Mar. 15th, 2007

Uh huh.

Mar. 15th, 2007 08:37 am
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Al Qaeda suspect confesses." Riiiiiight.
Not that we have ANY reason to doubt any "confessions" coming out of Gitmo.
And there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
And I'm from the government and I'm here to help.
And the check's in the mail.
And I won't come in your mouth.
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Not an exciting day. I suppose I should be grateful for that. Not a particularly good day, either. I woke up at 5 with a migraine, AFTER taking an Imitrex last night before I went to bed, because I could feel it starting even then. I only slept 4 or 5 hours, and that includes feeling the migraine every time I woke up. I wanted to take a nap this morning after the second Imitrex kicked in but the caffeinated coffee I took for medicinal purposes foiled that scheme, except for dozing off for a couple of minutes while I was reading whatever bad book I had in my hand. At least I know that author isn't worth checking out again.

Before I forget it, I wantI have an appointment to thank [ profile] wakeupmagy for her recommendation awhile back for a treatment for cold sores-- I got some l-lysine at Whole Foods, and damn! That stuff worked, literally overnight. I forgot to take it with me when I went out the next day and the swelling came back a little, but it was pretty much over with. Yay for that!

I was an impetuous woman yesterday. My iPod, upon which I have come to rely, wouldn't turn on one time too many. If modern gadgets can have loose connections, I swear this one did. It worked, it didn't work, totally at random. It was fine yesterday morning, but in the afternoon, no dice. Having recently received a check for three months of disability from the state, I said tohellwithitall and stopped at the Apple store, which just happens to be conveniently located between the Book Repair lab and my house. Convenient, eh? I was originally lusting after the cute little Nano, but when I realized that the regular size iPod provided three times as much storage space for the same price, I abandoned "cute" in a heartbeat. Screw cute, give me more music. And just like the nice man at the store promised, it "recognized" almost all the music on my computer as being mine, or assumed since it was on there, and it was bonding for the first time, it must be okay, or something, and loaded everything. Except one Lyle Lovett song, for some bizarre reason. Just the one song. So I've been playing with my new toy, which of course led me to play with my iTunes and set up some more playlists and such. Fun.

I have an appointment on Saturday with a doctor to see if I'm disabled enough for Social Security, which as we've already discussed, I know I'm not. Still, I'll play their silly games and go. As I said to someone this morning, I have no idea whether this guy will give me a cursory once over before telling me "Nope" or whether he'll examine me in excruciating detail before saying "No."

A mental health professional recommended yesterday that I only work halftime instead of full time, in the interest of not provoking the migraines to greater heights. Since the disability guarantees me a certain amount of income whether I work or not, (as long as it isn't the job that made me sick in the first place-- not bloody likely!!) that makes a great deal of sense. I think getting out and working some will help keep me sane(r) but I hadn't really considered all the ramifications of this whole disability thing. I have been blithely assuming that I'll be able to do a less stressful job as long as I keep taking my Imitrex, but there's no real guarantee of that, or that this will be less stressful, for that matter. Maybe it'll be the same amount of stress but in a different way. Joy! It's given me a lot to think about. In between thinking about the papers I have to write, and the random other assignments, and of course, most important of all, squeezing in time for a scroll blank or two for Coronation. I mean, let's keep our priorities straight here.

Now that the Imitrex has kicked in, I've had lunch and a couple of winks of nap, I think I feel alert enough to work on one of the random assignments, so I'll start writing now.


Mar. 15th, 2007 05:10 pm
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My iMac computer has gone mad. Or maybe it's just gotten mad, I dunno. I've been working in Word, making a document with several pictures in it. I have several of these already made. When I tried to save said document, I got an error message saying there wasn't room on the hard drive to save it; there was likewise not enough room to save it on my 1-gig thumb drive. I have taken several other pages just like this off the thumb drive, so I know they'll fit, but it's still saying no room. I'm also having a hard time believing my hard drive is full. I have never in my life actually had a full hard drive; when I get that message it's a symptom of another problem. The only possible difference is that now I do have lots of music on my hard drive, but then it's nothing that isn't fitting on the iPod, so that shouldn't be it, either.

If anyone is familiar with iMacs and has any ideas, I'd love to hear 'em.

edit: When I try to empty the trash (which shows about 750 items in it) I get messages saying it can't delete this file because it's locked or in use, and it says there are over 30,000 left to be deleted, but they all say that.


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