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I want to work on the scroll blank I promised [ profile] harleenquinzell I'd do for the competition at Coronation. I've started on it, got the callig done and some of the simplest painting. That means the hard/fun part of the painting is yet to do.

And now I have to do schoolwork! How unfair is that? I have a meeting tomorrow with one of my teachers to discuss a research proposal (fortunately, we don't have to actually DO the research, just say what we'd do if we were going to do it) and I'm not exactly prepared for that. And there's class on Sat, and another assignment due on Monday-- this one for the erm.... scattered teacher.... about how we would get promoted/get tenure at a university, or some damn thing. I have NO idea what that's about. Then another set of silly questions due Wed. I finish my book repair practicum tomorrow, so next Wed I'm home all day, at least; that'll help considerably. Then the actual research proposal paper is due April 14, which sounds like it's oh-so-far-away, but ha! It's only a week and a half after that. Can you say "Yikes!"? I knew you could. I'll have to figure out more about the research proposal and see if I'm going to have time to work on the scroll at all. Even if I don't get it done for Coronation, I can still turn it in for use later. Sigh. I'd still rather be painting.

Biggest excitement around here tonight is that today when I was doing dishes I apparently flooded Miss Lily's apartment. I guess she wasn't home during the day-- what a joyful thing to come home to. The blockage isn't mine directly and I had no idea there was a problem at all. The maintenance guys came around tonight knocking on everybody's doors and checking to see what was working and what wasn't. Everyone's finally gone home for the night, at least.

I'm going to miss going to the book repair lab. That's fun. I have printed out a copy of my log, complete with pics, to give Josh. It's kinda impressive.

So to bed, so I'll get my beauty rest. Ha.

what EVAR.

Mar. 11th, 2007 08:19 pm
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I'm working on homework. On a Sunday night, a week and a half ahead of its due date. The world must really be coming to an end. Consider yourselves warned. It's more Humanities Resources questions, but at least this week it's good stuff-- Visual Arts! Yay! Amazing how much easier it is to find answers when you have a clue. I am still amused, however. One of the questions this time is about Fiestaware. I gotta say, I googled that sucker. I can't help thinking of the scene in Indiana Jones when he gets tired of all the fancy stuff with the whip and just pulls out his gun and shoots the guy. Yeah, there are lots of things I can do to find info about Fiestaware, including books galore, but when the question is "Where is Fiestaware made and what makes it so collectible to some people?" well, really. Do I really need fancy reference books for that? What can I say, besides what a dumb question. I have no doubt that there are people in the world who collect gum wrappers, and who can ever know why? I doubt that there's any book in the world that can adequately address the issue of why anyone collects anything, except psychologically maybe. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want psych theory. So half the question can be answered in about 30 seconds on Google, and the other half may never be adequately answered. I say we don't need a book for this. I'll give her a book, anyway, but geez. I'm putting my metaphorical whip away.

I have had further cause to be amused and dismayed-- this time at myself-- this weekend. We got out of class early yesterday and I wasn't in the mood to start homework just yet. I decided I'd look through some books and see if I could find something to do for the addendum to [ profile] harleenquinzell's Scroll Blank Competition (see comments for the addendum) and promptly got bogged down in all sorts of competitive considerations. It took me years to figure out that I am so damn competitive that I basically just don't play a lot of things because I know I won't do them well and thus have no chance of winning. Is that pitiful or what? So at least part of what I ran into yesterday is that if I'm going to do an entry for a competition I start looking for something with some flash to it; something eyecatching, maybe not what looks most fun to me to do right now. Utterly ridiculous. Because I have so much to prove, you know. As much as I theoretically know that, my mind gets all twitchy like a thoroughbred horse with a starting gate in sight. Lord, I do make life more difficult than it needs to be.

One thing I'm relaxing and enjoying tonight, though, is the Bourne Identity, which is on TV. I saw the Bourne Supremacy last weekend, but it's been a while since I saw the first one. Sweet.
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Create your own! Originally Written By [ profile] ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by [ profile] darkman424

I had a nice weekend, mostly scribal. I actually didn't do any scribing, but Livia and Sunneva came over on Sat to work, and I consulted. I'm excited about the work they're doing-- very nice. Livia came back on Sun because she's got a hot project and is really working on some new techniques while still trying to make a deadline. In looking for materials to help her, I realized what a sad shape my scribal shelves were in, so spent a few hours straightening. I still don't have everything in tip-top shape like Sunneva does, but there's a huge improvement. Still stuff I can't find anywhere, though. Sigh.

