Mar. 25th, 2007 10:50 pm
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I've had a pleasant day, on the whole. The cookout was verra verra nice, with yummy steaks (gotta teach the O of [livejournal.com profile] zihuatenejo the meaning of "rare" but mine was tender and tasty anyway. ;>) and lots of other delicious food, and good company.

I came home and worked to finish and print out my "log" from my book repair practicum. Normally "log" would mean notes, I suspect but I got carried away as usual and took pictures and made fancy notes with bullets to document everything. This is totally on the "if you're going to do it, do it right" theory. I printed out an extra copy for them to keep in the lab; Josh said they'd like to have it. Cool.

While I was doing all this printing, I was also watching "To Catch a Thief" for approximately the dozenth time. I love that movie. I should probably consider it one of my all time favorites-- Hitchcock, Cary Grant on the Riviera, and Hollywood elegance out the wazoo; what's not to love? (oh, wait, wazoo and elegance probably don't go in the same sentence, do they?

what EVAR.

Mar. 11th, 2007 08:19 pm
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I'm working on homework. On a Sunday night, a week and a half ahead of its due date. The world must really be coming to an end. Consider yourselves warned. It's more Humanities Resources questions, but at least this week it's good stuff-- Visual Arts! Yay! Amazing how much easier it is to find answers when you have a clue. I am still amused, however. One of the questions this time is about Fiestaware. I gotta say, I googled that sucker. I can't help thinking of the scene in Indiana Jones when he gets tired of all the fancy stuff with the whip and just pulls out his gun and shoots the guy. Yeah, there are lots of things I can do to find info about Fiestaware, including books galore, but when the question is "Where is Fiestaware made and what makes it so collectible to some people?" well, really. Do I really need fancy reference books for that? What can I say, besides what a dumb question. I have no doubt that there are people in the world who collect gum wrappers, and who can ever know why? I doubt that there's any book in the world that can adequately address the issue of why anyone collects anything, except psychologically maybe. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want psych theory. So half the question can be answered in about 30 seconds on Google, and the other half may never be adequately answered. I say we don't need a book for this. I'll give her a book, anyway, but geez. I'm putting my metaphorical whip away.

I have had further cause to be amused and dismayed-- this time at myself-- this weekend. We got out of class early yesterday and I wasn't in the mood to start homework just yet. I decided I'd look through some books and see if I could find something to do for the addendum to [livejournal.com profile] harleenquinzell's Scroll Blank Competition (see comments for the addendum) and promptly got bogged down in all sorts of competitive considerations. It took me years to figure out that I am so damn competitive that I basically just don't play a lot of things because I know I won't do them well and thus have no chance of winning. Is that pitiful or what? So at least part of what I ran into yesterday is that if I'm going to do an entry for a competition I start looking for something with some flash to it; something eyecatching, maybe not what looks most fun to me to do right now. Utterly ridiculous. Because I have so much to prove, you know. As much as I theoretically know that, my mind gets all twitchy like a thoroughbred horse with a starting gate in sight. Lord, I do make life more difficult than it needs to be.

One thing I'm relaxing and enjoying tonight, though, is the Bourne Identity, which is on TV. I saw the Bourne Supremacy last weekend, but it's been a while since I saw the first one. Sweet.


Mar. 1st, 2007 05:50 pm
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It's been a pleasant day. No migraine, and I got the Mac to the Genius Bar for analysis. That turned out to be almost fun. It turns out that there wasn't really anything wrong with the computer, just... well, okay, see, I am bad to drip stuff onto my keyboard, especially with a little help from my furry friends, so I bought one of those plastic cover things that protects it while still allowing you to type through it. Yeah, it's called an iSkin. Sometimes they carry the i-Thing too far. Anyway, it turns out that the front edge of the skin.... (oh, no, don't tell me it would be called the foreskin....) got caught on the edge of the keyboard and was holding down a key when I tried to turn it on. That's all it was. While I was there, another woman was waiting for her iPod appointment.

