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It sure hasn't been a beautiful day, but then I haven't had to step foot outside so I can hardly complain. In fact, I'm tucked up in my magical antique bed, under the antique quilt from Aunt Susan, working on my laptop on the neat little table my Dad made for me. Loverly. I've been doing some reading for one of my classes; the other one hasn't started yet. Weird. The third, of course, is the practicum in book repair.

I realized yesterday exactly what a huge favor the Book Repair department guys are doing for me. I've been there for four days; Josh has spent most of his time for two days teaching me, and a couple of the other techs spent a day taking turns teaching me. So in other words, they have lost 3 person-days teaching me, and I've worked a little over one person-day without constant assistance/supervision. I have done 9 spine repairs plus one that I cocked up; it will have to be at least partly redone, but the others are pretty good. The cocked-up-ness was caught at a reasonably early stage so won't be too god-awful to fix. The techs been very complimentary about the quality of my work otherwise. Yesterday I started re-casing 5 paperbacks. Josh noted that if I were a new employee, they'd give me a bunch more spine repairs to help me solidify the learning process, but instead they're going to teach me a bunch of different things.

I think I was expecting more along the lines of my internship in architecture. Interns are given lots of boring things to do, over and over and over. Of course the difference I had not considered is that architectural interships last for three years, and this practicum is only 120 hours. They are really treating this as almost a sacred responsibility, wanting to be sure I learn enough for it to be a worthwhile class. Since the rules say that practicums are to be under the supervision of a professional librarian, (I keep wanting to say "licensed" like architects. Heh) I am to meet one day next week with the professional librarian in charge of the Preservation Dept. I'm in a bit of a swivet-- I feel like I'm supposed to have questions or something, and I have NO IDEA what to ask.

I have been making notes the days I work, describing the steps of the repairs I'm doing. When I get home I type them up so I'll have official documentation of what I've done. I realized yesterday that I have my nice new digital camera toy that I should be taking lots of pictures with-- oops! I did at least make a note of a couple of the SILS titles that I did, so I can pull them off the shelf and photograph the completed books. (One of them was The Lonely Carrot. I found that rather amusing-- what's next, depressed rutabagas?) I plan to take the camera next week so I can at least document what's next. Duh. If I can remember to do that, it'll make a nice presentation.

When I came home last night, Miss Lily was loading some stuff from her apartment into her car. She was impeccably turned out, as usual, but I was a bit taken aback to see that she was wearing a skirt that was mid-thigh length. Yikes. Makes me reconsider the short skirt that I wear occasionally. It's not that she has bad legs, it's just.... well.... she is a lady of a certain age, and an almost-miniskirt is disconcerting. Then she asked if I had heard the couple next to me getting it on a couple of nights ago. Well, yeah, since their headboard is against the wall where my headboard is, yes indeed I did. Turns out it disturbed Miss Lily far more than it did me-- she says she yelled at them and even went to their door one night. Yow. I always thought that if I ever was going to get lucky at Pennsic, I'd want to go to HIS camp so as to not have to deal with the knowing smirks of my own campmates. (You notice the IF in that sentence.) Seems like I should perhaps consider the same tactics here. Of course, Miss Lily also threatened to move somewhere else to get away from the racket of the current neighbors. Perhaps it's more to the point to worry about the my place/his place bridge if I should ever come to it? Because I do have a lot more likely things to worry about.
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This time I'm working on the Baronial Polling instead of a paper, so it isn't quite the same. Baronial pollings, however, always fall into the same pattern... there's a clear top rank, and a clear bottom rank, and the middle.... damn middle is always a problem. Too bad we can't just put "whatever!" in the middle, when the goods balance each other, and the bads balance each other, and the goods and bads balance out, too. Totally a "whatever" moment.

And Tuneless Boy is having his way with my eardrums again. Too bad, too, because I was enjoying JJ Cale and Eric Clapton. Sweet. Tuneless Boy has a reasonably short attention span, though, so I should be able to get back to JJ and Eric soon.

I'm itching with curiosity about the Health Resources grade-- she said they'd be posted by now. I was amused to get That Damned Paper back today, via the mail, with notes written all over it. She's not as vague as she acted in class. I got the grade I deserved on the paper, and I'm good with that. I couldn't argue a single point she made. I'm happy with my overall class grade, though.

