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Not an exciting day. I suppose I should be grateful for that. Not a particularly good day, either. I woke up at 5 with a migraine, AFTER taking an Imitrex last night before I went to bed, because I could feel it starting even then. I only slept 4 or 5 hours, and that includes feeling the migraine every time I woke up. I wanted to take a nap this morning after the second Imitrex kicked in but the caffeinated coffee I took for medicinal purposes foiled that scheme, except for dozing off for a couple of minutes while I was reading whatever bad book I had in my hand. At least I know that author isn't worth checking out again.

Before I forget it, I wantI have an appointment to thank [ profile] wakeupmagy for her recommendation awhile back for a treatment for cold sores-- I got some l-lysine at Whole Foods, and damn! That stuff worked, literally overnight. I forgot to take it with me when I went out the next day and the swelling came back a little, but it was pretty much over with. Yay for that!

I was an impetuous woman yesterday. My iPod, upon which I have come to rely, wouldn't turn on one time too many. If modern gadgets can have loose connections, I swear this one did. It worked, it didn't work, totally at random. It was fine yesterday morning, but in the afternoon, no dice. Having recently received a check for three months of disability from the state, I said tohellwithitall and stopped at the Apple store, which just happens to be conveniently located between the Book Repair lab and my house. Convenient, eh? I was originally lusting after the cute little Nano, but when I realized that the regular size iPod provided three times as much storage space for the same price, I abandoned "cute" in a heartbeat. Screw cute, give me more music. And just like the nice man at the store promised, it "recognized" almost all the music on my computer as being mine, or assumed since it was on there, and it was bonding for the first time, it must be okay, or something, and loaded everything. Except one Lyle Lovett song, for some bizarre reason. Just the one song. So I've been playing with my new toy, which of course led me to play with my iTunes and set up some more playlists and such. Fun.

I have an appointment on Saturday with a doctor to see if I'm disabled enough for Social Security, which as we've already discussed, I know I'm not. Still, I'll play their silly games and go. As I said to someone this morning, I have no idea whether this guy will give me a cursory once over before telling me "Nope" or whether he'll examine me in excruciating detail before saying "No."

A mental health professional recommended yesterday that I only work halftime instead of full time, in the interest of not provoking the migraines to greater heights. Since the disability guarantees me a certain amount of income whether I work or not, (as long as it isn't the job that made me sick in the first place-- not bloody likely!!) that makes a great deal of sense. I think getting out and working some will help keep me sane(r) but I hadn't really considered all the ramifications of this whole disability thing. I have been blithely assuming that I'll be able to do a less stressful job as long as I keep taking my Imitrex, but there's no real guarantee of that, or that this will be less stressful, for that matter. Maybe it'll be the same amount of stress but in a different way. Joy! It's given me a lot to think about. In between thinking about the papers I have to write, and the random other assignments, and of course, most important of all, squeezing in time for a scroll blank or two for Coronation. I mean, let's keep our priorities straight here.

Now that the Imitrex has kicked in, I've had lunch and a couple of winks of nap, I think I feel alert enough to work on one of the random assignments, so I'll start writing now.
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Here I sit, (mostly) working on homework, with a cat on my arms. I guess she's "in" my arms, too, but damn, she's heavy, and ON my arms feels more to the point. Would I move her? Apparently not. I'm glad the arms of my chair pivot, so I can lean my elbows on them, thus supporting all the pussycat poundage. And if I pull the keyboard tray out, I can kinda rest her butt on the edge of that, which helps, too. And this is the smallest one of the lot!

The website review paper is getting written. It is so totally not going to be much of anything. I don't think I'm going to like this online class thing-- I suspect I have my teacher in mind when I write, normally, and I've never met this woman and have NO idea what she even looks like, never mind how her mind works. I'm at a loss.

I'm still enjoying the practicum, and the people are still as nice as I thought they were. And helpful. AND they can offer help and correction without being ugly about it. Gives me hope for the future of the world. There is sporadic conversation between co-workers, which has been fun. I'm putting together a notebook with pictures of the book repairs I'm learning how to do. I'm also realizing how much I enjoy being in the "back" part of the library-- being a techie instead of a front-line person. I don't know how this is all going to work out.