While we were waiting for my Mac to boot and he was doing various things to it (he helped with other random annoyances-- sweet!) he was asking her questions. Have you purchased the music on it, or is it from CDs and stuff? Suitably vague question. Heh. Some of it's bought, some of it's from CDs and LimeWire, she said. He looked mildly alarmed. Oh, no, I wasn't trying to be the police, but it'll work different... and was trying to explain. Meanwhile, I was cracking up; the girl laughed too and then said, Why? Is it illegal or something? Ummmmm.... hello?? I don't keep up with the news the way I should, at least not the serious stuff, but I keep up with the IMPORTANT stuff, like that the music industry gets pretty pissy about file sharing. She looked surprised and said They won't come after me, will they? I used to buy all my music till my sister told me about LimeWire, and we were off on a discussion of file sharing and downloading music and why the industry is opposed. Suddenly the tech turns my computer around to face her and points to my LimeWire icon and says See, she knows what she's talking about, too. Busted! And then I had to explain, Well, my daughter told me about it.... and we were all just buds, hanging out and having a good time. Heh. He toed the company line pretty well, I thought, but was amusing and not pissy about it.

This afternoon I went to see The Good Shepherd. I wouldn't have gone except it had Matt Damon in it.... do we see a trend here? (He kept his shirt on in this one-- drat the luck.) I wasn't as wild about this as I was about The Departed. Of course, The Departed walked off with four or five Oscars, and The Good Shepherd was clearly not that good. It was pretty gripping, though. I was really aware of how little violence it contained. I think the look of the movie was really well done. There was one image in particular that will be with me for a good while, I expect. It wasn't till I got home that I started thinking of things that didn't seem to add up, in terms of plot. I'm not complaining, though-- it was well worth the $1.50 I paid to see it, and really, even worth what I paid for the popcorn. Does praise get any better than that?

I also had a sort of epiphany, when I realized how little time there was between WWII and the Bay of Pigs and the whole '60's upheaval. The movie had absolutely nothing to do with the '60's per se, except that the Bay of Pigs was in '61. When I saw that date onscreen, it did make me think of everything else that happened in the '60's. I think it must be that I've gotten old enough to realize what a short time 20 years really is, in terms of history. Hell, it's now been 40 years since the '60's. When soldiers came home from WWII, and for 10 or 15 years after, the US seemed like an ordered place-- there were clear expectations of how life was supposed to be, and how people were supposed to act. Then that all suddenly changed, and young people, and black people, and women, were all demanding to be treated differently, and standing up for their rights, and everything just went crazy. I have no idea why this struck me so strongly today, but damn, it sure did.

As soon as I get over being agog over the sweep of history, I have an assignment to work on. It's only three pages, though, so it's a piece of cake.
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A couple of days back I looked through my scribal storage cabinet, looking for a specific scroll that I had started but not finished. I didn't find that one, but I did find a very large ziplock bag with several scrolls in it that Geneveieve started years ago before she quit playing, and had given me the last time I saw her, asking that I finish or pass them along. Since calligraphy was her strong suit, all the callig was done on most of them, with the drawings inked and ready to paint. Yesterday after class I decided to do some painting. It was a pleasant evening. I didn't get it completely done, so today I turned on the TV looking for something to listen to while I painted.

What I found was "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" which I'd never seen, but which stars Johnny Depp. Yep, that's good enough for me. That man is fascinating.... he is willing to play such a variety of roles. This movie is pretty entertaining; I'd have to describe it as "Spaghetti western meets Matrix" with Depp and Banderas, plus a couple of other studly types that don't exactly fit the standard hottie mold but nonetheless turn my thoughts in steamy directions. I don't even know names, but they've got wonderful craggy faces and bad boy attitudes. Sigh.

Holy cow

Feb. 15th, 2007 05:07 pm
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Or maybe I should just say, F*%#n' A. I just saw The Departed, because I read really good reviews of it. Okay, and I'll admit to the eye-candy aspect. In this regard, I was mostly considering Matt Damon, because Leo DiCaprio always seemed too.... young. Unformed. I thought that about Matt Damon, too, till I saw Bourne Identity. Yow. Let me just say, Mr. DiCaprio has grown up. He's a right good actor, too. Who knew? Well, he was good in Gilbert Grape but that wasn't a grown-up role. If all I'd been expecting was eye candy, though, my socks would have been blown off even further than they were, which is pretty much the next county over, anyway. That was one of the best movies I've seen in years. I was totally engrossed. Good story, enough twists for Chubby Checker, and the violence (of which there was.... ummmmm..... plenty.....) was so real that I was wincing and wanted to hide behind the little old ladies in front of me a few times. I may have to see it again to get the details straight.

Oh, and I want the soundtrack. During the movie, I was pleased to note that there were long stretches with no music at all, which was totally appropriate. When there was music, though, it was well chosen.

