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Tuesday already-- this visit has gone pretty quickly so far. I got in Friday night about 9, which was…. um, shall we say… rather more quickly than I should have arrived, and certainly more quickly than I expected to arrive. The trip was totally uneventful, which is a wonderful thing. I listened to a Southern Sisters mystery audio book, which I find is a good series for that purpose. It features two sixty-something Alabama ladies and is guaranteed to give me a few laughs. The only scary thing about it is that I don’t remember any of western NC. Yikes.

Mother and I have both had migraines most of the time I’ve been here. I am afraid that I definitely see a clear pattern…. Every time I’m here I have two-pill migraines most of the visit. I see a difference in Mother this time. She’s been more forgetful lately, and this time forgot when I’m leaving, though I told her several times and she apparently wrote it down (somewhere!) a couple of times. Thus, we wind up not going to Barbourville this time. Given the way our heads have felt, I don’t think it’s a great loss. I had debated renting a van this trip and taking back a TV and a pie safe from there, but realized I don’t need a TV and have no room for the pie safe, though it’d be neat to have. If I had rented a van, we’d have made the trip, but as it was I didn’t care that much.

Daddy is doing much better than he was when I was here at Christmas. WAY better. He’s sharper, more alert, and doesn’t seem scared like he did before. I still don’t think he’ll ever completely get back to where he was but I am pleased with what I see. Mother’s macular degeneration is apparently getting worse, which of course is what it always does. Her doctor says he wants to see her every month now, which is going to be a problem, especially since Daddy is definitely not up to driving to Lexington. She did just tell me that the van that is available for residents here will take them to Lexington for a fee, and that’s what they’ll do. Whew.

I had a major realization of sorts today. Daddy was getting ready to drive out to Bybee (10 miles away) and I just realized what a terrible idea that was. He definitely does not need to be driving at highway speeds. I realize I’m deluding myself that in town is acceptable but the speeds are so much slower that the results would be much less catastrophic if anything does happen. At highway speeds, though, things just happen way too fast.

On the whole, it’s been a good visit. I brought 3 quarts of strawberries, and we have polished them off already. Mother ate a few, but Daddy and I ate most of them. He even made shortcake for them. Yum. I’ve been painting and have finished the Undine I brought. I’ve also read a lot. Oh, and I brought a large print book for Mother—one of the Southern Sisters mysteries, in fact. She loves to read but says she can’t when her head hurts. I wondered if the large print would help, and I think it did—she read the whole book in no time, and loved it. The local bookmobile comes here, so she can request more now that she knows she can read the large print more easily. Yay!

We’re going to Lexington tomorrow, taking Mother for her appointment with her eye specialist. Hope that goes well. We’ll be doing some other little errands and eating lunch over there after that. Exciting stuff, eating lunch in the big city. Wonder which chain she’ll choose? Heh.

Well, I’m signing off. Back home on Thursday, get to see my kitties and sleep in my own bed. Yay.


Apr. 26th, 2007 01:17 pm
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I finally had my presentation this morning. Damn, I'm glad that's over. I kinda blew off preparing for it, honestly, except for reading the paper over two or three times. I emailed her the paper yesterday, and boy, I could tell it. It was about half discussion, as opposed to presentation like everyone else did. Which was okay, I think. She said she liked my idea and paper, so I guess it's good.

Now I get ready to go to Kentucky for a few days. I'll be leaving here tomorrow and coming back on Wed next week, so I'll be there for Derby weekend again. I'll be counting on someone to call and tell me who wins Crown, though. Gotta keep up with all the news, after all.

