Jan. 28th, 2007 05:14 pm
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So. On Saturday I had class, and found out more about our first assignment, due in two weeks. I'm still not feeling like I have a good idea what I want to do. There has been some sort of problem with the Blackboard program through which my other structured class is offered, but it's now apparently working again, and there's homework on there, too. And on Tuesday I have a meeting scheduled with the librarian in charge of the Preservation department and thus the Book Repair section where I'm doing my practicum. I'm trying to get my notes and pictures of what I've been doing and learning organized and printed to show him. In other words, the homework part of the semester has kicked in with a vengeance.

On Friday I had a sore throat but yesterday it was okay. Today it's sore again, and my eyes are dry and my nose is runny--and I have a nagging migraine, to boot. I've been trying to listen to music while I work on the practicum stuff, but since I'm using a graphics program as well as Word, trying to play music on the computer too has slowed things down so much I had to abandon it. Too bad, because it was helping to keep me going.

Tomorrow I am volunteering at the library; last week I did lots of running, shelving, moving around. If this really is a cold as I suspect, tomorrow is going to be most unpleasant.

This is just SO not shaping up well.


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