I woke up yesterday with a migraine and was afraid for a while it was going to be bad, but some caffeine and sitting up for a couple of hours helped. I even got some studying done. Woot! By the time Livia got here I was in good shape. We went shopping to replace some of the things I couldn't find here; I'm glad the weather wasn't as bad as predicted. At least not in my part of the world. It may have gotten ugly a few miles from here. Weird weather patterns around here.

I find that I am frequently bemused by the relative skills of authors. I haven't learned how to analyze writing the way I was taught to analyze art and architecture (though, lord knows, I've forgotten most of that.) I used to sort of think that if a book didn't actually suck but I still didn't particularly like it, the insufficiency was mine. Now I am more likely to believe that the author lacks some spark, even if I can't articulate what the problem is. It is true, though, that sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a particular author, so maybe it's a shared problem. Or maybe they're B+ or A- books instead of A+ books that I couldn't put down if I tried. I read a couple of books this weekend that were decent, and in at least one of them the characters seemed to be reasonably complex, intelligent people, but the book didn't leave me craving more. Then sometimes there's a character that is totally unlike me, shares few if any of my values, but the book leaves me literally hungry for more. Then there is the author I've read lately whose words and sentences are put together well, and the dialogue is reasonable, but his MESSAGE is so damn heavy handed. Maybe it's not message, exactly, but all his books are about personality integration, for want of a better description. People are always losing parts of themselves and having to get the parts back together. What makes a book really good is one of life's imponderables, I guess. Maybe I should just hope that's the most serious problem I have to deal with for the next few years.

I actually finally have some homework reading to do. I've been making notes and collecting scraps of materials to include in a notebook for the Practicum. I'm going to try to remember to take my camera tomorrow, too. Document the hell out of stuff from here on out. I hope. If I don't pull the spacey routine I did this weekend and forget every damn thing. Oops.


Jan. 8th, 2007 12:18 pm
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Well, let's see about an update.

I actually got email last night from the friend from my teen years that I saw in Richmond when I was there. I didn't really expect that. I wish I could feel like I could relax and trust him, instead of watching every word I say. It's not that I care what he and his family think, but my mother really does care, and she still lives there, so I can't tell him anything that Mother would be unhappy to have broadcast all over the tiny town. Nothing like a little paranoia to keep you on your toes. It's too bad, too. It'd be fun to have someone to visit when I go back to Richmond. He's so.... seductive, though not in a sexual way. Not with women, anyhow. He's just fun to talk to and always draws me out. I've read the emails two or three times each before sending to check for potential revelation of anything that shouldn't be revealed. Sigh.

I had a very scribal weekend-- had a little workshop for a friend on Saturday; she's never scribed at all and wants to begin, and she invited two others who are intermediate level. It made it rather confusing for me, since I thought I was going to be doing all basic beginning level stuff. And on Sunday I had a play date with [ profile] zihuatenejo and [ profile] harleenquinzell. I painted some and we looked at potential scroll layouts and new calligraphy hands. Fun.

Today I was looking for something in an older entry and found that [ profile] syaldia had asked for the recipe for the Peanut Butter Pie and I hadn't seen the request. So, herewith, the recipe behind a cut. Recipe )

I haven't taken any migraine meds for probably a week. I had a bad migraine one day but decided to tough it out-- I think there will be a lapse between short-term and long-term disability coverages and I figure I'll need the meds a lot more when I'm in class than I do when I'm sitting here with nothing to do. Hasn't been too bad otherwise. I hope I can get the rest of the information I need for the paperwork soon; it's making me buggy worrying about it. Erk.


