Sep. 24th, 2006 12:54 pm
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I've been exploring this morning.... the glories that are on the iPod that [livejournal.com profile] anonamys and [livejournal.com profile] freudianslip sent me. It's loaded up with all kinds of music. yay, me! yay, them! I read so much that I'd read about several of these groups without ever having actually heard them, or at least not KNOWING that's who I was hearing. I now have actual ear-time with the Meat Puppets, Live, Incubus, Live, The Vines and Queens of the Stone Age, as well as knowing that I've heard "Whatever I fear" by Toad the Wet Sprocket lots of times, but thanks to secretive DJs, never knew who it was. I like what I've heard so far of Train (esp All American Girl.) That voice is familiar, so I might have heard them before, too. Much of the music fits neatly into a niche in my collection that was almost empty before-- new/current music. I'm going to enjoy this.

Weather here is beautiful today, at least right now. click )

I was feeling so full of myself because I started way early doing research on the paper(s) I have due this semester. The first, shortest one is due Oct 9 and I was going to write about parchment and vellum. Now I think I'm going to include iron (or oak) gall ink in combination with that, and make it my long paper. Which is cool, except now I have a paper due on Oct 9, with no clue what to write about. Sigh. The plight of students everywhere. I'm not quite the stereotypical student, though.... I still have a couple of days worth of clean clothes left before I need to do laundry, (ie, I don't have to resort to the prom dress just yet, which is a damn good thing since I didn't go to the prom, and wouldn't be able to still wear the dress if I had) and I have a pantry full of food more expensive (and nutritious) than Ramen noodles. Right now I'm what I prefer to think of as an "intriguing blend" of crazy cat lady and grad student. Yeah, that's it.


Sep. 1st, 2006 09:34 am
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This weather is creepy. I don't know why it's bothering me so much; mostly it's just still and gray and misty/drizzly, but occasionally there is a gust of wind that wants to slam doors shut. It succeeds in scaring the crap out of the cats, that's for sure. Yesterday it looked like the storm path was going to be directly over Raleigh but it clung a little closer to shore, so we're only getting the dregs. Which is a Good Thing for us, really, but the dregs are still creepy.

I couldn't go to sleep last night, and I blame it on the Archives teacher. Everything I had heard on weather reports all along said the storm would just be rain by the time it got to us. The good teacher, however, was freaking out and talking about Fran, which he reminded us was not hurricane strength when it hit Raleigh. He let us out early so we could get safely home before it hit, and the first thing I did was check the weather.com site. Predicted winds of 10-20 mph. WTF? Still, it was like his prediction had been embedded deep in my brain somewhere and I couldn't get to sleep till about 2:30. Which would be okay if this was any old random Friday, but no. Tonight I have a houseguest coming down for Coronation; I'm letting her stay here, even though I'm going to Ky tomorrow. Hey, we'll still get one night of girly talk! Still, I have all sorts of cleaning and packing to do.

So now random bursts of anxiety are penetrating the fog that blankets my brain this morning. Lovely.

Oh, and the Archives class last night was about the history of archiving. What materials were used for record keeping, etc, etc, starting with clay tablets. Eventually he started talking about "leather." Huh? Then he asked, "What is the difference between parchment and vellum?" It never occured to me that that question is way too specific for an archives class, but I started talking about vellum and parchment. Turns out he was only trying to explain that parchment is not paper, as many modern folk believe. After class, I asked if he made a distinction between vellum and parchment. As far as I could tell, he wasn't aware that the two terms were anything but interchangeable. He did suggest, however, that since I was interested in the topic, why didn't I write my paper on it? Heh, I say. He did say something about "10-15 pages" and I'm not sure I can spin "vellum vs parchment" out quite that long, but we'll see. Perhaps I can make it 'materials" and throw in ink, too. Heh, heh, heh. I could make a particularly abstruse University class out of that one. Double duty!


Jul. 31st, 2006 04:40 pm
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I still haven't heard from my teacher that she recieved my paper; she said if we hadn't heard from her within 24 hours of sending it we should send it again. Does that mean I could have taken an extra 24 hours and then sent it in and been all like batting the eyelashes? Anyway I won't feel completely safe till she says she's got it, or better yet, posted the grade.