And tomorrow I get to go talk to the Doc about my magical mystery cholesterol score. Sigh.
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Tuneless Boy is in exceptional form tonight. The music he has chosen to mangle is Simon and Garfunkel, which is actually pretty hard to determine from listening. I own most of their catalog but believe me, it doesn't sound the same.

The worst thing is, I'm trying to WORK here, and this is just acutely painful. Which, on top of a migraine, perhaps suggests that I should give it up and go to bed.

I have gotten a fair amount done, considering that I had class today. The teacher looked at me and said "Do you feel okay? You look like you might not feel good." To which I replied, "I have a migraine..." and she said incredulously, "Right now? Sigh. Why does she think I told her at the beginning of the semester that I have migraines and am, in fact, on disability because of them?

The poor woman does not get my sense of humor, but I have a hard time remembering that. She is always smiling so I get misled. I told her today that I thought we should get an extra 10 points of credit for merely getting in and out of Duke Med Library, which was a big mistake. She thought I was complaining because it was a big building, on a big campus, and that I didn't like the walkway. Everybody kept talking over me and I don't think she ever did understand. I wound up saying "It's a design issue. The building is just very poorly designed." Sigh.

Enough already. I'll work on the paper after class tomorrow.
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I woke up this morning at 4:30 with a migraine. Not too bad a one, but enough to get up and take a pill so I could work on papers today. When I got to my purse, I realized the back door was standing wide open and I couldn't account for all the cats. Panic. Get dressed hurriedly, go out the door and hear pitiful meows from the bottom of the stairs. Carmen had gone exploring again, to the same place she went last time, or at least she tried. This time the door was locked so she couldn't get into the crawl space, but she was sitting on the ledge crying loudly. As soon as she saw me she made a mighty leap and ran toward me. We made it back home safely from the wilds of the stairwell. Now what I want to know is, how come she can't get the bathroom door open to get out of there because the door pulls toward her, (even when it's standing open a few inches) but she can get her paw into that teeeeeny little space below the back door and figure out how to pull THAT door open? Huh? 'Splain that to me.

So at 5:00 this morning I was far too wired to go back to sleep but still bleary. I made coffee and breakfast and finished up the project on resources, which was 95% done already, but I got that laaaaast 5% done. At that point I was finally wound down enough to go back to bed for a nap. Miranda was still much wound up from all the excitement, so she kept leaping on me. Took a while to get to sleep, but I did, and I'm mighty glad.

When I woke up at a reasonable hour, I was still confused enough to think it was Saturday and feel sorry for the people at the event, because the weather changed from the absolutely glorious weather we've been having (sunny, mid- to upper 70's) to upper 40's, grey and rainy. After being awake an hour or two, I finally realized that I didn't have to worry about them; the event was yesterday with all its glory. That still leaves the poor souls who ran the event to get everything packed out in the nasty cold rain, but at least they had a good event. At least I hope they did; the weather sure wouldn't have been the problem.

So now I get to start on That Damned Paper, in earnest. Lord knows I've printed out enough research on it. I wonder how she'd grade it if I use some of the same stuff for the paper that I used on the exam? Because there were some mighty fine ideas in there, better than anything else I thought up, and they fit with the theme of the paper, too. I have to use it, it's too good not to. Grrr.

Now if it really WERE just Saturday, for purposes of getting stuff done, at least. Not that I'd wish this weather on any poor soul at an event.

Oh, and I've decided that Tuneless Boy must be a dual personality, or a drag queen, or both. See, there's a woman who I see going up there sometimes and she looks a lot like him. I've never seen them together. When he's in the room above my studio, he plays classic rock, both on his CDs and when he's playing. The music from the room above my bedroom, however, is pure pop. Britney Spears, George Michael... I think when he's in one room he has one personality, and in the other room, he's a different person. Literally. How else would you explain it?


Nov. 6th, 2006 09:58 pm
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Tuneless Boy is practicing again. He's not too bad on the keyboard, actually. I was okay with that (Whoa! He's doing "An American in Paris" now!) till he started attempting to sing with whatever song he was playing at the time. Ya know, one of these times (probably at night when I'm kinda loopy from working too long on a paper-- should be any time now) I'm gonna have to throw my head back and just howl like a hound dog. I can do it, too. A-ROOOOOO!

I might have to thank him for something, though... I had absolutely no idea what vocal range the Beach Boys music encompasses until I heard him attempt their work with his trademark 4-note range. Wow.