Jan. 5th, 2007 12:21 pm
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This article has a ton of information about migraines. Yep, it's Wikipedia, about which I have expressed doubts in the past. I still would not use it as a source for serious research, but I see that it can be very helpful. Way down at the bottom of this article, it not only lists herbal and alternative treatments, but in many cases gives statistics on efficacy rates. I have noted three different possibilities that I want to try. The thing I found most impressive in this article is the info about the costs of migraine-- how many people have it, how much time is lost, etc. Helps quell the suspicion that I'm just a wuss. (Insert sheepish grin here.)

In book-related news, a couple of weeks back I happened across a link to a journal by Scott Lynch ("The Dork Lord, on his Dork Throne.") The journal was interesting enough that I bookmarked it, even though I'd never heard of him. I Googled him, of course, but didn't recognize any titles. But lo! When I was at the library yesterday, I saw one of his books on the new bookshelf-- The Lies of Locke Lamora. (I hate the title-- it sounds like either an old Western or something set in Scotland. Weird.) I scanned a few paragraphs, enough to see that it didn't suck, and checked it out. I'm about a quarter of the way through it now, and am really enjoying it. It's about a boy who is orphaned and becomes a member of a thieves guild; the setting is medieval-ish, with discreet touches of "alchemical" this and that-- not really as cop-outs, but just there. I'm having a hard time not just curling up with it and saying "To hell with what I'm supposed to be doing today!"

I'm doing a tiny little scribal workshop tomorrow, and one of the things I need to be doing today is prepping for that. I've put together a list of pangrams, aka abecedarian sentences-- those that have every letter of the alphabet in them. For afficiandos of the form, the ideal would be a sentence with each letter used only once, but this seems to be difficult if not impossible if you use only real, standard words. Since I'm doing this in an SCA sort of context, I tried not to use obviously modern ones that included words like "jazz." I was going to stick to the shorter sentences, but some of my favorites are longish.... "The dark risque gown makes a very brazen exposure of juicy flesh." "Justly vexed, the queen exiled the calligrapher who spattered black sumi ink on her fuzzy dog." And my own addition to the list: "Crazy buxom wenches in black velvet gowns poured liquor in a jiffy." I know, I know, it isn't PC. Life's a bitch.

Okay, time to get back to work. Ta.

goings on

May. 4th, 2006 09:40 pm
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Still no word on the Cataloging class grade. Grrrr. Oh, well, for a few more hours at least, I'll have a 4.0 GPA. Heh.

I talked to the Dean today about a scheduling conflict I have with some classes I want to take. See, UNC offers this one Preservation class this fall, and I want to take it. Except Central also has this rule about having to take at least 6 hours at Central (my school) during the semester I take classes at another school. Which is okay, except I have already enrolled at State for their Archiving class this fall, and Central tells me that 9 hours is a full load in Grad school. I was sort of hoping the Dean could get the 6 hours on campus thing waived, but no such luck. Instead, she'll be happy to let me take 12 hours. Whee! I mean, I am the one that suggested it, and I laughed and said "And I don't offer that lightly!" But you know what, in some ways it'll be easier, because I'll just have a higher proportion of my time allocated to school, and I think it'll help me focus. Part of the trouble I had this semester was keeping my mind on school, because there wasn't really enough to keep me busy until a paper came due or something like that. Sounds ridiculous, I guess. Anyway, I'm glad I can take the class at UNC-- and the J half of [ profile] zihuatanejo will be in that class, too! Now that will be fun. Me and my 'prentice in school together! Yeay!

I'm heading to KY tomorrow (Friday) and will be driving back next Wed. That is the best balance I could come up with between enough time to make the 'rents feel like I was there a good long time and not so long I am ready to kill, or scream, or both at once. I'm taking my laptop and wireless so I can go to the local coffeeshop to check email and get a good cuppa, and feel connected to the world. I've also got my class notes for both classes I'm teaching at Heralds and Scribes on there, so I can work on the handouts while I'm there, too. We'll also be going to Barbourville to work on Aunt Susan's house at least one day. Joy, oh, joy. Every time I talk to Mother she tells me how much work it's been and it does sound like it's been really rough on them. I mean, they're 85 and 86, and B'ville is 100 miles away, and they drive down for the day about once a week. Even the drive alone alone is hard on them, but then when they are there they are working on sorting a house full of stuff. It's maybe 2,000 SF, and it is Full of Stuff. Mother keeps asking me do I want them to keep this or that for me, and this week I finally told her that my apartment is starting to look like Aunt Susan's house. She laughed, but I guarandamntee you that she'll have LOTS of stuff that I'll have to say, no, I don't need it. An awful lot of it is brand new stuff that Aunt S barely used; she was apparently a serial shopaholic of the take-no-prisoners variety.