Better go start getting stuff together.
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For some unknown reason I feel like I finished something today, even though I didn't do my presentation and didn't turn in my paper. Wait, maybe because it was my last class for this degree? Yep. Must be it. I do have the tremendous advantage of seeing everyone else's presentations, and made a few notes. I was almost ready to turn my paper in today but I'm glad I didn't. I was not at all satisfied with one part that she said was "the most important" but hadn't a clue what to do about it. Today I got a better idea of a few things to say, even though it doesn't really say anything additional about how the research would be conducted-- it'll just sound more like I know more about how the research would be conducted. FTW!! A friend in the class looked my paper over, too, and made a few notes on style. It's downright confusing when you've used one style for years and suddenly have to use a different style. I felt like I was spending as much time looking up details about exactly how to do citations and such as I was writing The Damn Paper.

I still have to edit the paper and make the presentation to her. Whee. Nothing like making a 10-minute presentation to a single person in her office. It would have been easier with more people to look at and talk to. Oh, well, nothing to do about it now. I am glad I got the extension, I guess. I was hoping to finish it up this coming Monday, but she's busy till the week after that. So now I have one more set of silly questions, one essay and this paper to finish. The essay can be on any topic (and in any style) and I think I'm going to write about what this paper was about-- graphic novels. I kept wanting to veer off topic on this one, so for the essay I can follow the thread that kept intriguing me so much. Yay! Another win! After that, I'm not just done with classes but done for this degree.

Coincidentally the migraine that was plaguing me vanished when class was over. It was so bad-- I took 4 doses of meds-- the max I could take for 24 hours. Quite the coincidence, eh? Oh, and one of my fellow students works in the preservation department at State and says they have an opening for a tech. Doing what? I asked, hoping for the answer "repairing books" and guess what-- that's the answer I got. The posted job description includes a metric ton of other stuff, but job descriptions (especially for the state) bear so little resemblance to what the job actually is that I'm not going to stress about it till I talk to him. If I got the job I'd be working for him. Cool. I've had two classes with him now (including the one I took with [ profile] zihuatenejo) and he seems to be really laid back, which would be a HUGE change from my last job. TREMENDOUS, HUMONGOUS change. Can I just emphasize that this would be rather unlike the last job? I swear, I still feel broken from that job. I feel like a dog that's been beaten and cowers in the corner. Makes me very nervous about applying for a job and saying "Yes, I can can do that." Even with a shiny new MLS degree. Wow..... gotta watch out or I'll talk myself back into a migraine. Eek.

My trip to Kentucky keeps sliding back, a few days at a time. I was going to leave Saturday after the essay, but now have to stay till the following Monday for the presentation to the teacher, and then on Tuesday there's a reception and presentation I want to see, about doing resumes.... could be handy. I was going to say I want to be here for Crown, but you know what? I wonder if any of my friends in KY are going to throw a Derby Party? Heh. I haven't been to a Derby Party for years. That sounds like kind of a hoot. I'll find out.

I'm enjoying not having a migraine... I have my music cranked up enough that I can actually hear it instead of it being a subliminal suggestion, and I've been singing along with all kinds of good stuff. Gillian Welsh, and now Leadbelly is singing "Midnight Special." And now George Thorogood..... ggggrrrowwww!
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Saturday was a great event. If I hadn't been so exhausted I could have used another hour or two to shop and look around the displays more than I did. I pretty much focused on C&I and judging.

I was most particularly pleased with the display table by [ profile] harleenquinzell and [ profile] zihuatenejo. I don't even have to specify which half of zihuatenejo because both of 'em displayed stuff. Wistric surprised me by arranging a galliard in my name and then humming it for me-- the tune sounds an awfully lot like "My Old Kentucky Home," in fact. This is his first calligraphy, and I found it pretty impressive for a first shot.

Needless to say, I was also exceptionally happy with the works displayed by my apprentices. They each displayed their most recent works-- Livia's Court Baronetcy scroll for Maddalena and Geoffrey, and Sunneva's GoA scroll for Letia.

It was just generally a fun day-- I got some serious snark time in with some old friends (for some reason I seemed to have been in a seriously snarky mood) enjoyed the displays and the excellent lunch. There was also an illuminating discussion (Ha! I crack myself up!) on period painting materials, that now has Sunneva and me wanting to do research. And lord, when Sunneva does research, just stand back. (Heh. I can't wait to see what she finds; maybe I should just stand back, too.)