My iPod has been not working, so that's disappointing for those times when everyone is preoccupied with work. (what a concept!) The iPod works if it's hooked up to the computer, and all the music is there, but it won't just play-- acts like the battery is run down, but I've just recharged it. I keep hoping I'm missing some little secret thing that will make it okay again, but if there is, I haven't stumbled across it yet. Sigh.

Given the forecast weather tomorrow (mixed freezy stuff in the morning) I am beside myself with joy that I don't have to leave the house tomorrow if I don't want to. I forsee chocolate pudding in my future.


Jan. 28th, 2007 05:14 pm
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So. On Saturday I had class, and found out more about our first assignment, due in two weeks. I'm still not feeling like I have a good idea what I want to do. There has been some sort of problem with the Blackboard program through which my other structured class is offered, but it's now apparently working again, and there's homework on there, too. And on Tuesday I have a meeting scheduled with the librarian in charge of the Preservation department and thus the Book Repair section where I'm doing my practicum. I'm trying to get my notes and pictures of what I've been doing and learning organized and printed to show him. In other words, the homework part of the semester has kicked in with a vengeance.

On Friday I had a sore throat but yesterday it was okay. Today it's sore again, and my eyes are dry and my nose is runny--and I have a nagging migraine, to boot. I've been trying to listen to music while I work on the practicum stuff, but since I'm using a graphics program as well as Word, trying to play music on the computer too has slowed things down so much I had to abandon it. Too bad, because it was helping to keep me going.

Tomorrow I am volunteering at the library; last week I did lots of running, shelving, moving around. If this really is a cold as I suspect, tomorrow is going to be most unpleasant.

This is just SO not shaping up well.
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Well, I made my Pot-au-feu and am now reminded why a friend calls it "pot o' food." My god, even with the vastly reduced quantities I used, I still have huge amounts of food. I got smart, though, and packed up a bunch of single servings and stuck them in the freezer. I think the variety of all the meats and veggies is what makes it so good; I don't think the original version as posted online with just beef sounds interesting at all. Julia's description said the name means "pot on the fire"; the pot was put on the fire and whatever was handy was thrown in and was left to cook slowly all day. I have no idea why I got such a strong urge to make this, unless the relatively simple holiday meals left me feeling atavistic. Weird, but I am now well supped. VERY well supped.

I am also enjoying the music site that [ profile] nomadicmedic posted a few days ago. It doesn't have "alternative" setting, but has certainly provided a suitable variety of music tonight. It shows what's going to play next, which is handy, especially since it doesn't have a setting for "for god's sake, NO BOB DYLAN!!" Ahem.

I read an interesting mystery yesterday and am still trying to figure out how I feel about it. I mean, I liked it well enough to seek out the next book in the series, but it's damned strange. The book is Eight of Swords and the protagonist is a '60s radical who's been hiding for 30 years because of something he did back in the day. The author is playing coy about exactly what it is, but there's no statute of limitations, so I'm assuming somebody died, probably in the explosion that supposedly killed our protagonist. I liked the character. At the end of the book, though, he goes to a meet with the knowledge that he's going to kill a man, and he does. The guy has a gun and was going to kill HIM, but our man gets the drop on him. He does think "I'm going to have to live with this the rest of my life" and in the interest of fair play, speaks to give the hit man a chance to surrender. Then when he swings around with his gun, bam. I think it bothers me that I identified with him, a lot, at least till we got to the shooting-in-semi-cold-blood part. All the killing in Pulp Fiction didn't bother me as much as this did; that whole thing was so far removed from any reality I know that I didn't identify with anybody.

My cat, however, brings me back to my reality-- my purpose in life is not to kill bad guys, or even worry about the ethics or morals thereof, but to provide her a lap to flomp in, and scratch her belly when it's presented to me. Which it is. She's most undignified, and I love it.
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This time I'm working on the Baronial Polling instead of a paper, so it isn't quite the same. Baronial pollings, however, always fall into the same pattern... there's a clear top rank, and a clear bottom rank, and the middle.... damn middle is always a problem. Too bad we can't just put "whatever!" in the middle, when the goods balance each other, and the bads balance each other, and the goods and bads balance out, too. Totally a "whatever" moment.

And Tuneless Boy is having his way with my eardrums again. Too bad, too, because I was enjoying JJ Cale and Eric Clapton. Sweet. Tuneless Boy has a reasonably short attention span, though, so I should be able to get back to JJ and Eric soon.

