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Nov. 8th, 2005 01:41 pm
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I'm feeling better today, and I am SO happy about it. The tooth hardly hurts at all, though I have no ambitions to chew on that side any time soon. Talk about lack of ambition!

I called my drug store today to refill my Imitrex before I leave for KY, only to find that the insurance will not pay for it because it's two days early. Never mind that I'm going to be out of the state. Nope, not one minute early. I don't have quite enough to make it through the week without a refill, so I get to have the prescription transferred up there, and then transferred back next month. Whee. At least I'm not going to be out in the woods somewhere, with no access to a drugstore. That would make me really annoyed.

The "check engine" light that came on in my car was because I didn't have the gas cap screwed on tight enough. Who knew? It has to click two or three times when I tighten it down. Oh, and once the light comes on and I tighten it down, it takes "a couple of days" to "reset" itself.

I stocked up on books today-- both hard copy and audio-- for my trip. I was moderately indescriminate in my selection of books, but rather more selective for the audio ones. I didn't see any LIT-ra-ture ones today that sounded remotely interesting, so it's all mysteries.

I just talked to NCCU to find out when they're sending out letters of acceptance/rejection for Library school, and they said those letters should go out this week. So, I should know something official soon. That'll be good.
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