I suppose there is something else I might ought to write about, but whatever it might have been has been completely pushed aside. If anything important occurs to me, I'll post later.
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I wound up staying in on New Year's Eve-- I watched Pirates of the Carribbean, Ocean's Twelve, and Bourne Supremacy. Yum. They's some pretty men in them thar movies. I was amused at Depp in this POTC-- he was practically flaming in some scenes. Not exactly what I would have thought he was going for, especially with the rather thorough kiss he laid on Miss Knightley toward the end of the movie.

New Year's Day I went to [livejournal.com profile] hanareru's house for her Hangover Party. There I was treated to a marathon showing of Ugly Betty on the Soap channel; it's an interesting show, but I'd never seen it. I wound up watching the last couple of hours of it after I got home, and now I'm wondering what's going to happen next. Oh, and we watched Shaun of the Dead. It's always interesting to see who's squeamish and who isn't-- I know for a fact that I go all lightheaded and see shimmery silver lights when confronted with an actual person sewing stitches in another real person, for example, though the split lip itself didn't bother me. However, evisceration or exploding brains on a movie screen are just special effects, sometimes more convincing than others. Then, because I was apparently short on my quota of violence for the day, I watched Point of No Return last night. We made so much fun of that movie when we saw the trailers for it, but it's now a favorite. Who knew? And let me just say, Bridgit Fonda has one of the prettiest mouths I've ever seen. This whole I've-got-pillows-in-my-lips thing is way overrated, in my book.

I ate so much at the party that I wasn't hungry for dinner, so the obligatory black-eyed peas dish got put off till today. Hope that doesn't doom me to an unhappy year.

I picked up my final paper (with grade) from the Archives teacher, and he liked it as well as I thought he would. I wasn't surprised that he didn't know about a lot of the technical stuff, but was amused that he wrote "Interesting" beside the line about the Holy Roman Emperor who decreed that all offcicial documents written on paper were to be considered invalid. Wonder if that will show up next time he teaches the class? He was also rather generous when grading the final. Which is only fair, considering some of the questions he asked, and that the exam counted for 40% of the grade even though it didn't cover any more material than the mid-term did. So, I'm happy. Only one more grade, and it's one of the ones I've been concerned about. I don't think it'll really be BAD, but I wish I could find out, dammit.

And can somebody tell me why I have the song "Macho, Macho Man" stuck in my head? I know I haven't heard it for months, at least. Weird.
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My wekend has been....well, it's had its moments, both good and bad. I've had a migraine for four days now-- at this point it seems like forever. It's been one of the rare ones with overtones of nausea, and the sucker just won't quit. The meds have mostly knocked out the pain, but I'm left with the side effect of feeling not quite there.

On Saturday I had an invitation to see the Harry Potter movie at the local IMax, so I drugged myself to the gills and went. When they did their spiel about "Here are all the speakers" I began to fear that I had made a serious error, but it was fine. I was also concerned about the queasiness that I've had before in IMax theaters, but this one is so small (teeny tiny little IMax!) that the screen didn't wrap around like I expected. In this case, I was glad.

Nia loaned me a mystery last night that was a trifle unusual-- the protagonist is a serial murderer who only kills serial murderers. (Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay) Wow. It was really good; now I'm going to have to look for the first one of the series. So to speak. The author has a wicked sense of humor that I really enjoyed. "I had always tried to avoid slicing up the wrong person, and it would be a shame to start now, even with a real estate salesman."

Miranda discovered a new treat yesterday-- chasing and eating the kernels I drop when I'm eating popcorn. I am so terribly uncoordinated that she had plenty to keep her running. It was quite amusing in a geez-I'm-embarrasing kind of way. She'snow lyng on her back in my lap with all four paws in the air, purring like mad. Utterly shameless, and we're both good with that.

I bought a poinsettia today-- whee! And my Aunt Jean sent a big ole gaudy card, so my Christmas decorating is done! Heh. Now if the shopping were that easy.
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It's been an entertaining weekend. I volunteered at Ten Thousand Villages on Saturday for three hours, and it was busy the entire time. I worked the register and by the end of the shift I was exhausted-- and I only worked three hours. I can't imagine working an 8-hour shift at a register!

