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I just got email from the last teacher I owe work to.... ungrammatical, tough shit. I was supposed to give my presentation on Monday at 3, and was going to KY on Tues or Wed. She says, though, that we have to change the presentation date to Thursday. I am SO not amused. I wanted to get this crap over and done. Who would have thought that any grad student would ever be complaining about having too much time for a paper?

I've been painting today. I decompressed by reading this morning; read a whole silly mystery before noon. Sweet. I mean, not that I was too awfully compressed to begin with, but I still had absolutely no ambition this morning. So after lunch I turned on the TeeeVeee and started painting. I have a scroll blank I was going to try to do for the competition Livia had-- I hear no Laurels managed to get anything entered in that, BTW, which was disappointing. I decided to go on and finish that one, which was drawn, inked and calliged, with a little bit of painting started. I have an Undine to do next.

Mythbusters was on this afternoon while I was painting. I learned all kinds of interesting stuff, some of which I knew or strongly suspected, but it was entertaining. Myths are all done for the night, though, and Harry Potter is now meeting Hagrid for the first time, which is pleasant painting company.
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