I was at Livia's tonight and was looking at some of her work, and it made me downright homesick--to do calligraphy, of all things. That damn stuff has snuck up on me, and I've gotten to like it when I wasn't looking. Me, the illuminator. Hooked on calligraphy.

Oh, and on the drive to Durham tonight I started listening to Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, which I checked out of the library for the trip to KY. I got several books on the theory that when I get in the car I never know what I'll be in the mood to listen to, so I just get lots of stuff. Anyway, I'm liking it a lot. I think we're just getting to the Neil Gaiman part, if you know what I mean. The weird thing is that the reader has a pronounced British accent, which is quite lovely, except when he's supposed to be sounding like a southern lady. At least I thought that's what she was supposed to be, living in Florida and all, but I'm starting to think maybe she's really supposed to be West Indian instead of the actor just not being able to do a southern accent at all. It's a bit distracting.

Well, I'm outta here for the night. Gotta lotta packing and stuff to do tomorrow. I hate doing that stuff at night; I just get all wound up and can't go to sleep till late, and I'm tired and can't make the simplest decision about what to pack, even. So, off to bed now, and I'll pack tomorrow.

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Busy, busy. Livia came over last night and I wanted pineapple upside down cake for dessert. She just happened to have her mother's recipe for it in her daytimer (!) so I decided to try it. My mother's version had brown sugar and butter or something to make the sauce for the bottom, but this was much simpler and thus more to my taste. It used instant pudding mix for the bottom. It said to use water, but I used the juice from the pineapple and it was wonderful. I also put a pint of blueberries in the cake part, thinking it would be like muffins and they'd stay in the cake. Nope, they sank to the bottom and cooked with the pineapple. Tasted great, looked not as pretty as I'd hoped. We put some vanilla ice cream on the warm cake in our bowls. Talk about gilding the lily! I wanted a wheelbarrow to haul my over-full self away from the table. I went whole hog (more appropriate simile than I like!) and had a serving of it for breakfast today. Fortunately, it seems to have taken care of my suger craving for the day, so far at least.

I'm working on a.... hell, I don't know what you'd call it. I'm scribing, painting a prize for the Laurel's Tourney to be held Sunday at Pennsic. I'm sponsoring Declan. The piece is 14th century English and I found it in a book on grotesques. It's of a knight killing a griffin, so it seemed appropos for a tourney prize.

Back to the drawing board. So to speak.


Jul. 17th, 2005 04:02 pm
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I just finished putting the gesso on the scroll. Holy cow, there's a lot of gold leaf gonna be on here. It's a real trick to learn to see the negative spaces between the leaves and what not, which is where the gold leaf will be-- and it turns out I'm not nearly as good as the medieval scribes were at keeping the leaves tight to each other and the shapes they are wrapped around. Ergo, lots of gold leaf. (Patience, grasshopper... I've scanned it and this time next week you should be able to see it posted. Heh.)

Yesterday Livia and I went to a surprise B'day party for Papa Bolt (aka Steve) He's turning 50. Yikes. The actual date is in August, but the poor man had the incredible lack of foresight to conflict with Pennsic, so he got an early party. It was fun... a cookout with plenty of beer and chicken wings. Yeah!

The only bad news is that I've had a migraine for going on three days now. (Ie, while there was plenty of beer at the party, I didn't have any. Sigh.) The Imitrex has helped a lot, but even taking a full dosage yesterday it hasn't gone completely away. Sucker keeps coming back. And it's a real mark of restraint that I started that word with "S," too.

The gesso should be dry enough now that I can start applying leaf. Or maybe I'll have a light supper and let it dry a little more. The test bits I've done have worked well-- I only hope the rest does as well. This baby's going to glow like a thousand suns. Heh.


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