The drive was fun, too-- the household went up together and we thus had plenty of time to solve the ills of the world, or at least to snark about them. (Again with the snark.) Talent, discretion, AND snark: I have chosen SO well.

Sunday..... sigh. I think I'm taking a cold. I first chalked up Saturday's sore throat to allergies, since I forgot to take my pill in the morning. And I have sneezing fits about once a week, so yesterday morning's wasn't unusual. But the fact that I took an allergy pill and my throat is still sore, and my eyes watery and my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton (including the thinking ability part, not just the pressure thing) fills me with dread. And dismay. Ick! The dreaded dismay!

Back to positive news, though.... I've booked my flight to see [ profile] anonamys graduate in June in Seattle. My daughter, the Doctor of Physical Therapy. Yay! I'll be out there for six days; we're going to see the EMP and the new public library among other things. Oh, and the Japanese garden, and probably the Fremont Troll, too. And maybe Gas Works Park; as I recall it's pretty close to the Troll. Damn, I'd better quit planning this or I'll have a month's worth of stuff to do in six days. But for some reason, I've wanted to review pics of the sundial at Gas Works several times and can't find the photos I took ten years ago. Yes, I'm a librarian and we're supposed to organize things, but (a) I wasn't a librarian then and (b) I've always been better at being organized at work than I am at home. I'm sure there are about 8 rolls of excellent pictures of Seattle and environs around here, in a very safe place.

I am close to concluding that I'm not going to have a really bad, miserable sort of cold; not a winter but something more closely akin to a cold snap.... still stuffy and watery, but not too god-awful. The fact that I have about half a migraine means that the two things add up to one viable call-in-sick-day for the volunteer gig, I think. Not a good idea to spread the contagious part all over the public library. I may be able to drag myself out to the grocery and drug store (I'm completely out of some basic things like milk and soup; hard to feel like I'm taking care of myself when sick if I don't have soup.)

I do need to do some research, though, so I'm not sure how to best accomplish that. Go be contagious all over the little design students at State? Oops. I'm oozing evil again.


Oct. 1st, 2006 08:55 pm
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What an absolutely wonderful day: both halves of [ profile] zihuatanejo and I went to the beach. The weather was all you could ask for-- sunny and 70's. We did all the clasic things I love to do there: we ate at El's (I had an oyster burger- next time remind me to tell 'em to hold the ketchup) and visited Fort Macon State Park-- both the fort and the beach. Lots of fishermen, but only one kite. Plenty of gulls, a couple of sandpipers. Then to Beaufort to the "Burying Ground" next to the Methodist church, and the Dock House for a snack and a long sit-down on the balcony. We practically had to wrestle an old man to get the balcony table, but Owen came through for us. Took a quick turn along the docks to ogle the yachts and sailboats. Just to make the day complete, we even stuck our heads in the door at the fudge place, but managed to get out with our virtue intact. Probably because we were stuffed from the chili cheese nachos, but hey.... I'm going with it.


Sep. 7th, 2006 02:20 pm
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I hate the day after travel. I feel like.... well, I want to say "like I have a hangover" but it isn't painful. Lethargic, unfocused, unsettled. I feel like I should sleep but I'm not sleepy; nothing sounds good to eat, and everything I've tried so far leaves me wishing I hadn't. I"m glad I got the required readings done for tonight's class, though I have to admit that last week it didn't make a lot of difference-- I read it all but didn't remember a thing when he was talking about it in class.