Nia invited me out Sat night-- she bought Austrailia Rails and we got dinner at Neo China. Yum. By the time we got home I was coherent enough to play one game. We played a few more games this morning while we did laundry, and then we saw March of the Penguins at the $1.50 theater this afternoon. For a movie, it was a great nature show. I admit, I had no idea penguins were... well, such weird critters. I am also quite amused at the theory that some conservatives have espoused that penguins are good role models for the nuclear family. Or maybe they're good role models for the "nucular" family. Har. Anyway, what I learned today is that penguins are monogomous-- for one mating season. And the male and female are actually together for very little of that time.... once the egg is laid, they take turns going to the sea to eat enough to feed the chick when it hatches. So they mate, she lays an egg, and he warms it for four months while she goes off to eat. (The breeding grounds are 70 miles away from the shore.) Then she comes back and takes over the care and feeding while he goes off to the shore to eat. Hell of a way to run a marriage, if you ask me. Wonder if the divorce rate would drop if the spouses only saw each other a few times a year, and it were only a one-year contract? Not that I'm cynical or anything, but it sure is funny that the R's want to promote this theory. Heh.

Tonight there was a good show about Leonardo da Vinci on the History Channel; quite enjoyable. Mother called during the first of two hours, but didn't talk too long. She just called to say "Honey, don't worry at all about coming up to work on Aunt Susan's house." I don't think I remember her ever calling me "honey" before-- we're not much for endearments like that in the family, I guess. Interesting. She was much relaxed from her state of Friday night, which is good all around. As she said, they have six months to sort all this out, and the lawyer told them to relax. Whew.

Tomorrow is a doctor's appointment (should be an easy one), volunteering at the library for a couple of hours (helping prep for the move to the new building) and tomorrow night we're going to see Stay, again at the $1.50 theater. I'm looking forward to it.
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I suppose saying I'm "feeling better" may not sound like much, given where I started out, but hey-- better is better. I'll take it. I've been to the drugstore and got all my meds ($170, and that isn't even the end of them this month. Holy shit.) I've spent most of the time I've been home today online, catching up with this and that. Most of that time I've had one of the kittens in my lap. (What am I going to call them when they finish growing up? Which they're doing.) Well, not "in" my lap, exactly. More like perched on my chest/left arm. Purring loudly. It's enough to make me feel way better, right there. And Carmen and MISS MOLLY are washing each other's faces! Woohoo! Miranda is watching with her eyes slitted. Maybe thinking Carmen has gone over to the enemy? She's always batting and trying to chase Molly off the bed.

I am now officially home-- Tuneless Boy has serenaded. Fortunately, he was singing with the radio, so I wasn't treated to his guitar skills as well. Whew. I feel guilty for making rude comments about him today-- he's up there sobbing loudly and talking to someone on the phone. Eek.

[livejournal.com profile] anonamys posted her movie list, prompting me to take the quiz myself. Was there a different Top 100 Movies list a few (several?) months ago? Because I don't remember having seen this high a percentage when I did it before. I was delighted to see some of the selections, including A Touch of Evil (which I had only heard described as "the world's best B-movie) and Leon. I was surprised at several of the choices; I enjoyed The Matrix as much as the next red-blooded peron-- eye candy for everyone!--, but one of the best 100 movies ever? I don't think so. Same with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, except for the eye candy part. You jest. It's cartoonish, though it has a great sound track. Maybe they mean "most influential" or something. I suppose you could make that case. But Amadeus? Great music, but hardly earth-shaking OR influential. Whatever.


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Which movies have you seen?

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Sooooo.... today I decided to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Loved the book, love Johnny Depp, how can we go wrong? I think I must not have been in the mood or something. For one thing, Mr Depp looked entirely too much like Hunter S. Thompson (yes, I know that was the idea, but geez. Who would YOU rather look at?) They were doing a really good job of conveying the whole drug trip thing-- man, Vegas would be a hellacious place to be if you were tripping! Scary. Anyhow, I couldn't get into it at all, and quit trying after less than an hour. Very rare for me.

Leon: The Professional was a different story, in both senses of the phrase. I'd never seen Jean Reno before and really liked him. Wonderful face. It was also apparently the first movie Natalie Portman ever made; she was 13 when the movie was released. I really liked her, too. Very expressive, both of them. I don't know that I've ever seen such an uneven movie, though. Parts of it I really loved, but the story line was so utterly ridiculous I found myself rolling my eyes. And Gary Oldman chewed up the scenery. Heh... I've always wanted to say that, but it was never entirely appropriate before. Holy shit, he was a complete psycho. No way would he still be on a police force. Still, I liked the movie. The disc I rented was damaged and kept sticking; I think I lost about three minutes at the dramatic crux of the damn movie. Now that was annoying.