Oct. 6th, 2006 07:13 pm
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Tunless boy is playing recorded music, which is a mixed blessing-- when he is playing his guitar at least I know he won't play long; he never does. Recorded, however, can go on all evening. I can't tell what he's playing; it's sort of a droning noise with occasional thumps, because he's considerate enough to not really crank it up. And the next door neighbor has a new dog-- large, by the sound of it, and it is unhappy to be alone, and is alternately barking and whimpering. Which it does much of the time, BTW. And me? I have a cross-eyed migraine and a paper due on Monday, and I'm supposed to be in class all day tomorrow and have demographic research ready, which I haven't done. I am so not a happy camper.


Jul. 24th, 2006 07:47 pm
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One of my neighbors-- I think it's Miss Lily-- hammers like a girl. taptaptaptap This wouldn't be strange at all if she were physically a girl, but she's a tranny, and presumably has the upper body strength of a man. An out-of-shape, middle aged man to be sure, but still. I'm sure it would be taken amiss if I were to offer to teach her how to hammer. I mean, I'm a girl (okay, middle aged and out of shape) but I know the bit about not expecting to get any power by swinging from the wrist. Geez. (Hmmmm... sounds like I think Miss Lily swings from her wrists.... not exactly what I meant. I don't even really want to think about Miss Lily swinging. Eek.)

I splurged tonight and got a steak for dinner. It was a reasonably good one to begin with, and then I marinated it for an hour (shoulda been longer but my patience ran out) in a bourbon marinade that I cobbled together after reading several recipes online. (About that information seeking behavior...) I wound up with too much vinegar and too little bourbon in it, but that can be fixed. It was a very good tender steak, all in all, and I think I really needed red meat for some reason. Yum.

Back to the term paper.
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OMG, Tuneless Boy has a girl upstairs with him and they are singing and she's every bit as bad as he is. If they start making whoopee tonight I might have to go bang on the door (so to speak) and stop them from procreating. I don't think I could stand it!


Apr. 28th, 2006 08:30 pm
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I think maybe Tuneless Boy has found his true metier (now if I only knew how to put the little accent thingy on there....) He's upstair wailing away on electric blues guitar and NOT SINGING. And he ain't doin' bad with the whole blues thing. I suppose it'd embarrass him if I applauded or something. Heh.

In other news of astonishment, I finally finished That Damn Cataloging Test. When I talked to other class members lost night, they all said they took like 12-15 hours to finish, too, so I don't feel so bad.

I went to hear Michael Gorman, current president of the American Library Association, speak on campus last night. He was a pretty good speaker. A little slick, maybe, but entertaining. It was unfortunate that his talk was in competition with a Special Libraries conference, and another of the local Library schools had a death on their faculty which pulled away another good sized chunk of potential attendees. (Yes, there are three library schools within about a one-hour driving radius of each other. Yes, I know that means the local library market is saturated. Sigh. Too bad I don't want to move out of the area. I hear there's going to be a great shortage of librarians soon, but apparently not here. La.)

I just finished re-reading William Gibson's Neuromancer. I really liked it this time, too. In fact, I liked it well enough to check out several other books of his, including Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive, the second and third books in the Neuromancer trilogy. It was [ profile] madlori recommending Pattern Recognition recently that made me start reading him again, and then I read Mona Lisa Overdrive, not knowing it was part of a trilogy. I'm looking forward to re-reading it in sequence. I was kind of afraid that Neuromancer would seem dated, or give me that "Oh, I've seen this SO many times" feeling that you get sometimes when something has been imitated, but it didn't happen. I did have Matrix flashbacks a few times, but nothing serious. The man's just good, is all. Thank you, madlori!

Well, Tunless Boy has gone out for the evening now, and I think I'll take Count Zero and go read awhile.
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I usually keep my music turned way (way, WAY) down when I'm working on the computer, partly so I don't disturb the neighbors and partly not to distract myself from whatever I'm doing. I was just sitting here playing a silly game and found myself grooving (geez, I'll bet the cool kids don't even say that any more) and sort of rocking in my chair and humming along to "Six Strings Down," a blues song I really like but hadn't ever really cranked up, so I just got wild and crazy and turned it up enough that I could really hear the words. Do I know how to live, or what? Then I left it turned up and listened to "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" which I discovered thanks to the lovely [ profile] madlori. I could get to liking this actually hearing the music. Heh.