I stopped by Barbourville on the way home Wednesday. Of course I wound up bringing more stuff back. Of the bits I've unpacked and looked at, I can only wonder why I agreed to bring them home. Mother does seem kinda miffed if I don't want something she thought I would (like the sweatshirt with flowered chintzy fabric filling the outline of the letters "UK.") And towels. And flatware. I now have two sets of flatware, one of which I picked out and really like, and the other one... well, it's okay, it's just that one person doesn't usually need two large sets of silverware. I will throw a fair amount of it away, give some to charity places, give bits to anyone who wants it. Mother and Daddy have been selling some stuff and will be having a big yard-sale type thing, but I find myself bringing junk home so they won't have to deal with it. Silly.

Everything from the house that is not glass or metal (ie, everything porous) smells like an old house that has been closed up for months, not surprisingly. It doesn't seem to bother the cats; they love curling up on what I bring home. Oh, and Molly and Miranda were playing/tussling this morning! It only took what, a year and a half? Still, yay!

Otherwise, a not particularly pleasant day.


Jan. 2nd, 2006 11:42 am
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I've been remiss, I know. Bad scribe. No biscuit. All I can say is, depression sucks. And having said, "All I can say is..." I'll leave it at that.

My Siamese, Niccolo, died a year ago in December. He's the first cat I've ever really missed for a long time after he died. In about October I got to thinking about him, and I've thought about him frequently since. It hasn't made the "holidays" any easier. (So much for the "leave it at that" part. Oops. I'll try harder. )

Christmas itself wasn't bad. In fact, seeing Amy and Raymond was wonderful. Read more... )
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The upcoming (tomorrow) trip to KY will be a short one-- just for the funeral. All sorting of household items and furniture will be delayed until later. Wahoo! Yea, team! I'll be coming back on Sunday. And we may be staying in Barbourville, which is about an hour further south than Richmond, so it's a shorter drive. Wahoo indeed.

I'm dropping some final forms off at campus on the way through Durham; as far as I know, this should be the last of the application stuff (of course, I thought I had everything required the FIRST time I sent it in; little did I know that what they said on the web page did not agree with the actual requirements. Silly me.) Anyway, tomorrow's batch of stuff includes all the financial aid information, or at least everything the nice lady told me I'd need. Including what she said I didn't need now but might need later. Lord knows, they might have some obscure requirement tucked away on some hidden web page I haven't discovered yet. We'll see.

Miranda has been so excited to have me home that she's been picking on Molly even more than usual. She sits in my lap, fidgeting and purring, and finally gets so happy that she can't stop herself from dashing over to bat Molly on the nose, then races back to my lap to purr some more. Sigh. Molly just hisses and doesn't really even get upset any more.

Livia and I went to the library book sale tonight. I thought we restrained ourselves admirably; I got fewer than thirty books. Probably I was able to restrain myself so well because the mystery section seemed smaller than usual and I didn't see a lot I wanted. Whatever works, I guess. Oh, one of the books I got was Love Songs of J Edgar Hoover by Kinky Friedman, of Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys. Heh.

Off to get ready for the trip. Later, gators.
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I went to Kentucky over the weekend, and boy, was it a trip. Lately my trips up there have been swift and relatively uneventful. I'm happy to report that this one was completely uneventful, but geez. It took me a half hour longer than usual to drive-- and that's each way. It rained all the way up on Friday- mostly just a drizzle requiring the wipers, but interspersed with downpours. Traffic was also unusually heavy, and there was construction scattered throughout Tennessee. I thought coming back would be easier, because I didn't expect rain. Silly me. It hit just the other side of Asheville, and was so heavy that there were cars pulled off the road. At least it wasn't that heavy for too awfully long.