I'm itching with curiosity about the Health Resources grade-- she said they'd be posted by now. I was amused to get That Damned Paper back today, via the mail, with notes written all over it. She's not as vague as she acted in class. I got the grade I deserved on the paper, and I'm good with that. I couldn't argue a single point she made. I'm happy with my overall class grade, though.

And tomorrow I get to go talk to the Doc about my magical mystery cholesterol score. Sigh.
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I've been working on That Scary Paper that is half my grade for one class. The turkey (and the dry reading) had me almost dozing off there for a while, so I took a nice long walk to clear out the cobwebs. There's a beautiful residential area near here that I've never walked before, and a nice sunny day with temps in the mid-60's seemed like a good time to try it. Oh, yeah. Nice little cottages, urban feel with alleys and such, I'd live there in a heartbeat. If I had the 3/4 million or up, that is. And to help clear out the cobwebs I was enjoyoing Incubus, Zapppa, Stones and other irreverent sorts. With some nice Pink Floyd to come down with, when I got to the bottom of the hill. Nice.


Nov. 24th, 2006 10:08 am
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I had a very pleasant Turkey Day. Made two pies (not the most successful; I think my oven Has Issues) but still good. Kind of puttered around and called everybody I needed to call for a Holiday.

My brother is in California soaking up the sun; it was the usual Akron winter weather when they left so it obviously didn't occur to him to take shorts; he's now regretting that oversight. What a way to suffer. And [ profile] anonamys couldn't leave her internship till Thurs AM sometime, so was just getting into Seattle when I called. She was getting doggy-kisses and much affection from the cats (nothing so tacky as kitty kisses; they'd save that till nobody was watching, get a grip) and she and [ profile] freudian_slip were getting ready to go to his family's for dinner. Mother said she fixed a much-scaled-down version of their traditional meal; she and Daddy just enjoyed the hell out of it. They're both sick to death of institutional food by this time, so home cooking was just the ticket. Plus, some friends brought them a jam cake, which I hadn't thought about for years, probably, but made my mouth water when I heard the words. Yum. Mother also said Daddy hasn't been disoriented, which was the thing that had me the most worried. And she said they think his foot-drop (learnt the name from Amy) will go away after some time.

So I was happy as a clam to hear that my peeps are doing well, and was able to go to [ profile] harleenquinzell's house for dinner with a light heart. Everything was well in hand when I arrived, though breathless as any major meal is at that point in the prep. I'm glad that I'm "family" enough that I can get there early and help a bit instead of it being a big formal type thing. Yay, family! [ profile] zihuatanejo and his parents came for dinner, too. His parents were great fun. They had just driven up from Fla; believe me, after I make a trip of that length I am incoherent and certainly not up to being alert, nevermind charming and funny. Mad props.

Dinner was wonderful, of course. It always is, there. And I had fun talking to [ profile] foklens about rock-and-roll. And it was real rock-and-roll we were listening to/talking about, too, not over-processed "rock." I espoused my theory that rock-and-roll should be something that your mama would hate and didn't think till later that I don't hate it, but my mama does, so that makes it okay for me. I don't know how their mamas feel about it. I was feeling good enough (after having to take more Imitrex than I wished, but damn, it worked) that I was enjoying the hell out of having the speakers cranked and a good bass line having its way with me. I remembered how much I like that music, and was able to articulate that the only reason I don't listen to it more often is the damn migraines. And I'm gonna go hear foklens' band play at the Upper Deck on New Year's Eve. Yay! I've been wanting to do that, so I'm happy to find out they're playing some time when I don't have an exam or paper due within two days, or some event that I have to attend for whatever reason.

Well, I suppose I should get started on the next big project. Le Sigh. Here I am, all in the mood for kicking back and enjoying turkey and rock-and-roll, and I have to write a paper. And, oh, yeah-- this one is 50% of the grade for the class. Oh, I had definitely better get to work.


Nov. 14th, 2006 10:46 am
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I'm going to be tacky here and not do the pretty link thing for these songs.
The first is the Complaints Choir of Birmingham (England) and the second is the Helsinki Complaints Choir. I saw the Helsinki one first (from Neil Gaiman's journal) and they are definitely much better musically. Still, it's mighty nice to be able to understand what they're saying.

I'm working again on That Damned Paper. I'm making some progress, but everytime I think I have a great idea and do a little research on my assumptions, I find out it doesn't hold up. Grrr. I think I"m going to have to quit doing research. I mean, that's a reasonable response, right?