In other news of the 'hood, it looks like the Guatemalan(?) neighbor may not be staying. In fact, he may be gone already-- I haven't seen him for a month or two. The real clue, though, is all the notes from the management stuck in his door-- the ones that say things like "To The Defendant" and stuff. I know he hasn't moved his stuff out yet.

I've finished two of my three classes for the semester. We got our final exams for the cataloging class last night (caused me to miss Veronica Mars. Geesh! Doesn't she have any priorities?) It's obviously a take-home; actually since we'll have to use the reference books in the library, we'll probably all run into each other there. It looks like a killer. She said she expects us to need 5-7 hours to finish it. Holy shit, batman.

I thought I'd enjoy being home for dinner, so I got some fresh salmon on special, and fixed some rice and green beans almondine to go with it. I lost track of time, and what I did to that poor fish was downright criminal. I don't think I've ever overcooked it so bad. Embarrassing, really. No idea why, either. The whole "losing track of time" thing seems to have been a theme all day long, though. I was late to work, and didn't remember to call Mother for her birthday till 10:30 at night. Yikes. Time was she would have cried all day, but she has mellowed to a HUGE degree, thank all that is holy. She was downright calm about the whole thing. She said she's had a bad headache all day, which makes it hard to care about anything besides stopping the pain.

Well, I'm gonna go crawl into bed now and hope I don't repeat the time thing tomorrow. Y'all be good, now, y'hear?
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I've had a moderately productive day. I was planning to work on my paper all day, but in the interest of procrastination, decided to work out my schedule for the fall semester instead. I was angsting (what, you didn't know that was a verb? I'm all about verbing the nouns) about not having the freedom to decide whether I wanted to take the Archives track or not, and finally had to admit that I'd made the decision about what classes to take, so just shut up and write to my advisor to get approval already. Geesh. So I got my classes planned out for the rest of my school career (I hope to GOD this is my final school career. I'm perfectly happy to be a "life long learner" but I'd really just as soon choose stuff that's fun instead of having to make new career decisions,) and sent the letter off to my advisor. Hope he checks his email relatively soon, like in the next few days. I have to jump through all kinds of hoops to take classes at State (I want to take at least two of the archiving classes,) and now that I've admitted I've made a decision I want to get right on it.

I think Tuneless Boy must have seen Walk the Line becuase he started practicing today with a Johnny Cash tune, or at least the opening bars. He soon switched to his usual fare, though. Whew. Don't know if I could handle the variety.

Miss Molly has been very lovey the last couple of days, which is interesting since I had to take her to the vet on Thursday and now I'm giving her a pill every day. I'm really happy she takes pills better than Nic did; I've never had to give them to her before. Still, I'm glad it's only 5 days; she was a little more savvy today and managed to spit it out once. Heh.

I worked on my paper for nearly four hours before my brain went Fried! I'm fried! and quit making sense. By means of taking a break, I worked a couple of puzzles and then a few levels of another kind of puzzle. Those two games make an interesting pair; they sure work your brain in different ways. I'm still terribly slow at Sudoku, but I'm enjoying the feeling of figuring out new tricks. My hope, of course, is that I'll be able to apply the reasoning I'm learning there to other questions that arise, like in real life. Right now I'm proudest of learning to look at each square as part of different groups of squares at once. Go, me.

I'm tired of this bout of pseudo-winter we're having. I got all revved up for spring already. I expect a day or two of cold weather along, but this has been several days in a row and I'm sick of it. Warm up, already!

Well, okay, I guess I'd better give the paper another try. Le sigh.
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First night of class, second day of work. I am exhausted. Read more... )
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The Picto-Personality Test

You are a person who likes to have fun all the time.

When alone, you appreciate being able to do nothing if you want to, and setting your own pace for things.

You are laid back. Anything goes, with you.

In the future you will be happy and live richly.

Take this Test at

In other news, the ding-y (or extremely lucky, or both) neighbor left her alarm on again last night and was gone this morning, so was awakened again at 6 AM for no good reason. This time I asked the apartment management to have the maintenance guys go in and unplug the alarm. We'll see if that makes an impression.

I went to the library today to do paperwork, and got to attend the "meet the managers" lunch with the County Managers. Lots of questions about transportation and urban planning. I was SO good about keeping my mouth shut about zoning issues. When the Manager said that you can't stop growth.... well, I didn't give him a lecture about restrictions and fees that can be placed on new development JUST TO COVER THE INFRASTRUCTURE COSTS THAT WILL RESULT FROM THE NEW CONSTRUCTION. No I didn't. Because he obviously thinks that Growth Is Good. If not God. Sigh.