It has reached that time of year that gets too hot even for me, queen of hot weather. Low of 77 at night? I give. Too much.

So, tonight. I get to go eat West Texas BBQ (and may I be shot for calling it that instead of spelling out the whole word. No, wait Livia spelt it that way. S'okay.) and pinto beans and potato salad and cornbread. Recipes posted on harleenquinzell's site. Just in case you haven't already seen it. Anyway, we eat and then we sew. Garb, here we come!
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I'm going camping this weekend to Sapphire Joust/Atlantian 25th B'day in Virginia. Whee! Lordamercy, every time I do this I forget how much trouble it is. I was originally planning to take my pavilion but realized that I have no way to get the poles up there-- a dozen+ poles, mostly 6' long with metal rods sticking out one end; the others even longer with metal rods sticking out. Oops. At that point I decided to take my modern oh-so-tacky dome tent, which goes up in a flash, and I can do it all by myself if I have to; no eyelash-batting required, no apprentice-whipping needed. Ya know, there's a lot to be said for that. (Surprisingly, my apprentice was encouraging me to take the pavilion. Huh?)

Livia and I are doing a food plan with Beatrice, which is the best of all worlds. She likes to cook, we like to eat. Not the least of the consideration is that not only does she like to cook, she's GOOD at it. Can't beat that with a stick. (Got any plans for Pennsic this year, B?)

The cats are all aflutter because they know when I get all this crap out, things are going to be lonesome for a while. I pulled the camping stuff out last night so they had lots of time to explore all the smells left over from last time. And when I was carrying stuff to the car, on one trip I didn't get the apartment door pulled shut, and every one of them stayed inside the apartment! That was a big relief. Maybe they've all been traumatized by getting out before and want no part of it; lord knows they had plenty of time to escape if they'd decided to.

Except for the one week back in April that was so hot our Canadian buddy wanted to flee home, it's been quite a cool spring. There have only been a couple of nights that I didn't want a blanket. And the 16" thick masonry walls of the apartment have helped keep it from getting hot, too. Well, today it warmed up. I mean, really. I haven't had time to get all the windows open from the top, which helps a lot, and the place is rather toasty. All the hair I've been growing out is pinned up off my neck in a most unflattering style. Nobody here but us chickens....

Gotta go finish packing. I'm supposed to pick up Livia at 7 AM tomorrow and if you know me you'll understand how thrilled I am to be planning to do something that early. Thank all that is sacred that she doesn't wake up quickly or chiripily, either. (Suuuure, that's a word. You know what it means.)
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I used to work for NC State parks, and spent a fair amount of time in many of them. I find myself following Ophelia with an eye to the impact it will have on the eastern parks. The Parks website said this morning that they've closed all of them east of I-95, which makes sense. Hammocks Beach is getting hammered right now with the western side of the storm, and Fort Macon (probably my fave) looks like it's going to be hit dead on in a few hours.

The mission statement of the parks talks about preserving the features included in the parks, and they have a slew of naturalists. The fact is that they also have to balance that with making the parks safe and inviting for the general public. The beach erosion that is inevitable with storms like this will trigger another bout of "beach nourishment"-- building the beaches back up with sand dredged from other sites where channels have to be deepened to allow safe passage for boats, both commercial and pleasure craft.

I wonder what the coast would look like if we really did allow nature to do what it does, without interference. It's ridiculous for us as humans to try to stop the forces of nature, after all. Yet we keep allowing development along the coast, and keep rebuilding when storms wash away those buildings. And yes, I admit that I enjoy going to the beach, and I am, after all, merely one of millions, and if I can go, so can they. And if they can afford to build there, they're going to do it.

The vast majority of homes that will be destroyed in this storm will be second homes, vacation homes. Yes, there are people who live there year-round, but not nearly as many as visit in the summers. And we will help pay to rebuild those homes, and we'll pay to nourish the beaches, and we'll keep going to the beaches. Because there is a deep, primal attraction there that I can't deny. It's just silly and arrogant of us to try to ignore the power of the ocean and its attendant storms, that's all.
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Oh, it's beautiful outside today. Totally cloudy, and the "cold" front actually worked. The high today is only supposed to be 84, which is a full 20 degrees cooler than Tuesday and Wednesday. The storm that ushered in this day of bliss was a doozy, but more on that later. The heat may have had something to do with the killer headache, because it's gone, too.