Oct. 18th, 2006 08:25 pm
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I got all my errands done today that were critical, including visiting the library about which I need to write a review. It was a really nice building, and I enjoyed the visit. The trip wasn't even too bad; traffic got a little slow coming home since it was rush hour and there were two wrecks within about 5 miles of each other; one was a fender bender and the other left two cars totalled. No ambulances, so I could afford to be philosophical. Whenever I see a wreck it makes me think about the immediate sense of time stopping when you are the one in the wreck. Everything that you were doing suddenly drops out of sight; your world shifts and and all you do is deal with the cops, and the traffic, and if worst comes to worst, the medical types.

I stopped at the grocery on the way home and made a very focused trip inside: I bought two cartons of ice cream. Yeah, baby. Chocolate and vanilla-- I guess I'm in a classic mood or something.

And then I sat down and knocked out the one page synopsis of the term paper; the synopsis is due tomorrow night. Since it will incorporate much of the information from the paper I finished today, I just wrote it off the top of my head. Just to impress him, though, I threw in two quotes with footnotes. Heh. That only leaves the review of the library. Since I liked the building and was able to make notes of answers to all her questions, that one should go pretty quickly, too.

Ysolt gave me some catnip for the kitties when I was over there last time, and today I remembered to bring it in from the car. Heh. They were funny. Miranda was her usual assertive self and tried to get to all the bits before anyone else got a chance. There was a fair amount of tussling, but they were silent about it. It was highly amusing, like a silent movie.

I think I have earned the right to take a small bowl of ice cream and a book and go to bed and relax for a bit. Yay, me.


Sep. 24th, 2006 12:54 pm
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I've been exploring this morning.... the glories that are on the iPod that [ profile] anonamys and [ profile] freudianslip sent me. It's loaded up with all kinds of music. yay, me! yay, them! I read so much that I'd read about several of these groups without ever having actually heard them, or at least not KNOWING that's who I was hearing. I now have actual ear-time with the Meat Puppets, Live, Incubus, Live, The Vines and Queens of the Stone Age, as well as knowing that I've heard "Whatever I fear" by Toad the Wet Sprocket lots of times, but thanks to secretive DJs, never knew who it was. I like what I've heard so far of Train (esp All American Girl.) That voice is familiar, so I might have heard them before, too. Much of the music fits neatly into a niche in my collection that was almost empty before-- new/current music. I'm going to enjoy this.

Weather here is beautiful today, at least right now. click )

I was feeling so full of myself because I started way early doing research on the paper(s) I have due this semester. The first, shortest one is due Oct 9 and I was going to write about parchment and vellum. Now I think I'm going to include iron (or oak) gall ink in combination with that, and make it my long paper. Which is cool, except now I have a paper due on Oct 9, with no clue what to write about. Sigh. The plight of students everywhere. I'm not quite the stereotypical student, though.... I still have a couple of days worth of clean clothes left before I need to do laundry, (ie, I don't have to resort to the prom dress just yet, which is a damn good thing since I didn't go to the prom, and wouldn't be able to still wear the dress if I had) and I have a pantry full of food more expensive (and nutritious) than Ramen noodles. Right now I'm what I prefer to think of as an "intriguing blend" of crazy cat lady and grad student. Yeah, that's it.
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Today's incredibly wonderful journal entry

I am really enjoying the music that's playing this morning-- It's great Sunday morning music, but I guess it's pretty much what I've been enjoying lately anyway. Right now it's Ladysmith Black Mombazo, and before that it was Dill Pickle Rag by Chet Atkins and Doc Watson; Otis Redding and Jack Johnson. Earlier I caught the videos by OK Go, which are a hoot. I like the treadmill one best-- who the hell ever thought of that? Still, since I have homework to do, I needed something a little more conducive to study. Problem is, I still get distracted and sing along. I suck at multi-tasking. Which does not address why I'm writing a journal entry and IMing instead of doing the aforementioned homework.

Last night I saw An Inconvenient Truth with Nia, Nikulai, Adam, Manus, and Francesca. Beautifully done movie. If Al Gore had been like that when he was running, I'm thinking the last 8 years would have been incredibly different. Hell, the rest of our lives would be incredibly different. Sigh.

