May. 30th, 2006 07:49 pm
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What a great event this weekend! When I got back I slept ten hours in my own comfy bed and I can still barely hold my eyes open, my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool, my back and legs feel like lead, and I didn't even have a sip of alcohol to blame it all on; despite all this it was still a great weekend.

Livia and I drove up Saturday AM; I left here at 6:30. Whee. I had planned to go to the Pearl meeting when we got there, but missed it in all the unloading and setting up. Sigh. I did make it to the Laurel meeting, which only lasted a half hour, leaving us all completely astonished. There was some impassioned discussion, so I know I was in the right place. Heh.

I then spent some time looking for a specific person to deliver a specific message, and got that task accomplished by late afternoon. Yay, me! Free for the remainder of the weekend. After dinner, Nikulai said he had to go to town to get a new air mattress, since his was already completely flat. When I checked mine, it was noticeably softer than when I had finished filling it, so I figured I should go with him and get another mattress myself. I enjoyed the time with him; I don't get to see him that much, despite the fact that we live pretty near each other. Just busy, ya know. However, the whole thing turned into a bit more of an excursion than we had hoped, so it was nearly eleven when we got back. (Can that be right?) I was far too fried at that point to go bardic-ing, so I called it a night and collapsed onto the newly filled air mattress. (There seems to be some weird air-mattress fu; something about not staying firm all night. Maybe they're males. Except that's just the first night the mattresses don't stay firm but they do after that (once they're pumped back up again, anyway,) pretty much the opposite of the men I have known. Heh.) Woke up at 6 AM for some unknown reason and couldn't go back to sleep, so I had the very real pleasure of sitting under the sunshade in the early morning quiet and reading for an hour until I could go back to sleep. Lovely.

Last year everyone I was camping with had to leave on Sunday, so I went home too, though I had hoped to stay the extra day. This year about half the encampment stayed till Monday, and we all just kicked back and relaxed. Yay, us. I went to the bardic on Sunday night and stayed till midnight or one or something like that before I had to crash. Last of the big-time party girls, that's me.

The weather was sunny and hot, though I wasn't as aware of it as some seemed to be. I, of course, have no shame and wore very light-weight cotton tunics that are totally not appropriate to my persona, though I admit there wasn't necessarily a correlation between those who wore really period heavy clothes and those who complained about the heat. I am just closer to comfortable in heat than cold, and I think that's really the key. I'd make a really good lizard on a rock.

We were later getting home than I thought we'd be; I can't really explain what happened except that everything just took longer than we realized. I had no idea it was so late when we pulled into Livia's parking lot.

I carried one load of stuff upstairs when I got home, and took a long cool soak, scrubbing off the grime. I had a really hard time forcing myself to go back downstairs to bring up more stuff, and when I did, I limited it to the necessities. There is still stuff in the car, and I'm still not feeling either ambitious or organized today.

In fact, if you re-read the first paragraph, you'll see that I feel a lot like I have the flu, or maybe PMS, though with no real symptoms except achiness and malaise. (What a wonderful word-- malaise. Sounds SO much more elegant than "I feel like crap," don'tcha think? I'm all about the elegant, you can tell.)

I'm teaching a class tomorrow at the library-- an hour and a half on how to set up and use an email account. From what I've seen of these classes, we'll probably need the whole hour and a half. I think some of the people who take these classes aren't as interested in actually doing these exotic things (surfing the web, reading newspapers online, using email) as they are in having something to do and friends to do it with. (Which is cool; I'm just sayin'...) And they get to feel like they're learning something, too. Hey, anything to help out, that's me.

Date: 2006-05-31 01:16 am (UTC)
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Air mattresses deflate because you fill them up while they are warm, and then the night cools and the air inside them shrinks. Eventually, they spring a leak but most of the time, if it's new, then it's probably because of the cooling.

Also, it's important to get the right size air mattress. If there is only one person on it, don't get the big one.

Date: 2006-05-31 11:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Never thought about the warm/cool thing. I mean, I know that but didn't realize it would make THAT much difference. And I do have the small one. Practical that way. (Read, cheap. ;>)


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