This was even more of a family reunion event than these trips usually are. My brother came down from Akron, and his son brought his ten-week-old daughter over. (Her mom was going to a funeral in her family.) Holy shit, my baby brother is a grandfather!! Alexis, the infant, was a beauty. Her hair is bright red, and I do mean a light shiny copper color. She is also an extremely happy baby, generally speaking. Unfortunately, the night before, she'd not slept well, so her dad didn't sleep either, and we made him go take a nap while we got lunch together. In the meanwhile, Alexis needed to be fed... and if you've ever given a baby a bottle, you know what happens on the other end of the equation. Yup. I got to change a dirty diaper. (That's as certain as having the cats come running when I scoop the litter box!) The last time I changed a dirty diaper was for her father, I realized to my amusement. For some reason I didn't have any trouble this time; last time I had to abandon the task to a parent to keep from being sick. Watching my brother and his son gaze adoringly at this tiny infant was both amusing and sweet. I was delighted that Jacob is of the new breed of father that takes care of a baby and enjoys it. Boy, is THAT a change from the bad old days. I won't go into grisly detail, but take my word that my kids' father didn't lift a finger.

The odd thing that happened was that my brother (yes, the new grandfather) reverted to ten-year-old-brother mode and spent the entire first day we were there picking on me. That caught me completely off guard; he doesn't do that any other time I see him. Just something about being all four together as a family must have flipped some switch somewhere. The second day he acted more normal, which was good. I'd hate to have had to kill him, right there on Mother's living room rug. I'm sure it would have made quite a mess, and there's no way I could have disposed of the body.

I mentioned the idea of starting a business to Mother, and got a more negative response than I expected. Then it turned out that she thought I was going to open a store front. Yikes! When I finished explaining my plans she decided they sounded sensible, and even touted them as such to Daddy. Whew. I'm glad that I don't have to look forward to not-so-veiled comments about it for the next year or so. I do expect she'll start sending clippings about running a small business. Clippings are her stock in trade, but they're less stressful than the constant commentary.

The cats were most unhappy that I was gone, particularly since I was gone last weekend too. The first couple of hours they ran from me like I was going to beat them or something. Miranda made up to me the quickest, and has been washing my chin and giving me love nips all day. Some of them have been more nip and less love, I can tell you. At least she did a reasonable job of letting me sleep last night.

I got a killer headache this afternoon, and it came on rather suddenly. I was only vaguely aware that it was even starting and all of a sudden it hurt to even try to turn my head; it took over an hour for the meds to work, too. It took a while for me to figure out that it was from the storm that came through this afternoon. Man, I hope I don't get these every time it rains all summer! This was quite a storm, though, so I'm hoping the headache was directly related in intensity. The cats were freaked out by the thunder, and there was one lightning strike/thunder clap that nearly had me under the bed, too.

Tomorrow I hope to get started on that mental list of things-to-do that I was adding to all the way home yesterday. Today I just needed to bond with my kitties and sit around like a vegetable, and I did an exemplary job of it. I did finish reading The Knights Next Door, which I bought as a download. I enjoyed it a lot. Ah, tomorrow.....
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Another too-long delay between posts. Sigh. How on earth to balance between doing something to write about and having time to write? It’s kind of like working overtime so you have extra money but then not having time to enjoy it.

I had a plan for the last week or two. See, now, that may have been the problem. Nia, for one, says that “plan” is a four-letter word and the mere existence of a plan means that it will fail. (Sounds like some of that really advanced Physics, about stuff not existing unless you look at it….) Anyway, I decided that I would try to have Gisele’s AoA scroll done by Crown, and to encourage that goal I planned to stay with her in DC and day trip Crown. This plan expanded, as plans are wont to do, to include an extra day or two in DC for me to see a museum or two. By the beginning of the week it was obvious that the scroll would not be done in time, but I was still trying to balance getting more done and having time in DC. I haven’t spent any time there seeing museums since I was in high school, and believe me, I wasn’t really looking at the exhibits then, so I figured I had plenty to see.

I wound up driving up on Thursday so I’d have all day Friday to amuse myself, and then Gisele and I could go to Crown on Saturday. Uh-huh. I amused myself, alright. I trekked from one end of the Mall to the other as fast as my short little legs would carry me, so as not to waste time that I could be spending in gape-jawed joy, looking at one thing or another. I am interested in so many things…. What to do, and which to do first? I considered Natural Sciences or Air and Space, but was rapidly dissuaded when confronted with all the rug rats that were waiting in lines to get in. I was feeling fine when I left Gigi’s Friday AM, but by the time I was halfway down the Mall I had a dull ache behind my eyes and was seeing double. A disconcerting feeling, that. That made the idea of sharing huge echoing spaces with screaming kids even less enticing.