And finally, I agree with a lot of what this guy has to say. I'm awfully afraid we're gonna let the same thing happen again. Because I have no doubt that the R's will play the same games; the only question is, will we have the nerve to do anything about it?
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So, I was reading along in a Leo Waterman series book (by G. M. Ford) last night and he mentioned playing some music by Ike Quebec, and said the music evoked late nights, rainy streets, and silky lingerie, or something like that. Those things together suggested film noir to me, so I checked it out this AM. Some of the music I found is too much jazz for me, but there are several that are more bluesy, film noir-y. And of course, once you have aname to start with, there are often links to "You may also like..." so now I have more to work with. I love it when I learn something unexpected from a mystery novel. Now that I think of it, this series would make fantastic film noir. It's set in Seattle, and the protagonist uses street people to do some of his watching for him. There's usually a body count, but it doesn't number in the dozens. Good enough for me!

Getting some stuff done this AM. Busy, busy. I may have to go shopping or to the library to cool off later. Pity there isn't a damn thing at the cheap movie place I'm even willing to sit through, and certainly nothing I'm willing to pay $1.50 to see. Never know when I might decide I need something I can buy with a buck fifty.
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There's nothing quite like Gregorian Chant to help focus my mind. Instead of cluttered little spaces with random bits tucked into every corner, my head turns into a Gothic cathedral with elegant columns and vaulted ceilings, filled with light and air. (No, I didn't just say I'm an airhead. And even if I am, I don't have to tell everything I know.) Even Bach's Brandenburg Concertos are too busy for right now.


Jun. 24th, 2006 10:36 am
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I had a mildly productive day yesterday, in a totally non-practical sort of way. I've been trying to put together some mix CDs for months now, and yesterday I got two done that I'm happy with, and one that needed some tweaking this morning. jenny and the girls )
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I usually keep my music turned way (way, WAY) down when I'm working on the computer, partly so I don't disturb the neighbors and partly not to distract myself from whatever I'm doing. I was just sitting here playing a silly game and found myself grooving (geez, I'll bet the cool kids don't even say that any more) and sort of rocking in my chair and humming along to "Six Strings Down," a blues song I really like but hadn't ever really cranked up, so I just got wild and crazy and turned it up enough that I could really hear the words. Do I know how to live, or what? Then I left it turned up and listened to "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" which I discovered thanks to the lovely [ profile] madlori. I could get to liking this actually hearing the music. Heh.

In other news of the 'hood, it looks like the Guatemalan(?) neighbor may not be staying. In fact, he may be gone already-- I haven't seen him for a month or two. The real clue, though, is all the notes from the management stuck in his door-- the ones that say things like "To The Defendant" and stuff. I know he hasn't moved his stuff out yet.

I've finished two of my three classes for the semester. We got our final exams for the cataloging class last night (caused me to miss Veronica Mars. Geesh! Doesn't she have any priorities?) It's obviously a take-home; actually since we'll have to use the reference books in the library, we'll probably all run into each other there. It looks like a killer. She said she expects us to need 5-7 hours to finish it. Holy shit, batman.

I thought I'd enjoy being home for dinner, so I got some fresh salmon on special, and fixed some rice and green beans almondine to go with it. I lost track of time, and what I did to that poor fish was downright criminal. I don't think I've ever overcooked it so bad. Embarrassing, really. No idea why, either. The whole "losing track of time" thing seems to have been a theme all day long, though. I was late to work, and didn't remember to call Mother for her birthday till 10:30 at night. Yikes. Time was she would have cried all day, but she has mellowed to a HUGE degree, thank all that is holy. She was downright calm about the whole thing. She said she's had a bad headache all day, which makes it hard to care about anything besides stopping the pain.

Well, I'm gonna go crawl into bed now and hope I don't repeat the time thing tomorrow. Y'all be good, now, y'hear?
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So today the song playing in my head is Alice Cooper's "No More Mr Nice Guy." Well, okay, that's interesting. Not particularly helpful when trying to study ("In addition, high academic performance of students was correlated with school library media centers in which librarians served in an instructional and collaborative role.") Add to that the game of Planarity that's playing in my head (this is a new phenomenon.) Beleive me, it's an bizarre combination.


