Feb. 5th, 2007


Feb. 5th, 2007 10:57 am
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I had a pretty good day yesterday, right up till the very last minute.

The cats that went to the vet have pills they are supposed to get twice a day. Molly has been reasonably good so far, though she's staring to slink off when she sees me coming toward her. Carmen is getting in touch with her inner eel and I'm having a hell of a time. In fact, I'm pretty sure the pill this AM is somewhere besides inside her. Question for you cat people: would putting peanut butter on the pill help? These are cut up and apparently taste really nasty. I'm hoping the PB would coat it enough to get it down the throat without the nasty flavor. I know PB works for dogs, but don't know about cats.

I spent all day working on homework for one of my classes. We have to answer 7 questions, describe the steps we took to find the answer, and provide citations, book locations and call numbers if appropriate. I had 6 of them done and was pretty damned pleased with myself. I was saving fairly frequently, too. I was so proud. I was working on the laptop and when I went to email the doc to myself so I could finish on the Mac and print, the doc wasn't there. It wasn't anywhere. In fact, when I hit the "file" menu in Word it didn't even show the document as one I had been working on. I had downloaded the doc from online and all I can think is that it was saving to some mysterious place in the ether, which of course has now been cleared.

Today I get to re-create all my work.


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