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Here I sit, (mostly) working on homework, with a cat on my arms. I guess she's "in" my arms, too, but damn, she's heavy, and ON my arms feels more to the point. Would I move her? Apparently not. I'm glad the arms of my chair pivot, so I can lean my elbows on them, thus supporting all the pussycat poundage. And if I pull the keyboard tray out, I can kinda rest her butt on the edge of that, which helps, too. And this is the smallest one of the lot!

The website review paper is getting written. It is so totally not going to be much of anything. I don't think I'm going to like this online class thing-- I suspect I have my teacher in mind when I write, normally, and I've never met this woman and have NO idea what she even looks like, never mind how her mind works. I'm at a loss.

I'm still enjoying the practicum, and the people are still as nice as I thought they were. And helpful. AND they can offer help and correction without being ugly about it. Gives me hope for the future of the world. There is sporadic conversation between co-workers, which has been fun. I'm putting together a notebook with pictures of the book repairs I'm learning how to do. I'm also realizing how much I enjoy being in the "back" part of the library-- being a techie instead of a front-line person. I don't know how this is all going to work out.

My iPod has been not working, so that's disappointing for those times when everyone is preoccupied with work. (what a concept!) The iPod works if it's hooked up to the computer, and all the music is there, but it won't just play-- acts like the battery is run down, but I've just recharged it. I keep hoping I'm missing some little secret thing that will make it okay again, but if there is, I haven't stumbled across it yet. Sigh.

Given the forecast weather tomorrow (mixed freezy stuff in the morning) I am beside myself with joy that I don't have to leave the house tomorrow if I don't want to. I forsee chocolate pudding in my future.
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I think I may have this whole retail therapy thing wrong in my head.

Let me back up a minute-- I had my interview this AM with Social Security for my disability application. To clarify a murky situation, I have been approved for long-term disability from the state, which was my employer when I first had to leave work because of migraines. However, before the state will actually release any benefits to me, I have to send them a form saying I've applied for Social Security disability. Now as anyone who has ever read any of TranceJen's stories about her disability and application for SS benefits can tell you, there is no way in holy hell I will ever see one red cent from SS for my puny little migraines. I can still walk, talk, and function, after all. Still, it's a hoop that must be leapt through before I'll get the disability that IS reasonable.

I had an appointment at 10:45, and got there about 5 minutes early. After some initial misdirection, I got in to see the woman almost exactly on time. Once she stopped telling me I had made some mistake but it was okay, things perked along very smoothly. I'm still not sure why she had to go on about the mistake since she kept saying it was okay (and besides, it was the computer's mistake, not mine.)

I think my early experiences with Unemployment office people have set up my expectations of how government employees are going to act-- rude, suspicious, unhelpful and downright adversarial. (That was true in Iowa, Kentucky and NC, BTW.) Happy to say, the woman today wasn't like that, nor was the woman who I've talked with a few times on the phone. They were both very helpful and pleasant. What a relief. I was expecting to have to justify my very existence. Instead, she asked me a very few questions, apologized for some of them, explained everything, and was generally friendly. I was done in about 15 minutes. Woo hoo!

This excited me so much I decided to go shopping. See, from what I read about "retail therapy" it sounds like most people use shopping to cheer themselves up, but I'm the opposite. When I'm not happy, nothing looks or feels right, and I'm never satisfied; if I buy something anyway, it's always disastrously wrong. But since I was happy instead of depressed, I decided to go on and get a couple of pairs of shoes I've been meaning to get, but I'm never in the part of town where the store is. Today I was there, so now I have one new pair of Earth shoes, and one new pair of Dansko clogs. I wanted another pair of Earth shoes because I wore the ones I already have yesterday, and wasn't nearly as tired when I got home as I have been on other days. And I like the Danskos I have, and I've seen everybody and their brother wearing the clogs, and I had to at least try them on. Score!

I remembered to take my camera to the book repair shop this week, and took lots of photos. I'm still learning the camera, so I have some seriously fuzzy shots, and some where the camera was too close and the flash just washed everything out, but I got a lot I can use, too. I'll also try to replace the ones that are too fuzzy to use.

I volunteered at the local library again on Monday; I'm planning to be there for three hours on Mondays regularly. When I volunteered there before, it was like they were afraid to give me anything different to do, but after working there as a page they are more willing to trust me with a variety of work. I got sent to do all sorts of little things. It seemed to me like the place was hopping, but one of the librarians said it was about normal. Hell, I may have to go into tech services just to have a chance to sit down. They were running the entire time I was there.

And on the "I'm too old to be starting this!" line of thought, I had two people offer me their seats on the bus last week. Damn! I'm used to people telling me I look younger than I am, and suddenly I look so old people think I can't stand up for a few blocks? I must have looked really tired. Bad news is, one time it was in the morning. Yikes. I couldn't decide whether to be amused or horrified.

Okay, on that note, maybe I should take my walker and hobble off to do my homework. Which is just wrong; "walker" and "homework" never belong in the same sentence.


Jan. 10th, 2007 07:12 pm
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I've been at my practicum the last two days, starting to learn book repair. It is SO COOL. I'm enjoying it so much, it's almost like having a crush on somebody. Wonder how long this will last? I've been doing spine repair. Damn, there are a lot of steps to this! Since so many of the steps require drying time, it's done assembly-line style-- do a whole bunch of the same thing at once, then do the next step.

I have been highly amused, in a 12-year-old kinda way.... one of the tools is a "bone folder" which is used for creasing paper, nudging materials down into crevices, and general burnishing. Apparently the common term for using this piece of equipment is "boning." Today the woman kept telling me to "really bone it hard" and so on, and I even kept a straight facae. Maybe by the end of the practicum I'll be able to hear or possibly even SAY that, without wanting to giggle and snerk. I'm so easy to amuse.

I have been extremely impressed with the people I'm working with, too. They are so good that I wonder if they are unusually pleasant and supportive, or if I have just had extremely bad working environments. (Okay, I know some of my jobs have been toxic, but so many have been bad that I start to wonder if there's something wrong with me.) These guys show me something once, walk me through it the next time, then let me try it on my own, and explain if I make a mistake without being snarky or making fun of me. In fact, two of the three who have taught me have commented that I have done well and show good fine-motor skills. Heh. One fellow was concerned yesterday that I should perhaps be more cautious with the niji knife. I almost laughed-- I had to say "I spent 4 years using these things at 4 in the morning! I really have learned to be careful with them, even if it doesn't look like it." I have sort of unwritten rules about technique and such. Anyway, I've apparently done well enough that I might get to do some fancier work. Yay!

I am completely fried, though-- the desks are tallish, and I've been standing all day. It's only a 6-hour day, but standing for that long is just tiring. I am ready to go to bed right now, and it's barely after 7:30. Sigh. I'm so tired it makes me glad I'm only doing this two days a week, even though I had so much fun today I almost asked to go back tomorrow.


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