Jan. 26th, 2006 05:30 pm
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I'm taking some nasty cold/flu thing. I thought it was just a cold but this afternoon I've been feeling feverish and my head's started hurting. Major ick. I slept for two hours this afternoon and do not dread the idea of going to bed tonight.

The up side is that it spurred me to make some vegetable soup. I have a love/hate thing with veg soup-- I don't usually like it but sometimes I feel like I need it, for whatever reason. Today it fell in the category of "comfort food that does not involve dairy products." Popcorn falls in there, too, but scratchy stuff on a sore throat, not so much. Anyway. I spent a long time thinking about what I don't like about veg soup, and came up with some ways around those things. And fortunately, the soup came out very well. I've had it for both lunch and dinner, and it was good. Instead of Mother's recipe, I added mushrooms, beef stock, and ground beef, and used rice instead of potatoes. I also threw in some basil. With my propensity for re-inventing things, I'm waiting for someone to tell me this is a famous soup that I just came up with. Anyway, it is good.

I have a new nickname at the office: Spike. I work for a woman with the same name as mine, and people were getting confused about which of us was being sought. It was usually her, of course, but if I was there it was still confusing. So Monday, one of my co-workers said "You need a nickname. We'll call you Spike." Here's the rest of the story that gave me such a turn when she said that. When K and I went to Pennsic the first time, it was our first event ever and we didn't have SCA names. We were camping with friends from Kentucky, and they said "You must have names! Spike and Fluffy. You're Spike (pointing at me,) and he (K) is Fluffy." And it stuck, because that's what they called us all week, and that's how they introduced us to people. So when my coworker came up with Spike, I had a "small world" moment and thought someone had told her the story. In this case, though, it wasn't me reinventing the wheel, but her. Heh.


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