That was the last of my five-movies-in-seven-days batch. I should probably take a break before I get another five movies. I do have stuff to do, after all. Sigh.

In more mundane news, someone from the grad school called yesterday to ask about my medical forms. They aren't technically required until after I'm admitted. She never came out and said it, but it sounded like a done deal. The most annoying thing is that I know I had a tetanus booster within the last two or three years, but I have no idea where I got it done, so I have no record and couldn't prove it. I went yesterday afternoon to the place where I thought I had the shot-- no joy. I gave up and got another one. Whee. It wasn't too bad- my arm was sore last night but fine today. The next critical step is the financial aid part. Gots to get me some financial aid, or this ain't happening right now. I've been debating between the Archiving track and the Public Library track. Nia was saying last night that she has a friend where she works who has been looking for a job in Archiving for a long time-- like a year or two? I can't remember exactly what she said, just that it was a long time. She says there are lots of jobs in Public Libraries, though. I'm thinking the first semester or two are the same basic classes, so I should be able to see if any strong preferences emerge.

I gotta say, I sure am glad I didn't go to Kingdoms Crusade this year. If I'd driven six hours up there only to spend the weekend in the rain, I would be severely annoyed. Y'all know how much I love getting wet. Instead, Nia fixed dinner last night and we played British Rails. My taste buds have completely switched to autumn mode and I was thinking about Apple Crisp all afternoon, so I took the stuff over to make some and we had that for dessert. Yum.

No movies to watch-- I think I'll curl up with a good book. Ta.
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So, the movie of the day was Donnie Darko. Verrrry interesting. It was a great movie; that wasn't a sarcastic or disparaging comment. I liked it so much I watched all the stuff on the second disk, including the interviews with the Darkomaniacs or whatever they are called.

What astonishes me the most from those "The Making Of" segments is how the hell movies ever get made. Yeah, yeah, the special effects and all that are cool, but damn! Watching those really makes me appreciate how hard good acting must be. Hell, I don't see how they ever memorize all their lines, never mind the acting part. And not only do they have to convey the emotion once, but they have to do it over and over, with dozens of cameras and lighting and sound crews and everyone else under the sun poking things at them and being distracting all over the place.

I am equally amazed by the different ways that the director can change the whole thing by the scenes used, the camera angles, the lighting, the fades.... dayum. Disc 2 of Fight Club had different versions of a couple of the same scenes when I watched it yesterday to illustrate that. I could get really enamored of the movie making process if I allowed myself to think about it. I'm a movie maker's dream in that I do the willing suspension of disbelief thing very well, so when I do think about the details I am amazed all over again. One random thing that did bother me was that the movie was supposed to be set in Virginia, and visually it just never looked like Virginia. Why bother to say it was set there? I guess they had to be flying from Hollywood, but why Virginia? The outdoor shots were California all the way, even if they did manage to not show palm trees. Geez.

I was also very intrigued today with Jake Guyllenhall's face. It seemed to be completely different people, depending on the light, the angle of the shot, in additon to his expressions, which were astonishing.

On the home front, Tuneless Boy has been practicing again. Gigi even got to hear a bit when she was here. It was funny when G and I were coming in from University. G looked at the apartments and said "Which one is Tuneless Boy?" So I showed her where all the players are-- Tuneless Boy, Miss Lily, the Guatamalans, and Rap Guy. (Deeply ingrained PCness prevents me from calling him Rap Boy since he's Black-- excuse me, African American, though I'm pretty sure he's never seen Africa-- and might somehow be existentially insulted. I know, it's weird.)

Happy, happy... Tuneless Boy has quit playing, and John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt are singing I'm In The Mood for Love. Heh, I tell you. Makes me downright sorry I don't have anybody to get in the mood with. Ah, well, Phoebe Snow's Shaky Ground is up now, and maybe that's more apropos.
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Gisele came down and stayed with me this weeekend and we went to University. We did a road trip with Livia, Idonea and Idonea's daughter Clare. For once, the trip actually took as long as the map programs said it would-- all those small towns make a difference, I guess. University... eh. Not really any classes I wanted to take, but it was really good to see Julianna and play with calligraphy some.