But lunch was good and I enjoyed meeting everyone, and it is cool to be starting to work at a place where I've volunteered and where lots of people seemed really happy that I'll be starting to work a paid job instead of just "Oh, it's a new employee. Wonder what she's like. Huh."

And I realized today that the T-Th-Sat version of my class schedule was an earlier incarnation and I'll be in class T-W-Th nights instead. So maybe I'll be able to do some SCA after all. I'll probably wind up working some Saturdays but it won't be every Sat. Yea, team.
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I bought a new cookbook this morning at Ten Thousand Villages. It's called Simply in Season and is put out by the World Community Cookbook company. Needless to say, it's divided by season and has lots of recipes for fruits and veggies appropriate to each specific time of year. Since I've been in fall food mode for a couple of weeks now, this is highly appropriate. Plus, in the back they have a general section with stuff like Naan, cinnamon bread, and lots of pancake recipes (yum); plus how to make basic things like yogurt and white sauce, and a "cream soups substitute" for when you don't want to use Campbells Cream of Mushroom. I'm looking forward to several of the pumpkin/winter squash recipes.

In the category of "delicious," I have fallen in love with Boston Legal. It comes on after Commander in Chief, or I would never have thought to turn it on. It makes me wonder if I should have watched the show it was based on. Although, now that I think of it, I believe I did see it a few times but just never got quite hooked.

And on the "guilty pleasures" theme, I just got some Denali BearClaw ice cream for the first time. Oh. My. Deeeeep daaaaaaark chocolate. With cashews and caramel. Tonight I found myself taking little half-teaspoon size bites to make it last so I wouldn't go get another bowlful.... or two. Mighty fine.

Tuneless Boy is serenading again. (Hey, it can't ALL be good news!) I don't recognize the tune he's aiming for this time; I guess he's trying to learn a new song. This isn't one of his standards. Can't decide whether that's good or bad.

Mother called last night to tell me that Aunt Susan fell yesterday morning and broke her hip. It's apparently a bad break. That sort of didn't surprise me, since she used to be so tall but is now several inches shorter than I am. I mean, I'm assuming osteoporosis caused both the loss of height and the break. Not that I'm a doctor, or even play one on TV for that matter.

Mother also said my brother is going to try to come see them in early November, and could I come up, too? I had to say it would kinda depend on budget stuff. Man, I hate to have to say that; I want to just hop in the car and go. Especially with Aunt Susan being in the hospital and all-- I'd love to go right now AND in November AND at Christmas. Unfortunately, though, I figure it's now going to cost about $100 per trip and I just don't always have an extra hundred to spare. It almost makes me wish I'd been a responsible adult and stayed steadily employed so I could afford to go. Oh, wait, I got laid off from the job I had for 13+ years, and now I have migraines. It wasn't my decision! Plus, if I were employed, I couldn't go anyway. Oh, well. I might as well deal with what is, instead of what might have been. I think I'll go wash dishes now, and maybe cook something out of my new cookbook.
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So, the movie of the day was Donnie Darko. Verrrry interesting. It was a great movie; that wasn't a sarcastic or disparaging comment. I liked it so much I watched all the stuff on the second disk, including the interviews with the Darkomaniacs or whatever they are called.

What astonishes me the most from those "The Making Of" segments is how the hell movies ever get made. Yeah, yeah, the special effects and all that are cool, but damn! Watching those really makes me appreciate how hard good acting must be. Hell, I don't see how they ever memorize all their lines, never mind the acting part. And not only do they have to convey the emotion once, but they have to do it over and over, with dozens of cameras and lighting and sound crews and everyone else under the sun poking things at them and being distracting all over the place.

I am equally amazed by the different ways that the director can change the whole thing by the scenes used, the camera angles, the lighting, the fades.... dayum. Disc 2 of Fight Club had different versions of a couple of the same scenes when I watched it yesterday to illustrate that. I could get really enamored of the movie making process if I allowed myself to think about it. I'm a movie maker's dream in that I do the willing suspension of disbelief thing very well, so when I do think about the details I am amazed all over again. One random thing that did bother me was that the movie was supposed to be set in Virginia, and visually it just never looked like Virginia. Why bother to say it was set there? I guess they had to be flying from Hollywood, but why Virginia? The outdoor shots were California all the way, even if they did manage to not show palm trees. Geez.

