And Brigida came over last night with the magical wand of vacuuming and now the house looks SOOOOO much better. If you need any cleaning done, she's the one to do it. And the last paper's done. It's.... ummm.... 24 pages and he only asked for 10-15. I've written to ask if that's okay. I think it will be; some teachers are really picky but he's pretty agreeable, and it's all good stuff. I'm very pleased with it. It's amazing how much it helps to back off for a few days and go back and read it again.

And I'm not exactly eating crow here; everything I've said before about Word is still true, but it only seems fair to say that I am terribly impressed with how well they do footnotes/endnotes. I copied stuff from one paper and pasted it into another, and the footnotes updated and it was oh, so lovely.

Oh, and I haven't had a migraine for... four days now? Maybe longer; I'm not sure. That's downright amazing. Yay!

Life is good.

oh, goody

Oct. 31st, 2006 09:34 am
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You know it's not going to be the most enjoyable day you've ever spent when the question is: Do
I work on That Damned Paper to put off housework, or do I clean house to delay working on That Damned Paper? Could be mighty productive, though, since I have long since bored myself to tears with the few online games I play, and have no books of any real interest. I finished Garth Nix's Abhorsen trilogy night before last; that's a pretty hard act to follow. I'm re-reading some classic stuff now; it's good enough I don't want to fling it down but not so good that it'll keep me up nights reading it.

In between housework and putting off That Damned Paper, I am putting the finish on the bed-table my dad made. It does exactly what I hoped it would, and is a perfect size. The cats are intrigued by it and keep trying to crawl under it, which is pretty funny since there's no room for both my legs and any cat in the house. At one time or another, each has wound up with her head and shoulders crammed under the table and the rest of her body sticking out.

Miranda is in two-year-old mode (which is pretty apropos since she IS two years old) and keeps jumping in my lap, wiggling and squirming and not sitting down, while purring loudly. I really DO know that cats don't understand either human language or logic, but I can't stop myself from telling her to Sit down!! As if a cat is going to listen to commands. Ha.

I went back and looked at some of my LJ entries over the last year and a half or so. I hadn't really put together how stressful the last year has been, with going back to school, Aunt Susan being in the hospital and dying, and Daddy breaking his hip. The entries before Aunt Susan fell and broke HER hip were a pleasant surprise; maybe not a laugh a minute, but entertaining to read. And now, one year later, I am one semester shy of a Master's degree-- and job hunting. Sigh.

When I was volunteering at the library yesterday I made the mistake of picking up a book on resume's and looking at the section on what to do/say when there's a gap in employment. You know, like the year I was out of work with disability due to migraines? Oh, yeah. That's gonna be fun in interviews. I plan to look for a part time job in one of the local public libraries next semseter. Much easier to find a job when you have a job. Kinda like it's easier to borrow money from a bank when you have lots of money already. Not real logical to me, but true nonetheless.

Okay, back to the dishes. Or finishing the table. Sometime today, though, it's gonna have to be The Damned Paper.
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Last night we had a planning meeting (gosh, doesn't that sound so formal!) to work on the apprenticing ceremony coming up at Midsummer's Twilight Tourney. I don't know how much actually got done, but it was great fun. I fixed breakfast for dinner, and it was quite a hit. I swear we hit that food like we hadn't been fed in weeks. We devoured a pound of sausage (Neese's-- it fries up so crispy!) 3/4 pound of bacon, 2 eggs each, and uncounted pancakes with syrup made from 2 quarts of strawberries, and banana boats for dessert, all in about 10 minutes. Well, okay, it wasn't QUITE that bad, but it was still pretty funny.

Owen was kind enough to carry out the old TV that's been dead for a year or two, but was too heavy for me to get to the dumpster. Yay!

I pulled stuff out of one of my closets yesterday AM, getting ready to give it away. Anyone need khakis or jeans? I have a kitchen garbage bag full. All in good condition, mostly size 16 but a few 18's thrown in. Believe me, the pounds between those and the 10's and 12's didn't go easy.

I've got just enough of a migraine today to wipe out whatever energy I was going to devote to making garb. I just feel drained. Much, much better than being in severe pain, but I'm still not getting anything done. Sigh.

I'm currently reading an Edna Buchanan, which is about all I'm good for. It takes me a while, usually, but sometimes I become aware of the author as being very good or not-so-good. Poor Edna. I would never have noticed this if she hadn't gotten more ambitious; the books she writes with Britt Montero as the protagonist are pleasant and lightweight. Not usually either particularly challenging or so cute that I want to hit her. The one I'm reading now, though, has branched out. She's writing about a group of the people that Britt usually works with, which can be a really cool concept. Lisa Scottoline, for example, has a series about an all-woman legal office in Philly, and different books feature different members of the firm. Each woman has a distinct voice and personality. Edna hasn't quite managed to pull that off; all the characters in this book sound pretty much like Britt. Sigh.

I've also (when sans headache, anyway) started reading the text for one of my classes this summer. It is dry as the Sahara, but I'm hoping that an early start on the reading will give me time to at least figure it out.

Okay, that's it for me. Later, taters.


Mar. 18th, 2006 11:23 am
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A friend is coming over this afternoon for a few hours of Scribal 101. Yay, scribes! We're taking over the world, one paintbrush and pen at a time.

However, this has necessitated cleaning house so that at the very least, she can make her way to the table in safety and have a place to work. Much sweeping, tossing and scrubbing has ensued, though not nearly enough. I've accomplished the "make her way to the table in safety" part, but the table itself still has a few inches of stuff accumulated on it, though that's down from over a foot in some places. The view of the rest of the apartment, as seen from the table, is also a work in progress. Improved, but still much to do. I had to sit down for a few minutes, thus freeing me to write this deathless prose.

The kittens are both exhilarated and terrified by all the whoop-de-do. I use the term "kittens" only to distinguish them from Miss Molly, who has slept peacefully on my bed throughout. Carmen and Miranda, however, are getting their money's worth out of the whole thing. Racing in and out of whichever room I'm working in, chasing the dust bunnies, tossing rediscovered toys in the air-- oh, yeah, they're loving it.

And the "whichever room I'm working in" is not an idle description, either. Whenever I start cleaning, whatever latent ADD I have comes roaring forth. I pick up something to take to the next room, and instead of going back to the original task, I immediately see something in the second room that needs doing and get totally distracted. Kind of an "Ooooh, shiny!!" moment but not nearly as much fun. Which tendency explains why the LR is improved, but not done, the DR table is down to a few inches of stuff, but not cleared, the dishes and kitchen floor are done but there's still stuff on the counters, and the studio.... well, there's not enough time on heaven or earth to fix the studio. At least this week. Unfortunately, I haven't yet gotten distracted by anything in the bathroom, so it's yet to do. Gotta go!


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