The walk was long enough, and the migraine hit hard enough that I found myself musing on All in My Head by Paula Kamen, a book about living with chronic pain and disability. She makes the point that no one wants to see themselves as being disabled, and lord knows that’s true. Getting cross-eyed sick from just walking, and not even on a sunny day… well, hrm… maybe this isn’t so exaggerated after all. Crap.

Herein follows a description of the rest of weekend, including comments on Art and Architecture. (Please note the caps. Heh.) Read more... )

Monday saw me discover downloading music.Read more... )

Something that I’ve really realized more strongly than I suspected is that I seem to be approaching that line between Extrovert and Introvert, if I haven’t already crossed it and left it in the dust. If I don’t get plenty of alone-time, I get pretty damn cranky. Lately I’ve been in a really good mood and have been very productive, but damn. I was feeling stressed on Monday when Tuneless Boy upstairs started “playing” and “singing.” Believe me, I use those terms advisedly. Historically, I’ve been indulgently amused (though catty) about his lack of skill, and even admired him for enjoying himself so much and trying so hard. Monday I had no such tolerance. I had to leave the studio, because he practices directly above that room. I had plenty of work to do in other rooms, but I kept sticking my head in the door, hoping he’d follow his usual pattern and only play for about 5 minutes. Nope, he picked Monday to have a longer attention span than usual. His current fave seems to be Bob Dylan. You might think that would give him an advantage, since Dylan can’t sing either and many of his songs tend to be rather tuneless. Nope, he just sounds downright drunk and wanders ever farther off whatever passes for a tune. “It ain’t pretty” doesn’t begin to cover this subject. Wow.

Well, that pretty much brings me up to date on what’s happened in the last few days. Now to go out and do more stuff to write about.
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Let me say that again. I am SO HAPPY TO BE HOME. For some reason I was more bummed than usual by the 'rents agedness and the unchangingness of being there. Seeing Amy (aka anonamys) was totally wonderful, though. I second everything she says about being at the house; no use repeating it. The biggest thing I noticed when I got home was how lively the place is. Aside from the obvious difference of having three cats running around, the place just looks livelier. Also messier, but I think that's part of it.

The drive itself seemed really short this time.... Amy says I must have been flying. (I was.) The funny thing was that there were police cars everywhere. On the drive up, there was an unmarked cop in the left lane going five miles over the speed limit and we were all in line behind him. A pickup truck started to pass him and he just turned his blue lights on. No other move at all. It drove the pickup nuts-- he kept hugging the center line, wanting to pass but he couldn't. It was just like a momma cat batting a kitten on the head; I swear I could see the giant paw come out of that cop car. On the way home, I must have seen a dozen police cars, half of them working speeders and the othe half lying in wait. I passed a couple of them, and was going well over the posted speed limit myself. The van in front of me saw them first and hit his brakes so hard I could almost see the nose of the vehicle point down like in the cartoons. We were all going about 15 miles over, and of course by the time we saw them it was too late to even pretend to be going the actual speed limit. Apparently, they were satisfied that we seemed to know that we were supposed to slow down because they didn't move. It works for me.

One of the things Amy and I talked about was geeky tech stuff, and she gave me some hints that have worked beautifully to get me some music. Woo hoo! There is a public radio station in western NC that I try to listen to when I can pick it up-- they have a great variety of stuff. Today I not only could find it, it stayed tuned in for nearly two hours, and I managed to remember the call letters when I got home, and looked it up and now I'm listening to it online. Happy, happy!

I am now going to retreat to my four-poster bed, with my pillow and my book and my cats, and luxuriate in being home.


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