I was also very intrigued today with Jake Guyllenhall's face. It seemed to be completely different people, depending on the light, the angle of the shot, in additon to his expressions, which were astonishing.

On the home front, Tuneless Boy has been practicing again. Gigi even got to hear a bit when she was here. It was funny when G and I were coming in from University. G looked at the apartments and said "Which one is Tuneless Boy?" So I showed her where all the players are-- Tuneless Boy, Miss Lily, the Guatamalans, and Rap Guy. (Deeply ingrained PCness prevents me from calling him Rap Boy since he's Black-- excuse me, African American, though I'm pretty sure he's never seen Africa-- and might somehow be existentially insulted. I know, it's weird.)

Happy, happy... Tuneless Boy has quit playing, and John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt are singing I'm In The Mood for Love. Heh, I tell you. Makes me downright sorry I don't have anybody to get in the mood with. Ah, well, Phoebe Snow's Shaky Ground is up now, and maybe that's more apropos.
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I don't get rap. Yep, I am flaunting my old-fart-itude. I am sitting here trying to finish my (deathless prose) please-admit-me letter, and the man who lives next door to my upstairs neighbor is blasting his rap music. It's not like the "music" is coming from a car directly outside my window, facing my direction. Nope, he's a whole apartment away on another floor, blasting the music away from my windows, and it's still loud enough that I can't just listen to my own music instead. I know, the preceding sentences make the assumption that there is a corollary between "rap" and "loud" but as far as I can tell, there is. And it's all frantic, as far as I can tell. No room for quiet reflection there.

I really feel sorry for the poor man who lives downstairs from the rap-player. I don't know what else goes on, but my neighbor (who is Guatemalan) called the police the other night, hoping they could throw the guy out. Guess he's not up on laws around here just yet. The cop was very polite in explaining to him how to go to the magistrate to make a complaint.

For once, I'm glad when the AC unit comes on next door-- it drowns out the racket.
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Wow, I'm fried. I went to Ten Thousand Villages this morning to help out with their tenth anniversary celebration. They asked me to do henna "tattoos," because I"m good at drawing, right? and if you're good at drawing at all, then you must be good at freehand, on-the-spot, make-it-up-as-you-go-along kind of drawing. They just laughed merrily when I said it made me anxious, because I can draw and obviously I was joking. Sigh. Most of the people who asked for my services were kids, and everyone including the adults seemed pleased, but all I could see was lumpy lines and uneven designs. By the time my hand gave out I could see improvement but there were still no works of art among 'em. Oh, well. It'll wash off, eventually.

When I came in from the dinner last night, I saw Miss Lily in the parking lot and had a chance to ask her about the sounds coming from my apartment. Turns out that my note explaining that I wasn't in town during the (single) occurrence made her even more uneasy. It seems that she had to leave her previous apartment in this same complex because of a poltergeist, and now she fears it's followed her here. Eek. And I was only concerned about burglers. Silly me.

Between finishing the GRE, working this morning doing the oh-so-relaxing henna, and finding out I might be living with a poltergeist, I'm plumb worn out. Food and maybe a nap beckon.


Aug. 31st, 2005 08:45 pm
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I just had a very productive session of test practice. I dunno whether this was just an easier test or whether I'm starting to catch on to this... we'll go with the catching on theory right now, I think. Heh. Anyway, I had only been getting about 2/3 of the way through and this time I got 27 of 30 done. And I got a noticeably higher percentage right, too! I even made progress on the problem solving ones, which are my worst nightmare. There's definitely a gap in that part of my brain-- cause and effect, analysis, you know. Not so much with that. That's going to be my biggest problem on the writing part, too. I can grammar the heck out of whatever I write, I just usually have a problem coming up with coherently stated reasons to bolster whatever position I have to take.

I went out for a haircut this morning. I swear, I must find a better stylist that I can afford. I have a guy that I love, but he charges over 5 times what the cheap place does, so he's out of my price range right now. The woman I keep getting at the cheap place, though... clueless doesn't begin to cover it. If it's not on a page in her book, it's not doable. I finally settled on something just to get it over with, but I ain't thrilled. It is better than the last one, though. At least this time I might be able to live with it while it grows out a bit, and then find a medium-priced cut somewhere. (Okay, median between those two extremes.... AAAAARRRGH!! Help! Get me out of test mode!!)

