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On the cat pill delivery front: Last night I had a stroke of brilliance, cut open one of my fish oil tablets and doused Molly's pills in the oil. She still isn't chasing me down begging me to give her a pill, but she takes it, and spends the next five minutes bathing herself complacently. Miranda, on the other hand, hissed at me and chomped on my finger. You can believe I let her go in a hurry. She sat in the window and watched with horrified fascination as I gave Molly her pills. I fear she is totally traumatized now; she won't let me get within five feet of her. She didn't sleep on the bed with us last night, and she won't even come into the kitchen if I'm in there, even if I put down fresh food for them. I also picked up a pill gun at the vet's office today, but even that won't work at a distance of five feet or more. (And no, despite the name, it does not shoot pills at great velocity. It just has a place to hold the pill on the business end, and a plunger to press to release it on the other end. It should help get the pill far enough down the back of the throat that they'll swallow without tasting. No, don't go there.)

I got the lost homework redone and submitted it a day early. Other homework is coming due, alas. I'm also puttering along on the notebook I'm making of what I'm doing in the book repair practicum. I talked to Josh a bit today about doing this sort of work as a real job. I don't think I could support myself on the salarya repair tech makes at any state university, sad to say. Well, I could if I HAD to, I know from experience I manage to survive. It sure wouldn't be pretty, though. I am still working on getting myself together to find out about the private place in Greensboro.

Nia has found out that the way the lease is written for the apartments where we live, if we leave before our lease is up, we not only are responsible for the 60 days notice, we have to either sublet or pay for the entire rest of the lease. They won't show your place, even though it's vacant, until they have leased everything else. Why should they? You have to pay for it, so they'll rent another one first and then get the money for both places. I had this silly notion that if you move out of town there was some escape clause.

This is of particular interest because my lease is up on Feb 15. I can sign up for one year at the best rate per month, which is what I'm paying now, lease for six months at $10 more per month, or go month to month for $65 more per month than I'm paying now. Since I have no idea where I will get a job, I have no idea what to do. I've always thought I'd be here in good old Wake County, or maybe Durham County. Even Durham is commuting distance, especially if I have to pay for the damn lease here anyway. But if I try for Greensboro, that is just not commuting distance. My thinking right now is to go for six months. Hopefully, by then I'll know where I'm going to be.

So, as if graduating and having to get a real job isn't enough, I have to deal with this crap, too. No wonder I"m having anxiety attacks. Oh, and on an amusing tangent, I got a call yesterday from the nice lady at the Social Security office, asking about medical stuff, like why am I taking one of my meds? Well, that's for depression. Oh, in that case, they want their own psychiatrist to talk to me. Am I willing to do that? Sure, what the hell. Oh, and since that means I'm a psych patient, I have to give them the name of someone who will be responsible for making sure I get to the appointment. Wha... huh? She was very apologetic, but of course firm. I gave her [ profile] bzzzyb's phone number, and then had to call and tell B to expect a call. She is loving it. She is to be responsible for me! so she is now going to nag me about taking my vitamins, getting enough sleep, and doing my laundry.

And in closing, a note to the man I passed at Davis Library this afternoon: Dude. If you have orangey red carrot colored hair and a florid purplish complexion, you should NEVER wear a red striped shirt and a red tie. I need first aid for my eyes. Just sayin'.
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First night of class, second day of work. I am exhausted. Read more... )
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In other news, the ding-y (or extremely lucky, or both) neighbor left her alarm on again last night and was gone this morning, so was awakened again at 6 AM for no good reason. This time I asked the apartment management to have the maintenance guys go in and unplug the alarm. We'll see if that makes an impression.

I went to the library today to do paperwork, and got to attend the "meet the managers" lunch with the County Managers. Lots of questions about transportation and urban planning. I was SO good about keeping my mouth shut about zoning issues. When the Manager said that you can't stop growth.... well, I didn't give him a lecture about restrictions and fees that can be placed on new development JUST TO COVER THE INFRASTRUCTURE COSTS THAT WILL RESULT FROM THE NEW CONSTRUCTION. No I didn't. Because he obviously thinks that Growth Is Good. If not God. Sigh.

But lunch was good and I enjoyed meeting everyone, and it is cool to be starting to work at a place where I've volunteered and where lots of people seemed really happy that I'll be starting to work a paid job instead of just "Oh, it's a new employee. Wonder what she's like. Huh."

And I realized today that the T-Th-Sat version of my class schedule was an earlier incarnation and I'll be in class T-W-Th nights instead. So maybe I'll be able to do some SCA after all. I'll probably wind up working some Saturdays but it won't be every Sat. Yea, team.
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I now have a part time job at the local public library as a page. I will be sorting and distributing mail, putting out magazines and newspapers when they come in, and sending ILLs out to the branches when they arrive from the loaning libraries. Woo hoo! Pay isn't good, and there are no benefits, but it puts me in a good position to do lots of different stuff in the library, which will make it easier for me to get a better-paying job later. Heh.

I start Monday.


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