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Mother called tonight to give me the latest on Aunt S. She's doing much better, apparently. She sat in a chair for 3-1/2 hours today, and 4 hours yesterday. Great news! Bad news is, they have put a feeding tube back in because she's not eating enough to keep her alive. They might move her out of ICU tomorrow and to a regular room. This hospital doesn't have any sort of halfway "critical care" unit-- it's either ICU or a standard room. As soon as she gets moved to a standard room, Mother and Daddy plan for one of them to stay with her 24/7 so they can be there to help if she needs anything. That means that I need to get back up there ASAP, but of course now that I have the root canal scheduled for tomorrow, Mother is telling me not to rush. Mother doesn't drive, so she can't go over by herself, and they are trying to figure out how to get her over there and then back when Daddy is going to stay. So I really DO need to get up there and start driving again.

I understand the need, and I know it's important, but I still dread it no end. I feel so completely isolated up there. Well, I guess that's realistic, because I AM isolated up there. My phone is fixed now, though, so that might help. And I sweartogod, I'm going to write critical phone numbers on a piece of old-fashioned paper and put it in my wallet, so if all my technology dies again, I'll at least be able to call on the land line from the 'rent's house. Even that doesn't help a lot, though. I miss my cats, mainly. (I have already turned into a cat lady. Sigh. Well, no one else gazes adoringly into my eyes and purrs at me, so what do you expect?) And of course, having no computer makes life difficult, too. I'm going to see if the local library has computers so I can get online. Now THAT would help. I'm starting to regret that I didn't get a laptop.

Nia and Brigida issued separate invitations for stuff today, and I went to both. Very pleasant. Now if I had just gotten done what I needed to do... I gotta say, I did need some face time, though.

I made a mix CD to take to the dentist tomorrow. It's all uptempo stuff, mostly oldies, but with some recent discoveries that I love thrown in. It'll be great to sing along with in the car, too. It starts off with "No Satisfaction" and ends with "My Sharona," with some Elvis, the Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, Janis, Linda Ronstadt, Beach Boys and much, much more thrown in. Whee! The appointment may suck, but it'll suck with good music.


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