Apr. 14th, 2007

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For some unknown reason I feel like I finished something today, even though I didn't do my presentation and didn't turn in my paper. Wait, maybe because it was my last class for this degree? Yep. Must be it. I do have the tremendous advantage of seeing everyone else's presentations, and made a few notes. I was almost ready to turn my paper in today but I'm glad I didn't. I was not at all satisfied with one part that she said was "the most important" but hadn't a clue what to do about it. Today I got a better idea of a few things to say, even though it doesn't really say anything additional about how the research would be conducted-- it'll just sound more like I know more about how the research would be conducted. FTW!! A friend in the class looked my paper over, too, and made a few notes on style. It's downright confusing when you've used one style for years and suddenly have to use a different style. I felt like I was spending as much time looking up details about exactly how to do citations and such as I was writing The Damn Paper.

I still have to edit the paper and make the presentation to her. Whee. Nothing like making a 10-minute presentation to a single person in her office. It would have been easier with more people to look at and talk to. Oh, well, nothing to do about it now. I am glad I got the extension, I guess. I was hoping to finish it up this coming Monday, but she's busy till the week after that. So now I have one more set of silly questions, one essay and this paper to finish. The essay can be on any topic (and in any style) and I think I'm going to write about what this paper was about-- graphic novels. I kept wanting to veer off topic on this one, so for the essay I can follow the thread that kept intriguing me so much. Yay! Another win! After that, I'm not just done with classes but done for this degree.

Coincidentally the migraine that was plaguing me vanished when class was over. It was so bad-- I took 4 doses of meds-- the max I could take for 24 hours. Quite the coincidence, eh? Oh, and one of my fellow students works in the preservation department at State and says they have an opening for a tech. Doing what? I asked, hoping for the answer "repairing books" and guess what-- that's the answer I got. The posted job description includes a metric ton of other stuff, but job descriptions (especially for the state) bear so little resemblance to what the job actually is that I'm not going to stress about it till I talk to him. If I got the job I'd be working for him. Cool. I've had two classes with him now (including the one I took with [livejournal.com profile] zihuatenejo) and he seems to be really laid back, which would be a HUGE change from my last job. TREMENDOUS, HUMONGOUS change. Can I just emphasize that this would be rather unlike the last job? I swear, I still feel broken from that job. I feel like a dog that's been beaten and cowers in the corner. Makes me very nervous about applying for a job and saying "Yes, I can can do that." Even with a shiny new MLS degree. Wow..... gotta watch out or I'll talk myself back into a migraine. Eek.

My trip to Kentucky keeps sliding back, a few days at a time. I was going to leave Saturday after the essay, but now have to stay till the following Monday for the presentation to the teacher, and then on Tuesday there's a reception and presentation I want to see, about doing resumes.... could be handy. I was going to say I want to be here for Crown, but you know what? I wonder if any of my friends in KY are going to throw a Derby Party? Heh. I haven't been to a Derby Party for years. That sounds like kind of a hoot. I'll find out.

I'm enjoying not having a migraine... I have my music cranked up enough that I can actually hear it instead of it being a subliminal suggestion, and I've been singing along with all kinds of good stuff. Gillian Welsh, and now Leadbelly is singing "Midnight Special." And now George Thorogood..... ggggrrrowwww!


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