Nov. 7th, 2005 02:22 pm
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Well, I survived the root canal, despite the fact that he didn't provide happy gas. I was astonished. I mean, if one of the main things you did was root canals, for god's sake, wouldn't you think that sedation would be a Good Thing(TM)? What they do, though, is call in a prescription for a pill that you take before you go in, and then have someone drive you there and take you home. I guess it saves on his insurance, but it's otherwise a pain in the ass, requiring that TWO people are discombobulated. They apparently expect everyone to have a Wife.

And actually, the dentist told the truth when he said it wouldn't hurt. The nerve is dead, he said, so it can't hurt.

To which my response was, Yeah, that's what they told me about the last root canal, too.

Whereupon the silly man said And was that true?

was all I could say. I was near tears. He talked me down, though. He swore that if it hurt at all, all I had to do was raise my hand and he'd give me another shot and make it stop hurting. To which my attitude was, I have never yet had a dentist be able to completely numb a tooth when they were drilling. They give me shots and more shots, and finally say, That can't be hurting, and I can't give you anything else. It won't be much longer. Just hang on. So you see why I was suspicious, since the bit about "it can't be hurting" was so much wishful thinking on their part.

They brought me a blanket, (yeah, really!) and let me choose the music station on the satellite radio, so the whole office was treated to music from the '40's. It was supposed to be swing, but it was mostly kinda sappy standards with very little swing to them. The CD I made Saturday was designed for listening when I feel good, whether chemically induced or not, so it was completely inappropriate in the event. I think I'll love it for driving, though.

All this is only to say that the drilling really was completely painless. And I get to go back for him to check it again and put in a temporary filling, and then I get to go to the regular dentist for him to take out he temp filling and put in a permanent filling. Whoopee. The tooth is hurting now worse than it did before, just from the trauma of all the drilling and everything (Hey, he said it, not me) and my jaw feels like it's all swollen up. Ick.

In other news of joy and delight, the check engine light has come on in my car, so I have to take it in for service before I go back to KY. This is where my first hubby would say, "If it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all." Well, actually, he would have said that when he spilled a drop of milk, never mind any of the rest of this. No matter that the last week and a half has been crappy, though, I absolutely detest that attitude, so I am not saying that. It just reminded me, that's all.

And I've eaten my tasty soup for lunch (No chewing involved) and had some really tasty pumpkin bars for dessert, and now I get to work on stuff that has to be done before I leave again.


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