The last two days have been quite interesting for me in terms of pop culture. On Wednesday I saw Sin City, mostly to beat the heat. I thought they did an excellent job of transferring the graphic novel vision to the screen. Beautifully done; very stylish. As a movie it was okay, but it was visually stunning. At 10 PM I watched Over There on FX. It's a new series by Steven Bochco about 7 soldiers in Iraq. It was excellent. I think I need someone to tape it for me while I'm at Pennsic. (Hey, wait... maybe, with a little over a week to practice, I could figure out how to program the VCR? Hmmmm. Not sure I can pull that off, but it's worth a try.) It, too was extremely graphic, with parts of bodies flying through the air and a sufficiency of shots of the resulting bloody stumps. One thing was very strange, though. They showed the lower half of a body (enemy, of course) that had been blown in two, and there was no blood on the ground around it, and the... um.... entrails? guts?... all remained neatly inside the body cavity. Very tidy. Still, the show was good enough that I watched the second showing, which ran back-to-back with the first showing, because I felt like I'd missed some stuff that I needed to see to put other bits in context.

On Thursday the friend who had planned to come over couldn't make it, so I went to Livia's instead. She'd emailed me earlier to ask, saying she wanted feedback on the scroll she's working on. I grabbed my sewing and went. We threw together some dinner and settled in to our respective tasks. She had Spike TV on, and we saw several episodes of a really strange game show shot in Japan and dubbed into English. The dubbing was very funny, with lots of word play and bad puns. Since it was on Spike instead of oh, say, NBC, many of the puns were of questionable taste, which you surely know wasn't a problem for me. I would have had trouble trying to scribe with it on, but Livia was doing fine. Since I was hemming a tunic, it was no problem for me, either.

It started raining about 9, and I think we may have heard hail a few times. I thought it had eased up by the time I left, but lordamercy! At first it wasn't raining too hard but the lightning was almost constant. Lots of it was hidden by the clouds so the whole sky just lit up. Then I got to the heart of the matter, and dozens of cars were pulled off to the sides of the road with their blinkers going. I didn't think it was THAT bad, though I slowed way down, as did everyone else still driving. By then we were getting the real lightning flashes, the kind that split the sky in half and make you wish you had gotten a photo. They were so frequent it was like a strobe light. What was really strange was that the windshield wipers looked like they were dancing-- you know, the seventies kind where you wave your arms in the air a lot-- and not going side to side but up and down. Weird. Between the strobe effect and the afterglow on my eyeballs, it was hard to see to drive.

More sewing today. Or maybe I'll check on some details for stuff like the pavilion. Plenty to do!

too hot

Jul. 27th, 2005 11:17 am
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I have now officially declared it Too Hot. For anything. I can take heat much better than cold but even I have limits. Last night I moved the rotating fan into the bedroom so I had two fans blowing air over me all night and it helped. Today, however.... the predicted high is 104 again today. I plan to go to the movies this afternoon and then do some shopping I've been putting off. I checked the movie listings and managed to find one movie... that would be one movie that I'm willing to pay the ticket price to see. That would be two if I weren't being a skinflint in anticipation of the money I know I'll spend for Pennsic prep and at Pennsic itself. Besides, the shopping will take care of the AC for the rest of this afternoon. The cooler weather is supposed to come in tonight so it should be bearable after that. (That would be down to the mid 90's, with lows around 70 instead of the 77 predicted last night.)

I'm sure glad I'm sewing now instead of scribing... I hate when I stick to the paper. Ick. The cats aren't re al amused either. The kittens are spread out with their bellies on the hardwood floor. I doubt Molly could achieve that position, nor could she get out of it if she did.

On top of all this, I got a killer headache yesterday and it's still hanging on today. I've taken the full 100 mg of Imitrex for the lasts two dosages and can still feel pain lurking at the junction of my neck and head.

Enough whining for a while. (more later. ;>)


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