Gigi got in about 4 on Friday, so we got Chinese carry out and rented a couple of movies. I've been really lax about keeping up with movies for the last couple of years. I hadn't seen Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, for example, so we rented that and Snatch, another Guy Ritchie film. I enjoyed both of them enough that when I returned them today, I wanted to rent another movie. Hey! The video store is having a special-- rent five "catalog" movies and you get them for seven days for $9. There are certainly enough movies I haven't seen, so that seemed like a good deal. The two I knew I wanted to see were Fight Club and Donnie Darko, so I got them. I also picked up Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to watch Johnny Depp (never a bad thing) be Hunter S Thompson (always an entertaining thing.) That left me with two slots to fill. Somehow with those three, I didn't think anything fluffy would really fit, so the musicals are out this time. I wound up talking to the clerk to get recommendations, and he suggested Leon: The Professional and Confidence I've never heard of either of them, but when I've taken the time to talk to a video store clerk I've never been steered wrong.

I just watched Fight Club. Amy had been recommending it ever since it came out, but the plot description sounded so grim I could never make myself get it. I don't know how anyone could describe it differently to avoid that pitfall, but I loved the movie and am really sorry I waited so long to see it. Well, wait; maybe I do know what made the difference. Gigi sort of tossed off a comment that Brad Pitt had some really funny stuff. Believe me, I had no idea that anyone could use the word "funny" in any conversation about Fight Club. It also falls into the mindfuck category, and that was a surprise. I guess I just thought it was about a bunch of guys fighting in a basement. I can always go for a good mindfuck. So to speak. Ya know, on further reflection, it's really pretty scary how much I liked that movie. Wow.

I definitely need to NOT watch another movie right now; what the hell could follow that? But it's early and I'm in the mood for movies. What to do, what to do.
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Oh, it's beautiful outside today. Totally cloudy, and the "cold" front actually worked. The high today is only supposed to be 84, which is a full 20 degrees cooler than Tuesday and Wednesday. The storm that ushered in this day of bliss was a doozy, but more on that later. The heat may have had something to do with the killer headache, because it's gone, too.

The last two days have been quite interesting for me in terms of pop culture. On Wednesday I saw Sin City, mostly to beat the heat. I thought they did an excellent job of transferring the graphic novel vision to the screen. Beautifully done; very stylish. As a movie it was okay, but it was visually stunning. At 10 PM I watched Over There on FX. It's a new series by Steven Bochco about 7 soldiers in Iraq. It was excellent. I think I need someone to tape it for me while I'm at Pennsic. (Hey, wait... maybe, with a little over a week to practice, I could figure out how to program the VCR? Hmmmm. Not sure I can pull that off, but it's worth a try.) It, too was extremely graphic, with parts of bodies flying through the air and a sufficiency of shots of the resulting bloody stumps. One thing was very strange, though. They showed the lower half of a body (enemy, of course) that had been blown in two, and there was no blood on the ground around it, and the... um.... entrails? guts?... all remained neatly inside the body cavity. Very tidy. Still, the show was good enough that I watched the second showing, which ran back-to-back with the first showing, because I felt like I'd missed some stuff that I needed to see to put other bits in context.

On Thursday the friend who had planned to come over couldn't make it, so I went to Livia's instead. She'd emailed me earlier to ask, saying she wanted feedback on the scroll she's working on. I grabbed my sewing and went. We threw together some dinner and settled in to our respective tasks. She had Spike TV on, and we saw several episodes of a really strange game show shot in Japan and dubbed into English. The dubbing was very funny, with lots of word play and bad puns. Since it was on Spike instead of oh, say, NBC, many of the puns were of questionable taste, which you surely know wasn't a problem for me. I would have had trouble trying to scribe with it on, but Livia was doing fine. Since I was hemming a tunic, it was no problem for me, either.

It started raining about 9, and I think we may have heard hail a few times. I thought it had eased up by the time I left, but lordamercy! At first it wasn't raining too hard but the lightning was almost constant. Lots of it was hidden by the clouds so the whole sky just lit up. Then I got to the heart of the matter, and dozens of cars were pulled off to the sides of the road with their blinkers going. I didn't think it was THAT bad, though I slowed way down, as did everyone else still driving. By then we were getting the real lightning flashes, the kind that split the sky in half and make you wish you had gotten a photo. They were so frequent it was like a strobe light. What was really strange was that the windshield wipers looked like they were dancing-- you know, the seventies kind where you wave your arms in the air a lot-- and not going side to side but up and down. Weird. Between the strobe effect and the afterglow on my eyeballs, it was hard to see to drive.

More sewing today. Or maybe I'll check on some details for stuff like the pavilion. Plenty to do!


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