Apr. 7th, 2006 07:30 am
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For some reason, the song playing in my head this morning is Country Joe and the Fish:
"And it's one, two, three, what are we fightin' for? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, the next stop is Vietnam." Last night it was Arlo Guthrie's City of New Orleans. At least I know enough of that one to get some variety!

in my room

Mar. 27th, 2006 08:58 pm
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I'm supposed to be working on a presentation I have to give with another student this Wednesday night, and I've actually been working right along. I've had music playing, and have been sort of humming along, about half paying attention. Just now, though, In My Room by the Beach Boys started playing and any attempt at work came harmonizing to a halt. Damn, that's a pretty song. And doesn't everybody need a room that feels that good? Just color me smiling.


Dec. 12th, 2005 07:36 pm
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Woo hoo! I must be feeling better. I've been listening to music all afternoon while I've been on the computer and have enjoyed it instead of being annoyed or pained. I've been playing "recently added" stuff, and a lot of it is from [ profile] madlori's ketchup list. When I was searching out music from her list, I apparently also just downloaded some stuff because I like the names, or something. One of my favorites is "Take Your Mama Out Tonight" by Scissor Sisters, and I don't see it on the list anywhere. No idea where it came from. Interesting.

Of the musicians that were actually on her list, I've liked Rufus Wainwright, Presidents of the United States, The Shins, Jack Johnson, Michelle Branch, Dresden Dolls, (esp Coin Operated Boy,) Radiohead (Karma Police) and Franz Ferdinand (Michael.) I also ran across one called "Honeycomb" by Frank Black that I like. And either there are two Frank Blacks, or he has a split personality or I had someone else in mind altogether, because I expected screaming vocals and guitars, and this is neither. It's also not the "Honeycomb" I was expecting, but hey. I like it. I like The Decemberists, too-- I think the song "Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect" got me hooked. Heh.

There's a mystery song... it's a female singer and the chorus says "Goodbye to you/Goodbye to everything/You were the one that I loved/ You were the thing I tried to hold on to." The title downloaded as "Track 08" and the artist's name as "artist." Very helpful. I like it, too, and would like to know who I'm listening to.

It was amusing, though.... all this new stuff was playing, and so far it had all been pretty recent-style rock. All of a sudden a wailing blues rock number came on and woke me right up. Good old George Thorogood!

I've got so little of my Christmas shopping done, I don't even want to think about it. I'm going to have to break down and go, even if my headache doesn't completely go away. Dark glasses, hat, whatever it takes. Oh, yeah. Ideas would help, too.
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Mother called tonight to give me the latest on Aunt S. She's doing much better, apparently. She sat in a chair for 3-1/2 hours today, and 4 hours yesterday. Great news! Bad news is, they have put a feeding tube back in because she's not eating enough to keep her alive. They might move her out of ICU tomorrow and to a regular room. This hospital doesn't have any sort of halfway "critical care" unit-- it's either ICU or a standard room. As soon as she gets moved to a standard room, Mother and Daddy plan for one of them to stay with her 24/7 so they can be there to help if she needs anything. That means that I need to get back up there ASAP, but of course now that I have the root canal scheduled for tomorrow, Mother is telling me not to rush. Mother doesn't drive, so she can't go over by herself, and they are trying to figure out how to get her over there and then back when Daddy is going to stay. So I really DO need to get up there and start driving again.

I understand the need, and I know it's important, but I still dread it no end. I feel so completely isolated up there. Well, I guess that's realistic, because I AM isolated up there. My phone is fixed now, though, so that might help. And I sweartogod, I'm going to write critical phone numbers on a piece of old-fashioned paper and put it in my wallet, so if all my technology dies again, I'll at least be able to call on the land line from the 'rent's house. Even that doesn't help a lot, though. I miss my cats, mainly. (I have already turned into a cat lady. Sigh. Well, no one else gazes adoringly into my eyes and purrs at me, so what do you expect?) And of course, having no computer makes life difficult, too. I'm going to see if the local library has computers so I can get online. Now THAT would help. I'm starting to regret that I didn't get a laptop.

Nia and Brigida issued separate invitations for stuff today, and I went to both. Very pleasant. Now if I had just gotten done what I needed to do... I gotta say, I did need some face time, though.

I made a mix CD to take to the dentist tomorrow. It's all uptempo stuff, mostly oldies, but with some recent discoveries that I love thrown in. It'll be great to sing along with in the car, too. It starts off with "No Satisfaction" and ends with "My Sharona," with some Elvis, the Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, Janis, Linda Ronstadt, Beach Boys and much, much more thrown in. Whee! The appointment may suck, but it'll suck with good music.


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