I've just today really paid attention to the results of Katrina. It's incomprehensible. I remember the dazed feeling I had after Fran, and I still had my house, my husband and cats, and all my belongings, for the most part intact. Today I was unfortunate enough to turn on the TV to CNN just as Shrub gave his little pep talk. I had just read Marn's diary and I could feel my stomach turn when I saw him. It was a completely visceral response. His speech was, of course, immediately followed by news of the rising gas prices. What with one thing and another, I was in dire need of comfort and fled to the kitchen to make pudding. (I started to write, "I was so upset I had to go make pudding" but somehow... it just didn't sound right.) There I stood, stirring away, feeling guilty as hell for not being able to do anything and worrying about taking a test while all those people are homeless, and will be for untold lengths of time. And I kept thinking of songs about New Orleans.

Surprisingly, it was after that long sojourn into reality that I did so well on the practice test. Go figure. I was lucky, though, in that Tuneless Boy didn't start "playing" whatever the hell instrument he plays until after I finished taking the test and reviewing the answers. He was sounding better tonight, though. It's a miracle, praise be.

I'm going to go in the other room (away from the "music",) take a migraine pill, and crawl into bed with a mystery. The kind I can enjoy, not the kind with X's and Y's. And maybe Miranda will sit in my lap for awhile. She's actually done that twice today, for the first time in forever. Teenagers, you know.

Ah, yes...

Aug. 26th, 2005 10:01 am
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The joys of bureaucracy. I just place my third call in two days to the HR dept where I used to work to try to find out the exact status of my disability.... as in, when it ends, when the last check arrives, etc. So many questions, so few people willing to answer them. The woman who was my contact has now left (probably drummed out for being too helpful.) I'm trying to avoid the one who told me that if I couldn't handle the multi-tasking of getting permits for several multi-million dollar building projects at once, I couldn't handle the multi-tasking of secretarial work, either. (I never missed a deadline, BTW, despite their trash talk.) I don't think I can handle an attitude that helpful right now.

Livia invited me over for dinner last night and I took my GRE study guides. She helped me study math. She's really good at that stuff-- seems to be almost intuitive. The best news of all, though, is that after a bit of prompting and review, I remembered a lot more than the exact stuff she'd reviewed with me. In other words, it's starting to come back. Whew!

I've been reading the language review stuff in short-term bits and when I'm tired-- sort of around the edges of bigger blocks of time. I'm not nearly as stressed about that.

I wrote a note to my downstairs neighbor last night about the loud noises she believes are coming from my apartment. I tried several times to contact her in person with no success. I used a card made from the painting I did for this icon for my stationery, with my name on the back as the artist. Just a little subtle reference to the quiet lady who just paints all day. Heh.
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Well, sort of blahs, anyway. I'm feeling so much better than I was on Monday that I hate to even call this blah.

During my absence, it became easier to tell the kittens apart... Carmen has developed a bulge around her middle that clearly distinguishes her from her more svelte sister. It's rather amusing. I'm glad she's started being more freindly again; the first day and a half she was pretty standoffish and a few times even ran from me. Nothing like lying on your belly with your head under the bed, sweet-talking a cat, to make you feel like a mature, intelligent human being. Heh.

Another issue, of more concern, is the letter that I received from my downstairs neighbor, saying she's been bothered by the sound of banging and heavy furniture being moved in my apartment at around 5 or 5:30 AM. The note was dated the 18th. If we assume that she wrote it after being awakened that morning, there is something very fishy indeed going on. As in, I wasn't IN my apartment from the 8th to the 21st. A friend came to feed the cats and take care of the litter box, but I sincerely doubt he did that at 5 AM, and neither of those activities takes place in that room anyway. Furthermore, anyone who knows me will testify under oath that I am extremely unlikely to be doing anything more active than snoring at 5 AM. And while I have it on good authority that I used to snore mightily, I doubt that even my worst is THAT loud. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find Miss Lily home so that I can talk to her about this.

Nia and I are going to do laundry tonight. I do envy those who have washers and dryers at home. For that matter, when I got home Sunday night, my apartment was much more uncomfortable than camp had been-- neither is air conditioned but camp usually had a breeze. And the Baronial shower had better water pressure than my shower here. It made me seriously reconsider my love of this place, hardware floors and 9' ceilings or not.


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